• Gameloft Responds to Crazy Pony Prices

    A while back, Cnet tossed an article up about the gem prices in the My Little Pony game.  Apparently Gameloft saw it, and there response pretty much boiled down to "What crazy prices?". We saw a price drop in Rainbow Dash, but that doesn't make the game any more completable.  As Cnet points out, collecting all the ponies would take... 10 years.

    Hit the article up here!

    And the BBC did a quick one about the game as well, find that here!
    I don't know about you guys, but I think we'd have better luck kickstarting to buy the pony license and hire a company to create a high budget pony game without a million micro transactions in 10 years time.   Can you imagine some Bethesda ponies? Cause I can. 600k for a documentary, I bet we could raise a few million for a game!

    (I'm not serious, don't go create a kickstarter)