• Story: Make a Wish (Update Part 3!)

    [Sad] [Slice-of-Life]

    Author: CoolStoryBrony
    Description: "Abandoned by her parents and raised by her wits, Scootaloo knows about the dangers of dreaming. Any focus given to an impossible goal is focus lost from finding food, shelter, and warmth for another night. Settling herself in Ponyville, she lives day by day, surviving on scavenged meals and the love of her friends and idol.

    But when Scootaloo collapses and is diagnosed with a terrible disease, her fragile life is thrown into disarray. Her resolve is tested as her illness impacts Rainbow Dash, strains her friendships, and confines her to a hospital bed. With nothing but hope to drive her forward, how long can Scootaloo fight when blind to the only thing she has to hold on to?"
    Make a Wish (New Part 4!)

    Additional Tags: Medium, Hope, Family, Hospital, Wish