• Nightly Roundup #340

    Mmm, that cake looks absolutely wonderful! Wouldn't it be fun to party with the ponies for at least one awesome night?

    Calpain filling in for news tonight, fresh from defending and passing his thesis today. Lots of meetup and group stuff tonight so get in on that if you're looking for a place to join up.

    The Great Gatsby Director Sees Pony Parody Video

    Once again the creators of something we have parodied has taken notice, this time the director of new The Great Gatsby movie according to an Australian newspaper. One day it seems creators will feel left out if they aren't parodied by pony in some way.

    Delicious Cake...

    ...And Bacon!

    Ponyinaboxproductions Looking for VAs and Foley Artist

    The group that brought us Doctor Whooves Adventures is looking for some new talent as they expand into other ventures. Check out what they have to say below:

    Ponyinaboxproductions, makers of Doctor Whooves Adventures are branching out and making a new radio play, staring new characters. As a result, they need some new voice talent! Got a nice mic and a nicer voice? Audition! They're also looking for a foley artist, meaning someone who creates sound effects in a bunch of fun ways using various household objects Interested? Full info here.

    Manehattan in Minecraft - Brony SMP Server

    School Event Sings Winter Wrap Up

    Every time I think I get Winter Wrap Up out of my head something puts it back in again. Check out this awesome video of two friends singing Winter Wrap Up for the school chorus.

    Brony-NYC Anniversary

    Brony-NYC is celebrating their 1st year anniversary. Check out the cool promo vid they made for it below!


    Summer Pony Podcast

    Episode 2
    Everything Brony

    Episode 4
    Brony BreakDown

    Episode 1

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Bronies of British Columbia Forum

    The Bronies of British Columbia, Canada have set up a forum for chatting and organizing events. Feel free to join us here.

    We're still relatively new and we currently have 28 members. We are actively using the forum to plan future events. So learn about our meetups, or find and connect with other bronies from all over the province!
    Bronies Again - Singapore

    Bronies Again - Singapore needs more members! We accept not only Singaporeans but also from any nationality in the world! You could find us here at: Facebook Page
    Londom Film and Comic Con Meetup
    Over at the UKoE forum we're organising a meet up for the London Film and Comic Con at the Olympia Grand Hall on Saturday 7th, July.

    Full details can be found here.
    Puerto Rico Facebook Group

    A Group for Puertorrican Bronies and Pegasisters! 

    Come on in, we have cupcakes!

    Founder: Francisco J. Ortega
    Co-Founder: Alex Rivera
    Admins: R.j. Marrero, Eduardo Miller, Taimyr Rodriguez.

    Facebook Page 
    Kansas City Meetup

    We are getting together for another KC meetup right before Bronycon. It is on 6/22/12 at 5:00pm at Cabela's in Kansas City, KS. It will be upstairs in the "King Salmon" room. There will be Muffins, Wubs, Rock-N-Roll, karaoke and all kinds of other shenanigans. Admission is $10 to help cover the cost of stuff. Bring ponies (customs, plushies, etc.) for show and tell or trading! See ya there!

    Facebook Page
    Philippine Bronies One Year Anniversary Meetup

    We're having another mini-convention / mega meet-up again to celebrate 1 year of the Philippine Bronies group.
    Details and pre-registration form is here.
    dA Group
    Facebook Page 1
    Facebook Page 2

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Chrysalis Plush
    Pony Collection for sale
    (The above auction is to help pay for chemo for the auctioneer so please check it out if you can!)

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