• Less Than Two Days Remaining on Amy Keating Rogers' Kickstarter!

    We reported a month ago on a project that Amy Keating Rogers, a brilliant and influential writer for Friendship is Magic, was trying to get off the ground. The documentary: Jason Bateman Thinks I'm Dead is a journey through Amy's life, career and the entertainment industry as a whole as she embarks on a magical quest to track down actor and former classmate Jason Bateman to inform him of her continued existence. The documentary is fully filmed, and (I've been told) has a very happy ending. But production and distribution is a very involved and expensive process.

    So far, the response has been very very strong: more than $17,000! But that's only about 20% of the necessary funding. Due to the nature of kickstarter, unless the full $80,000 is raised in the next 43 hours, then all of the amazing donations will melt away into well wishes. It's a daunting amount of money in not a lot of time.

    Money is not an easy thing to come by, and especially at this time of year there's a lot to spend it on, but even just ten dollars could make the difference for successful funding in the end. Amy is a bright and wonderful person and her work has brightened this community considerably. If you've ever been touched by Smile, Smile, Smile, or if you've caught yourself laughing at words like picklebarrel or kumquat, I implore you to consider donating. If you can't donate or don't want to, you can still contribute by helping get the word out to others who might be able to help out. Please, do your part. This is too cool a project to just let it fade away.

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