• BronyCon Miscellaneous Announcements

    We have a few items of note from the Bronycon staff! They're accepting advertisements for the con booklet, there's been a few schedule changes, and they're looking for miscellaneous volunteers for helping with various things throughout the day. Read: you could get into the con for free for eight hours of work!

    You can find all the details for each of these things after the break!

    Hi Everypony! Haybuck with BronyCon here again, this time with a couple of more announcements and last minute tweaks.

    Sorry about the late notice here, but BronyCon will be accepting ads for the convention booklet. If you're interested, we have pricing and information below! The deadline for interest is by the end of the day on Friday June 1st (tomorrow), and the deadline for having the actual ad created and sent in is Noon EST on Saturday, June 2nd.
    • 1/4 Page Ad: $80.00 - 2.75" x 3.75"
    • 1/2 Page Ad: $130.00 - 4.5" x 3.75"
    • Full Page Ad: $180.00 - 7.5" x 4.5"
    • Orientation: Portrait
    • Minimum Resolution - 300 DPI
    • Full Color

    If you're interested, please E-Mail [email protected] with your name, what you intend to advertise, and any other information you can give as soon as possible!


    Second, we have good news. Through some hard work from the entire BronyCon staff, we've successfully added an entirely new panel on Sunday for our Voice Actors! There have also been a few more small tweaks to the schedule, so you can check them all out yourself at our website, here. And don't worry, we will be adding full panel descriptions to the site soon as well!


    And as you all know, BronyCon’s currently poised to bring you the best My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic convention to date. However, that can’t happen without the generosity of this community. Yes, this means you. Gopher Squad is looking for volunteers! Headed by Punchline and ZAquanimus, this group’s job is to do the miscellaneous jobs that don’t fall under other departments on the day of the convention. Some of your responsibilities will include, but are quite certainly not limited to:

    • Carrying equipment for A/V
    • Fetching cables for A/V
    • Driving or Walking down to a convenience store to pick something up.
    • Patrolling the con floor for questions.
    • Directing said questins to the appropriate recipients.
    • Fetching staff sustenance.
    • Keeping watch on Artist’s needs in the Artist Alley.
    • Being Good PR.
    • Anything and everything that doesn’t fall under any other department.

    Now, what’s the benefit to you, the volunteer you might ask? Well, funny you should ask…

    • Free admission to the convention for eight hours of work!
    • All the fun that’s involved with the chaos that is the Gopher!
    • You get to keep your Gopher Squad shirts, which are provided at the convention for you!
    • And of course, the satisfaction of knowing you helped BronyCon be the greatest convention it could be.

    So, what are you waiting for? Your convention needs you! Join today! Send an E-Mail to [email protected] with the subject line “I wanna be a gopher!”