• Nightly Roundup #457

    A light day apparently means an equally light Nightly Roundup!  Luckily Twilight Sparkle is best pony, so it doesn't really matter. 

    MLP Rise of the Galiax fan film

    Copy Paste:
    Listen up Brony Animators and Artist’s! I Need Your Help with my MLP Movie project Rise of the Galiax! Our project is Big so we need plenty of storyboard artists, animators and additional artists for backgrounds and scenery. So if you wanna contribute send us your animation demos and art portfolio’s to [email protected]. We are really looking forward to your submissions. Oh and P.S, If you have an OC that is an earth pony, pegasus or a unicorn send It as well! Have a chance to see your OC in our fan film My Little Pony Rise Of The Galiax!

    .NET magazine Uses Rainbow Dash For Vector Explanation

    Always did say she had the best mark, even if Twilight is still a better pony.

    Check out the online article here!


    Ultra Fast Pony Episode 6

    Watch it here!


    Successful Meetups

    Spanish Meetup

    This is the second time that a brony meetup is held in this town and it's also the second major meetup that has took place in Spain, so we are very proud to say that it was a huge success! Originally we were a group of about seven persons, but people kept coming and we reached a score of more than twenty!

    We spent a delightful time eating together, talking about pony and non-pony stuff and showing our pony t-shirts and cosplays to the other bronies, as well as our badges and even some fan-made pieces of art, like plushies and figures made with hama beads. The people were very nice and we spread the magic of friendship all over the place with good humour and lots of laughs. 

    I hope that this will encourage other spanish bronies to organize more meetups, because we really need more activity within our national fandom. C'mon brony fellows, we have to make them notice us and that wonderful thing that is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    World of Tanks Guild


    PA Meetup

    Mares and Gentlestallions, come one come all, to the second ever Carlisle, PA Brony Meet-up!

    This is a small meet-up group centered around Carlisle in central PA. We're having our second ever meet-up around 1 PM on October 6, 2012.
    It's taking place at 260 E. Pomfret Street, Carlisle, PA. I'm not sure what exactly is going to happen, but since we're meeting at a park, just about anything is possible!
    I'm hoping to maybe get a good game of hide-n-seek going, or maybe some tag; And if anypony brings food and drink, we can certainly have ourselves a picnic!
    If you can make it, check for me around the giant pavillion that's visible down the drive, and if I'm not there, just scan around for the mare in the Rainbow Dash hoodie!

    I really hope to see you there, everypony!

    Yours wishing the best, Midnite Blayze"
    Mexico Meetup

    Equestria Ambassadors are glad to invite all the Bronies from Estado de Mexico and Distrito Federal to the 1st edition of Picnic in Everfree Forest, witch it will be a picnic on Naucalli park on Naulcalpan, for more information about the event, and the event activities, you can check the event on Facebook, or the Doc on Google Drive.
    FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/422345677824401/?ref=ts&fref=ts
    ¡Los esperamos!

    Youmacon Meetup

    " Hiya, my name is Christopher Foster, and in celebration of the attendance of  Scott McNeil (voices of characters such as Diamond Dog leader Rover, Chief Thunderhooves, Caramel's manly voice from "The Best Night Ever", and Flam) as a guest at this year's Youmacon, I shall be holding a meetup for anyone interested in Friendship Is Magic. Be you a casual fan, brony, or have no idea what the show's about and would like to know, we'd be happy to have you! I've only just started looking for members this night of October 3. This is my 4th year going to Youma, but my first time organizing such an event, so any ideas, input, and feedback you have will be greatly appreciated, not to mention that, most importantly, the exact time and date in which the meetup will commence alongside with Youmacon will be decided by those who have joined the FB page and Youmacon forum topic. Let's make this first ever meetup a great one!"



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