• Nightly Roundup #314

    Ponies and Peanuts? What sort of madness is this? Obviously ponies go well with everything so I shouldn't be asking questions.

    Time for some news everyone. Check it out after the break!

    Pinkie Pie: A Work of Art

    I'm not sure what to say...

    Pocketnow.com Features Ponies

    Looks like the site pocketnow.com has fallen victim to pony. In one of their articles they feature a lovely Twilight Sparkle image as seen above. Check it out here.

    Inside a Pinkie Pie Sneeze

    Possible Pony Reference in UK Navy Poster

    Apparently a pony reference may have made it's way into a poster for the UK Navy based around the HMS Daring. Daring Do doesn't pop up much in the real world so maybe it is a pony reference. Coincidence or pony reference? You decide!

    My Little Chess Set - Twilight Sparkle Bishop

    Yet more pony chess pieces! This guy is so fast when it comes to these. Check out the finished piece here.

    Rainbow Dash's Voice Cracks - Season 2

    Those voice cracks Rainbow has are pretty cute. Have a video showcasing that cuteness!

    Pony Toys Now At New Zealand McDonalds

    Pony toys are now available in the land of the Kiwis! For just $2.50 New Zealand you can get your own pony toy! Check out the site here for which pony toys are available.

    As an aside, I was in New Zealand four years ago and loved it! You Kiwis are all right by my standards. Loved the country, North and South island! Keep being awesome New Zealand bronies, hopefully I can make it back to your wonderful country someday.

    Ponies on a Boat and a Pony Reference in Infinity Blade II

    For a physics project the group above built a small boat adorned with ponies for good luck of course. Go S.S. Friendship! As for the other pics, it appears that a weapon called Harmony has popped up in Infinity Blade II which resembles a unicorn head and when used to attack opponents leaves behind a rainbow and hearts. A possible pony reference? I wouldn't be the least bit surprised at this point.


    New Brony Talk Episode

    Copy and Paste:
    Hey everypony, Graymane hear announcing yet another episode of Brony Talk. A few weeks ago we released the Massive Smile Project on the show and said that once seeds of kindness reached their goal of $10,000 BronyDanceParty would release an animation of the song with all of the OC's of everyone in the song. I am excited to announce that we will be Premiering the animation for on the show and interviewing BronyDanceParty!!!
                  Seeds of Kindness raised their goal of  two Days. Forest Rain will also be on the show as a special guest. Also my best CO-Hosts will be with me The Duke and The BravePotato, and also we wont forget our background music provided by fillydelphiaradio. There might even be a representative form seeds of kindness to talk a little about the fundraiser.

                  The show will start Thursday at 8:00pm Central/ 9:00pm EST. We will go over news, some videos talk a little bit about the song and whats been up in the community and premiering the animation, right after that I will Interview BronyDanceParty. Right after the interview is over then you will be able to call in and ask him your very own questions LIVE on the show. I will also be announcing a new project called BroniesGiveBlood, So join us at www.livestream.com/bronytalkshow at those times and have lots of fun.

    New Show - Debate Show Radio

    Copy Paste:

    Hello, my screen name is Grit, and I am hoping to give my new upcoming talk show some publicity. The show is called Debate Show Radio, and we will basically be violently arguing about the finer points of My Little Pony and its fan-base. Co-hosts will include three people named Sauce, Zeeman, and Brosidan, among others. Under normal circumstances I wouldn't be submitting this information to you guys, but an important part of Debate Show Radio will be our listeners. We will be using Skype (username - debateshowradio) to take calls from listeners while we are live. They can contribute to an argument, give shout-outs, or pretty much say what they want.
    Here's a link to our Livestream channel - http://livestre.am/1XwDa

    Our first broadcast will be on Saturday starting at 6:00pm EST and will last an estimated 1-2 hours.

    Update: The first show has been moved from this Saturday to next Saturday on the 19th.


    Successful Meetups

    German Brony Meetup

    Copy Paste:
    On May 5th some member of the german forum bronies.de had their second meetup in Bremen.
    While the first one was fun but kinda chaotic, we decided to plan more specific for this time.So we went bowling and had a match between the "Solar Empire" and the "New Lunar Republic".Clearly the NLR won.
    After that we had dinner went our ways
    Napoli Comicon Meetup

    Blog Post
    Forum Discussion
    Malaysia Meetup

    Copy Paste:
    IT WAS A CRAZY AWESOMELY EPIC MEETUP IN EQUESTRIA! It has been decided that the next meetup would be a road trip to Equestrian Park(Equestria),Putrajaya prior to the Royal Wedding Episode Broadcast! I was told to organize the meetup event and invite everypony. We were split between 3 groups of Alpha(Honda CRV), Bravo(Perodua Viva) and Charlie(BMW 320i Coupe) . Bravo team assembled at 9:30AM and waited upon Alpha and Charlie’s arrival. Alpha and Charlie had an amazing Road Trip as we had about an hour trip Kuala Lumpur to Putrajaya! So we sped all the way there. We stopped half way to set up the GPS and laptop for MLP episodes to be viewed in the car. Although Alpha mentioned their ETA is in 12:00PM but amazingly they actually arrived at 11:00AM which made Bravo rushed from their relaxation.

    Since Alpha and Charlie arrived at Equestria early, they visited the stallions, mares and ponies while awaiting everyone else. WE ALSO FOUND A HORSE BRANDED WITH THE BRAND "RD".[WE WERE TRULY IN EQUESTRIA!] Bravo Team contacted them to meet up to pick up 2 more members together from the Train Station. Alpha has 5 member, Bravo has 4 members and Charlie has 3 members. After having the 2 members picked, Alpha and Charlie took the wrong road due to confusion with the GPS and so a detour was made. MORE ROAD TRIP!


    During the detour, the road was really tempting for a street race as it was as straight as an arrow with minimal turnings. So,in the end Rainbow Dash(Honda CRV) could not hold back any longer to the temptation and decided to race Pinkie Pie(BMW 320i Coupe). Rainbow Dash was much slower compared to Pinkie Pie and so some dirty tactics were employed to ensure victory in the race. We had a lot of fun and adrenalin rush as we arrived earlier at Equestria even though we took the longer route compared to Bravo team's route due to the race. Twilight went slower as they wanted to save on fuel and to reduce engine wear. Alpha and Charlie team was well funded and well maintained.


    Upon arrival, we head over to the eatery and feasted and shared ideas, stories and jokes. We had Rainbow Cakes(AMAZINGLY THE EQUESTRIAN PARK HAS RAINBOW CAKE,OH THE REFERENCE!) We had a lot fun while eating and the food was rather delicious! So we went back to the horse stable. We had a lot of fun with the horse and there was 3 of them was rather friendly and one of the horse actually rubbed heads with Rainbow Dash. A group photo was also taken there.


    Then we head to Precinct 14,Putrajaya to chill out some more as we looked for a Internet Cafe for games but inside was devoid of any games . Then we head off to Alamanda to spend our final hours together and raided Toys R' Us like usual. We parted and to show how awesome the crazy the trip was,we had an Inter-Car Brohoof!


    P/S: Be safe when driving, remember to always wear your seatbelt~(use twilight sparkle for extra magical protection).


    Photo album.

    Link to the group.

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Melbourne, Australia

    Copy Paste:
    Essentially since the end of last year myself and other mel-bronies have been trying to organize this meet. Essentially PAMU (Pony, Art, Meet, Up) is Equestria Daily in real life. We get all the bronies in one place, in this case we've hired out a hall, and we show off the pony content we've made PMV's, live sketches, Art, Customs you know the drill. Its a event for creative feedback, selling some of the stuff you've brought, having fun (We have season one/two karaoke) and lots more. Just want to try and get as many ponies there as possible to make it the best day ever. And don't worry about it if you don't have anything to show, all are welcome. And if you want to spread the word please print out the poster attached and paste it (both online and literally) around. 
    Boston Meeetup

    Copy Paste: 
    On Sunday, May 20th, 2012, the Bronies of Greater Boston will be hosting a picnic on the Boston Common, just by the Boylston T station, by the intersection of Boylston and Tremont streets! Everyone is welcome to attend. Hopefully the weather cooperates.

    Link for more information:


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    My Little Chocobo Tshirt
    Fluttershy Plush