• Lyra and Trixie Spotted + Description Text

    It looks like Lyra and Trixie are slowly trickling out into the smaller stores.  Goldenclopper on MLP Arena found these at their local Kiddy Palace store, which isn't actually not too well known for carrying anything but baby stuff.  These specific toys were mixed in with some of the mane 6, and in extremely limited quantity.  Apparently only two Trixies, 1 Lyra, and one Cherry Berry were available.

    Now on to the background text! Each of them pretty much just extends the Blindbag versions, but I figured you guys might get a kick out of it anyway!

     “Trixie Lulamoon is great at magic tricks, but sometimes she likes to show off a little too much!”
    “Lyra Heartstrings loves to play! She finds a way to have fun no matter where she goes.”

    Cherry Berry
    “Cherry Berry thinks that breakfast, lunch and dinner should always be served with a cherry on top!”

    Thanks to Whatshisgame for digging it up!  Check out more images after the break. 

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