• Nightly Roundup #348


    Equestria Daily: The Game Update

    The EqD: The Game app updated to 1.2! Have some copypaste.

    On iTunes App Store for iOS , Google Play Store for Android , and, as always, Deviant Art

    Release notes:
    - Brand new world: Dragon's Mountain! Includes 6 new playable levels.
    - New boss fight: Fight against the Dragon!
    - New unlockable character: After Level 12, you can play as Sethisto on any level!
    - Extra life: Once you die as Cereal, you can continue with full health as Seth (or vice versa).
    - Modified control pad: Now easier to jump and move around.
    - Many bug fixes

    The Perfect Stallion in Japanese

    Nightmare Moon Chess Piece

    More chess pieces! Check it out here.

    Pony Tattoo

    I have no idea which pony this is supposed to be. It looks like a cross between Rarity and Twilight. Twrarity. Rarilight Sparkity? I don't know.

    Fluttershy. Made out of Butter.

    I am informed she is known as Buttershy and that not only is that actually colored butter, but colored butter exists.


    Someone needs to invent a pony writing font, because then I could write all my posts in it.

    Brony Thank-You Project Updates

    Full writeup here, but the bullet points are:

    1) We filed with the IRS for 501(c)(3) tax exempt status today, which will make us the first federally recognized tax-deductible brony charity, if the application is approved.

    2) We have decided to show a rough-cut of the ad at BronyCon, at the end of the "Studying the Herd" panel (4PM Sunday)

     Pinkie Pie Pillow


    Successful Meetups

    Some guys from our forum mylittlepony.it got to meet up in Milan on last sunday and it was a real success! They rampaged around the city spreading havoc and fliers with ponies all over them, they also occupied the kids' area within a library to draw ponies, and a couple who found love thanks to our forum actually got... married. Well, I doubt getting the vows in a park in the name of Celestia has any legal value, still it was cool nonetheless!


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

     Scottish Meetup

    Forum link

    Hello there this is Wychwood from the Yorkshire Bronies group on the Rainbowdash network.
    We are looking for more members to attend our next meet-up on the 16th.

     Here is a Link to the info on the Meet-up:

    Here is our website:


    I've caught wind that someone is organizing a huge meetup, and by huge, I mean they want at least 200 people to show up!  But, in order to make it happen, they need to raise money, so they've put together a fundraiser for it!  I think it would be cool if you guys spread the news about it, so that this kind of meet can happen.  This is about as close to a BronyCon in Chicago as we'll get this year.

    Here's a link to the fundraiser, as well as a link to the original post on tumblr:

     WoW Guild

    Realm: Sargeras
    Guild name: UberPwnage

    we also have a dedicated teamspeak 3 server:
    IP: gameon.dyndns-server.com
    password: roverdoe1

    Also accepting alliance!
    Minecraft Server 

    We need of some builders for a Minecraft Equestria Survival Games Map!
    The survival games is an all-out fight to the death. You are dropped in a random world starving and having nothing with up to 24 other players with the same ultimatum – kill or be killed. Are you the predator or the prey?
    Our Vision:
    To make a post-apocalyptic Equestria that includes Ponyville, Everfree Forest, and Cloudsdale. This area will be HUGE and have up to 24 players to battle in. This map will be free to download and anyone will be able to use it on their own server. Places and ideas from the show will be incorporated along with brony community ideas such as taking places from fanfics.

    More info can be found here: http://ponyslivenow.com/mcsurvival/

    We need builders for this massive project! The builders will build houses, monuments, and structures. You will be a member of the most important group of this project! If you are skilled with big scale Minecraft projects, or maybe just want to build, please email us [email protected]! Send us your Minecraft Username, Age, and history in Minecraft!

    Merch/Ebay Stuff

    Misc Etsy Shop
    Little Pip Custom
    A Whole Bunch of Adorable Derpies

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