• Nightly Roundup #474

    Since Seth commandeered my plush compilation I guess it is only fair that I take his Roundup from him! Also I had an obligation to give one of you guys Spitfire since it was requested. It's an oldie, but it sure is a goodie!

    Time for the news guys. You ready?

    RGB Group Chalk Drawings

    Got to love ponies in chalk form! These ones come from the talented RGB group, thanks for sending them in guys!

    Pony Fan Fiction Audio Readings!

    An awesome Brony has gone through and audio recorded three very nice fan fictions for your listening pleasure! Find links to the trio below.

    Sunny Skies All Day Long

    Strange Bedfellows Playlist

    A Slice Of Life Playlist

    MrPoniator Short - Pink Mantis

    I'd embed the video, but it does contain some spoilers for those of you avoiding anything about Season 3 and you know how Youtube loves to provide a preview picture! Click the link below to check it out.

    Pink Mantis

    Cake Time!

    A cake for me! Thank you so much, CaramelSwirl!

    Sean Astin is a Brony!

    According to Tara Strong it appears that Sean Astin is a fan of the show! Check out the little Tweets below and thanks to Jordanolling for sending this in!

    VocalTwit of him saying he is one, courtesy of Tara!

    Cuteness Overload!

    Best mom ever! Looks like she really likes that Crackle she drew.


    The Lightning Round - Episode 19

    Copy Paste:

    This is the 19th episode of my My Little Pony podcast The Lightning Round. I'm gonna tell you the biggest news of the last week and highlight some of the best media.  This week we have an interview with Pen Stroke, writer of Past Sins.  Special thanks to Joel Linsk for the wonderful opening theme and Azure Doodle for the new title card.  For all the links on this weeks show check out the show notes here: 

    Ukofe Podcast - Episode 21

    Copy Paste:

    This week bobby and denegoth, reacted to the awesome season 3 news, got convention hype, talked about comics covers, and new figures. went over the communitys answers to the question of the week 
    be sure to respond to this weeks question :3

    Bluescreen Bronies - Episode 5

    Copy Paste:


    Bluescreen Bronies here with a new crew member Dpad! We review games by Futzi01, who has many different flash animations and games on their DeviantArt profile. Adding to the podcast we now have a weekly maintenance segment by Dpad designed to help gamers with issues on their systems. We also shout out for the Fighting Game Bronies and their Livestream charity day (Oct 20th). Make sure to pop on over and donate!


    Kind of a light week for content, all we have to report on is the new Borderlands 2 DLC and Dishonored, which Dpad already beat. >.<;

    Next week's show will be Nightmare Night themed, bringing out games like Sanatorium, Story of the Blanks, Monster Bash, and another we're keeping under wraps. If you have questions hit us up with a tweet (@BSODBronies) or email ([email protected])
    BroNEcast - Episode 27

    Copy Paste:

    Every once and a while, there comes an man who is the man for their time. And in this case, I'm not talking about "The Dude." No I'm talking about Eric Ridenour, the writer, director, and producer of the fan film, Journey of the Spark.

    Eric took the time to join us for BroNEcast this week, filling in for someone who just couldn't make it, and let me say this. Not only am I incredibly grateful that
     Eric was able to join us, I am honored and humbled that he chose to speak as passionately as he did on our program.

    Eric spoke at length about what the fandom meant to him, and what his project means to him, and this is something that you will all have to see once it's released. However, it's going to be awhile before the project is complete. But let this be known... it will move you.

    I am incredibly certain that Journey to the Spark will be something that helps define the brony movement. Eric was an absolute delight, and I can only hope that if you haven't noticed him yet, that you do now. Root this man on, because he is pouring his heart and soul in to this project.

    If you want to check out any of Eric's work, just youtube Journey of the Spark. Keep your eyes on this guy. He's something special.

    The Podcast can be found here: http://www.muscletower.com/podcasts/bronecast-p16/ or on iTunes. Show notes can be found on the official BroNEcast tumblr. BroNEcast.tumblr.com


    Successful Meetups

    Bronies of Northern California Raid Target

    Copy Paste:

    Finally, a Target has been opened in San Francisco, and the bronies of Northern California decided to check it out!

    Being a city Target, it was fairly small compared to your average target, and the My Little Pony aisle was severely lacking, but that didn't stop us from going around the city
    and finding things to do. We walked down on Market street, hung out, played DDR, broke quarter jars, and had a blast.

    Another successful meetup for our group and a great way to open the weekend!

    Photo gallery


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Peru Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    ¡Todos los bronies están invitados al 4to meetup oficial de Bronies Perú!

    Será en el mismo lugar de la última vez, el Parque El Olivar en San Isidro el 27 de octubre a las 3:00 PM, en la pequeña isla de la laguna (imágenes más abajo), habrán sorpresas, sorteos, canciones y más.

    El este meetup estamos celebrando los 2 años de la serie y el primer año de Bronies Perú, así que por ese motivo ofreceremos... ¡CUPCAKES GRATIS PARA TODOS!

    Exactamente el lugar donde nos encontraríamos, en la parte de las bancas: http://mlpf.im/1Ie

    Pueden ver este croquis si no saben cómo llegar: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RHZ2VOdPJdEp6WACl58lkkBRDGcqbSf0ruae-uLnsr8/edit

    Link al evento: 

    Más información en Bronies Perú: 
    New Pony Roleplaying Board

    Copy Paste:

    My Little Pony : Griffon Kingdoms, a Grimdark Role Playing forum
    Equestria has been invaded. The sisters have vanished, their warriors defeated, their heroes scattered, and the griffons have claimed Canterlot and lordship over Equestria. A rebellion is being staged and the oppression continues. War is soon to break out once more and it will decide the future of Equestria. It begins now, with you! Choose your side... Will you choose to fight for your freedom! Or will you choose to crush the rebels, and seek the power and riches which follow... You choose now. Register today!


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Plushie Patterns (Twilight Guide, Demo version, scaled vectors)
    Pony Lanyards
    Perler Pinkie Pie
    Princess Cadance Plushies (Very awesome!)
    Daring Do Plushie