• Derpy Day 2013: Operation Indiscriminate Friendship

    Derpy Day is coming up on March 1st so it's time to bake some muffins, write some letters, and try our best to make ourselves cross-eyed for a silly photo. Some others though plan on going above and beyond the call of duty this year with a very special event called 'Operation Indiscriminate Friendship', an event that has been successful two years running! In order for it to be successful this year though they are going to need a little bit of help from you guys!

    Curious about how to help or about Derpy Day in general? Check on after the break for more details from Thanqol, the pony fan behind Operation Indiscriminate Friendship.

    My name is Thanqol. I'm here to tell you about Derpy Day, the very first and very best pony-themed holiday event.

    Derpy Day was founded in 2011 during the early days of the Fandom and occurs on the 1st of March. The rules of Derpy Day are simple and easy to follow:

    - You Must Eat A Muffin
    - You Must Write Someone A Letter
    - You Must Take A Picture Of Yourself Cross-Eyed
    I recommend that everyone celebrate at least these three basic steps!

    However, since Derpy Day's inception I and others have gone above and beyond to make Derpy Day something really special. See, throughout my life people have been telling me that 'there is no such thing as a free lunch'. People have been telling me not to trust strangers. People have been telling me that the world is a hostile and exclusionary place. And on this one day of the year I set out to prove them wrong and show the world what Indiscriminate Friendship looks like.

    For the Derpy Day Master's Challenge, I - and anyone on the internet with the guts and inclination to follow along with me - am going to be setting the following challenge:

    - I will give away 50+ free muffins
    - I will convince as many random strangers as possible to sing a pony song (This year's song: Jr. Speedsters!)
    - I will distribute letters from the internet to random strangers
    The third part is where I need your help. I want as many people as possible to write random friendship letters and submit them to indiscriminatefriendship@hotmail.com . I will print off all these letters and distribute them to the mailboxes of random strangers.

    Write what you like! The idea is to brighten some stranger's day with a kind letter out of nowhere.

    I have successfully pulled off Operation: Indiscriminate Friendship two years in a row. There is a playlist of all my successful pony songs and a few international contributions. This will be year three, and I'd love your help in making it the best one ever!

    Yours truly,

    - Thanqol