• Tons of New Blindbags! + Actual Lyra / Trixie! + Alicorns!

    The blindbag sets have been expanded once again!  We have some pretty amazing stuff this time around.  First off, they have an alicorn mold now for the Luna/Cadence/Celestia pieces.  On top of that, we have updated versions of Trixie and Lyra.  As you can see above, Trixie now has a canon last name, and Lyra Heartstrings has been confirmed. 

    After the break, you can find the rest of them.  They have included the mane 6 once again, as well as the armada of other new ones.  There weren't any hints at a release date, but considering these popped up a few weeks after the email was sent to us last time, you can probably expect them to invade somewhere pretty soon!

    Seriously though, Trixie and Lyra have returned!