• Nightly Roundup #307

    Princess of the night edition because I desire sleeeeeep.

    Ponies Appear in Sydney Magazine

    Apparently, ponies are appearing in this Sydney magazine as welovefine merch!

    School of Canterlot


    I'm almost certain this was misfiled, but I don't care, because it's AMAZING.


    Hey everyone its Graymane again announcing yet another show for Brony Talk. Tonight we are interviewing Cyril. He will be Preminger his newest track on the show. As always we will have some great news, videos, and pictures before the interview starts provided by my amazing co-hosts Duke and The Brave Potato. After the interview starts you, YES YOU will be able to call in and ask him your own questions live on the show. The stream starts at 7:00pm mountain standard time, 8:00 pm Central Time Zone and, 9:00 pm Eastern time Zone. Join us and enjoy another great show that we put on every Thursday at www.livestream.com/bronytalkshow
    Also we might have a special guest on the show, so be there to find out who. Thanks.
     Season 2 Stream

    No copypasta for this one. There's a stream of the whole of season 2 of FiM, which will start on 4-May-2012 at 16:00/4:00P.M. CET (UTC +01:00). Check it out here. It will be in polish and english. Facebook link here.
    The Old Grey Mare

    The Old Grey Mare (TOGM) is a call-in interview show featuring some of the biggest names from the pony fandom each and every weekend. Presented by Purple Tinker and a weekly co-host, TOGM serves the brony community by interviewing artists, musicians, animators, VAs, bloggers, and other luminaries of the fandom. Each week, a different charitable effort within the community will be promoted, and a charity effort (either a charity auction, a donation competition, or the like) will be conducted during the hours of the livestream itself.

    This weekend, TOGM's very first show hits the digital airwaves on Saturday evening at 10 PM Eastern, 7 PM Pacific. Guests for the first show will include John Joseco and Egophiliac. The weekly co-host this time will be Garrett Gilchrist, and the charity guest will be Inky Notebook, promoting efforts by The Traveling Pony Museum to buy and deliver pony gifts to patients at Seattle Children's Hospital. The charity effort for this week's show will be a charity auction (bids on dA) for a full colour John Joseco poster commission! (Digital assets will be emailed to the winner, plus an 11x14 to 11x17 mini poster print will be provided courtesy TOGM.) All proceeds will go to The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, per Mr. Joseco's choice. The MD Anderson Center is a top-ranked hospital dedicated to the treatment and research of this tragic disease.

    More details (plus a contact form) can be found on the TOGM website at GreyMare.org. We look forward to seeing you all on the air!
    In the spirit of friendship,

    Purple Tinker

    Successful Meetups

     Second Regular's Table in Duesseldorf! Went to Oldtown's Irish Pub. Had a lot of fun and CIDER. Believe it or not. Gallery has Ponies, promise! Greetings to all Bronies worldwide!
    - Stargaze @ bronies.de

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More


    Hello Everypony! It's our pleasure to invite you to our 2nd Bronies Mty Meeting.

    The purpose of this meeting is to anounce our group logo, advances in ideas, and also to unite as a group. But must important, hanging out and having a fun time!

    We will also have a raffle, snacks and surprises!

    Date: Sunday, May 13th, 2012
    Place: Monterrey, Nuevo León, México.

    Event page (for questions and further information, also location):

    See you there!
     New Jersey

    We'll be having our next meet on May 27th, from 11 to whenever we get tired of eating.

    Full details here:  http://charlesdeleroy.deviantart.com/journal/May-Jersey-Discord-Meetup-Announced-296336189

    Plus, Discord's Army group shot to be unveiled!  ALL HAIL THE LORD OF CHAOS!  >:3

    Teesside Retail Park Meet-Up
    Meeting Spot

    Infront of the Burger King on Teesside Retail Park, it is part of the large ShowCase Entertainment Complex, a large visible white structure.

    On the 13th of May between 11 and 12 in the morning.

    What to expect
    A good Pony hunt through the retail park, there are numerous stores that sell Pony merch including BlindBags, a meal at 1 of the numerous fast food joints and whatever the group decides to do on the day, theres an arcade in the entertainment complex and I wouldnt be surprised if we ended up there.

    Everyone welcome and I hope to meet some local Bronies and perhaps a few from slightly further afield.

    Tulsa Bronies MARVEL Movie Marathon.
    To All Bronies and Peagasisters In the Oklahoma Area.
    Anypony want to enjoy a night of  thrills, chills, superheros?  Then meet up at the AMC Southroads 20 Movie theater at 4923 E. 41st Street. between 5:30-6 PM on may 3rd.
    The group will meet in the lobby and proceed to... do whatever they want  to do. Watch movies, play arcade games, eat at the theater or out at anyone of the surrounding restaurants. The night will culminate with the premier of  Marvel's "The Avengers"  which will premier at midnight. This does not classify as an official meetup, more of a casual night to enjoy movies and have good time.
    Peace Out.
    Tulsa Bronies

    Califur is hosting Brony specific panels
    including meet ups and mare-a-thons on Saturday June 2nd.

    Our con is being held in Irvine, CA, during June 1st thru the 3rd, and
    our website can be found here http://www.califur.com/2012/ 
    Battlefield 3 Platoon

    This guy is looking specifically for bronies in the salt lake area! Check it out here. 

    Merch/Ebay Stuff

    Derpy Plushie
    Twilight Sparkle Plushie
    Celestia and Luna Graphite Drawing
    Luna Plushie
    Pony Pins
    90's Cherilee Plush