• Dear Lauren Faust, Today I Learned...

    We're drawing near to the release of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 1 DVD Box Set. It's something we've been wanting for a long time, and it's really exciting to see it right on the horizon. All signs point to it being a really awesome release, with tons of cool extras and commentary from most of your favorite VAs and show staff.

    But there is something missing. Of all the people speaking on the DVD about the show, series creator and founder Lauren Faust is not among them. And she's seriously bummed out about it, too.

    I can't begin to speculate on the reasons why she wouldn't be included in something as momentous as this, but my heart goes out to her. Lauren is a warm and wonderful person, and without her we would have none of the things that have thrilled, amazed, and entertained us these past few years. Not a one.

    Now, the box set has already been produced. It's going to ship in its current form, and there's not really anything that can be done about it. But I think Lauren deserves more than a sigh and a shrug of our shoulders. So for now, here's what we're asking you to do: tell her how you feel. Go send her a tweet, go write her a DeviantART note, go write a letter, go tell her in your own words what Friendship is Magic has meant to you. Thank her. Wish her well.

    But more than anything, be positive. Let's support the series and its creator both. Please, help us in reaching out to a wonderful woman who could use a bit of cheering up right now. Sometimes it can be really easy to forget how loved you really are in the wake of some bad news.

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