• Introducing the MLP:CCG

    Hey look, an exclusive sneak preview! Any excuse to post Evil!Cadance
    So I'm a little bit lot of bit late getting this to you guys for reasons relating to me being the derpiest pony on staff, but as Equestria Daily's resident gaming enthusiast it's my job to bring you all the latest news from the world of tabletop.

    We've got a real doozy of a project here from Masterage: a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Collectable Card Game. As you can see from the image above your head, it features absolutely gorgeous card design with art taken from the show, and some very unique mechanics built around getting players to enact FiM like adventures for themselves. The resource mechanic in particular is something I don't remember coming across in other games I've played, so with this thing in open Alpha testing I'm curious to see how it actually plays out.

    Speaking of which! This game is in open Alpha testing! That means it needs you to play it, try it out and offer feedback about what your gameplay experience is like. If you enjoy card games and want to be a part of making this one as good as it can be, check out the links below and dive right in. Coming this Friday there will be a major update which will more than double the current card base, making this the perfect time to get yourself acquainted with the rules.

    There's a lot going on here suggest that this is one of those projects we're going to get to apply the happy little "Success" stamp to. Come on, what do you have to lose?

    MLP:FiM:CCG.PDF (omg!)
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