• Random Merch: Books, Wallets, and More!

    Tiffany sends this new wallet in from Hot Topic.  It looks like they are pretty much everywhere at this point, considering quite a few of you have pointed it out in the last few days.  

    Time for some of that good old Random Merch! We have stuff from all over the world as usual!

    Pony Book

    Not a whole lot of information on this one.  Looking at the tag, it appears to be from Meijer.   Thanks to Ponygirl for sending the image in though!

    Another Coloring Book

    Just in case you weren't flooded with them already! This one comes from Georgia at a store called Publix.  Thanks to Dejah for the images.

    Wal-Mart Party Section

    Pinkie is the the party pony, and this is the Walmart party section.  There are too many random pieces of merch to list, but you can probably point to something you want just from checking out the image.

    Quite a few sent this in again, so thanks to Framwinkle,  Lawrence, and everyone else!

    Derpy Rubber Bracelet

    Hell, if they made a Trixie one I'd be all over it.  Another at Hot Topic, this time from Benjamin.  Apparently the back of it says "Muffins".  Unfortunately it's pretty costly, at a whopping 8 bucks.

    Pinkie Brush

    And finally, we have a brush.  One must brush one's own hair instead of the hair of one's pony toys all day.  Or just cut it short enough to not require bushing.  I prefer that route.