• Nightly Roundup #550

    You've got to be pretty tough to live out there in the Everfree forest, not to meant quick on your feet and sharp of wit to boot. I wonder if one day we'll get some more history into how Zecora came to find the forest to be her home and also what events occurred to make her leave her original home in the first place?

    Anyhow, time for the news guys! Take a look at what we have to offer after the break.

    Why Pinkie Should Be President

    Considering the convoluted mess politics are most of the time maybe it is about time we have some colorful ponies take over for awhile? After all, can't be any worse than things are most of the time when you're talking about government. Take a look at the article at the link below!

    Article Link

    Andy Price Puts Issue 1 Originals on eBay

    The original pages for issue 1 of the MLP comic are now on eBay courtesy of Mr. Price! If you're interested in owning part of MLP history follow the link below and start bidding my friends!

    eBay Listings

    Pony At Ultra Fast Speeds

    More Shirts from WeLoveFine

    Need some more pony apparel? WeLoveFine has some more shirts for sale that you might be interested in checking out! Take a look at the goods below.

    Gameloft Gem Promo

    For those of you looking for gems in the pony game the in-game store is currently having a sale with all gem bundles at half price! Go buy some if you are so inclined.

    Some Ponies Just Got A Little Closer To Space...

    You're going to have to guess what it is taped to!

    Ponibooru Film Night

    Poster artist DaisyHead here. For this week's Film night we will be watching an Osamu Tezuka movie called Unico. It's about a unicorn who brings everyone around the world together in joy, harmony, and friendship. But the gods are angry and believe only they deserve to decide whether
    mankind should be at peace or war, so they send the West Wind to banish unico into oblivion to be forgotten for all time, but she decides not to and when the gods find out they send the Night Wind to destroy Unico. Unico then has to constantly run away from the Night Wind making new friends
     and losing them along the way.

    Host's for film night will be:

    Harlequin Jester
    Feral Socks
    And maybe Blackie

    LOCATION OF FILM NIGHT WILL BE HERE:  http://www.livestream.com/derpiboorumovienight?t=958481



    Cloudsdale Cafe - Episode 16

    Copy Paste:

    This week we interviewed Xiao668, otherwise know as Marisa! Find her here!

    Download this episode on mediafire here! http://www.mediafire.com/?wqrqugvbael276b


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Battlefield 3 Clan Looking for More

    Copy Paste:

    Hello my name is Mr. Whiskey and I am starting up a Battlefield 3 brony clan on Xbox Live. The name of this clan is the lunar knights as we are a part of princess Luna's great army. This clan is going to be a tactical realism clan where we use military tactics to ensure our victory. We will also use military ranks to show authority within the clan. I have already rented out a server for 3 months and will extend that if need be. All are welcome to this clan so tell your friends and anypony else. My gamer tag is MrWhisky282 so message me if you are interested in joining, or message my second in command goodday1. See you on the virtual Battlefield.

    broNIes of Northern Ireland

    Hello everyone.  Hope you had a good new year.  The first meet up for 2013 will occur on Saturday 19th January.  We will meet up at the Odyssey arena for 1 o'clock.  Here we will be having a game of bowling and a chance to socialise.  Afterwards we will get a bite to eat and then go on a traditional pony hunt in the local shops to buy pony merchandise. 
    Hopefully see you all then.



    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Chrysalis Plush
    Signed Sweetie Belle Glass for Charity
    Vinyl Scratch Glass Gravure

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