• Nightly Roundup #453

    Like you guys didn't expect to see this drawfriend image pop up somewhere! Hah! It's Trixie night.

    And in celebration, have the Trixie AKA Boast Busters panel from earlier! 

    Onward to an extremely short roundup!

    Animator Black Gryph0n gets a whole bunch of Cool Stuff

    You have seen his plethora of pony animations, primarily the licious series, and now he has the tools to make them even better!

    And then generosity exploded again!


    The Daily Neigh


    Brohoof Podcast 35

    In this episode we discuss how we coped with the slow news period regarding pony content, and laugh at the theories of Mike from Achievement Hunter. This episode, recorded back in August, marks the end of Season 1 for The Brohoof, but Season 2 is right around the corner. 
    Voice of Equestria 17

    Scorch was unavailable this week, but Dalken and I did our best to pick up the slack.
    Speaking of slack, we've been slacking off on our schedule.  After the computer shenanigans around the time of BronyCon, we never really got back into our intended biweekly recording habits, and for that I must apologize.  We will do better!


    BroNEcast Live

    PON3 CON has come and gone with a vengeance and BroNEcast was lucky enough to record a LIVE podcast there! This can't miss episode includes a chat with some previous guests, the cast riffing over the first episode of BroNEcast, and some of Laugh Track's terrible singing. Two hour panel? Not a problem here. We hope you've got some great earphones, because this is a CAN'T MISS episode!


    Successful Meetups

    Green Bay Meetup

    No image for this one! Check out the video.
    Spokanterlot Meetup

    Tonight, the Spokane Bronies invaded The Pizza Factory for a good six hours, bringing with them fun.... and well, PONIES!!! We devoured endless amounts of pizza, played an epic game of Magic: The Gathering, watched countless episodes of MLP, and played some amazing pony tabletop rpgs!!! Without a doubt we had an unforgettable night!


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Western CT Meetup

    Attention able bodied bronies,This is a call to arms! On Saturday October 20th in Fairfield CT there will be a large scale laser tag battle hosted at the First Person Sports indoor laser tag arena. All willing to enlist for either the New Lunar Republic or the Solar Empire submit your conscript paper (RSVP) to [email protected].
    You can check out the facility's website at Firstpersonsports.com
    Hope the see you on the battlefield


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Perler Dash
    Decals and Stickers