• EQDMusic Updates - The Flood, The Explosions, and the Future!

    Vinyl with Gurren Lagann glasses? I can't handle the awesome. 

    As many of you probably have noticed, we launched a side music site a little over a week ago.  So far things have been much smoother than we originally thought, at least from the standpoint of it didn't completely explode.

    As we continue on with testing it's functionality and move forward with the beta, quite a few things have been changed.  The expected flood of old tracks has finally slowed down enough to actually start using it.  As I mentioned in the previous post, we were originally going to limit all submissions to 2013 onward, but decided against that.  We did add one big change the other day though, that limits the top list to only allow stuff from this year (though all-time remains all-time, and show remix is a little derpy still) .

    To further help the spotlight aspect of the site, we are going to try to implement a timer of a few days for songs on the top list.  The way it works now gives those songs a bit too much time (counting votes per day, which the songs on the front page inevitably get. ).

    Voting in itself has gone through a pile of changes, with a more reddit style approach.  There are a few captcha bugs for first time voters, but hopefully we get these squeezed out as we move on with the beta.   The majority of this site happens on the backend, so Hypermark is pretty busy keeping everything rolling.  

    Other things we hope to add:
    • Album support
    • A working categories page (It has some pretty big overhauls in the works) 
    • A widget for the EQD sidebar that displays songs recently added
    • Mobile support
    • A few more tags (Metal for one.)  
    • Search bar
    And if you have any suggestions, either hit up the EQD Music site update page, or drop it in the comments below.

    Thanks to everyone that continues to support the site! We can't make it work without you testing the hell out of it!