• Giant Luna Sculpture

    Six hundred and seventy-five hours went into creating this massive Luna sculpture.  At a height of three feet and four inches, I can see why.  I can only imagine how difficult it would be to even get something of this size to stand without collapsing.  That's a TON of clay, even if it is hollow. It's too bad it can't be duplicated!  I know I'd take a few to adorn my future pony throne room.

    It still needs to be fired, but out of fear of it not surviving the process, he wanted to show it off before something might happen to it.  Right now it's a complete mystery.  Lets all hope it does make it through! I want to see this thing completed and decked out! 

    Head on over to Bigponymac's Deviant Art page for more images, and be sure to tell him how much of a badass he is for pulling it off.