• Discussion: Your Ideal Pony Massive Multiplayer Online Game

    There are a ton of gamers in this community, and we sure do love to socialize online. 

    Now imagine if you will, a release of a new pony video game dedicated solely to online play.  There are several different types of genres that could fit into this mold, but for the sake of this post, lets roll with Massive Multiplayer Online for the maximum amount of social interaction.  

    There a few broad types of this:
    • Social Style:Second life (100% Socializing) 
    • On Rails Style: World of Warcraft/Everquest (Raids, Instances, Questing, smaller scale PVP) 
    • Sandbox Style: Ultime Online/Darkfall (Complete Freedom, with a focus on stats, Economy, and massive PVP)

    And while games like Diablo and Guild Wars do have a large multiplayer presence, lets stick with the ones that can have hundreds of players in one area this time around.

    What type of game would you prefer to play ponified? Do you want to run instances and raid with your buddies in a WoW clone? Or maybe you prefer the "have a world, have a character that can level up, now go" style of the sandbox MMO's?  Maybe you just want to socialize?

    Feel free to suggest others! These are just the three main categories I am familiar with.