• Nightly Roundup #250

    Aerobics Pinkie is best Pinkie. Probably a little too late for exercise now, but Pinkie will cover for all of us.

    Time for your nightly dose of news everyone!

    Ponies on US Air Force Aircraft
    Ponies and military vehicles? Sounds like pony world domination is close at hand!

    Filly Cannon - Chalupa's Live Cover

    My Little Fortress: Team Work Is Magic - Chapter 6

    Survey Looking for Participants

    Hi, guys!
    I'll be hosting game shows at Brony-Con Midwest in Joplin, MO this May, and one of the games I'm hosting is a survey-based game called Knockout.  In order to have a robust selection of questions and answers, I need help from the bronies!

    Babble With the Bronies Episode 8

    Greetings everypony! On this episode of Babble with Bronies, we are putting on our tinfoil hats and discussing the conspiracy theories and "what ifs" of the show. So bring your ideas and we'll have some fun!


    Fellow Brony Needs Help With Paper!

    A fan is currently doing a paper on whether or not ponies have a positive influence on those who watch the show and is asking for those who are interested to participate in the survey below.


    Smile Project Casting Call

    My Little Dashie Production

    A group has started work on a My Little Dashie project and is currently looking for some help! Check out the video for a test shot and the document link below for more information.

    Project Information

    Anime Salt Lake Brony Panel
    Message: On March 3rd during the Anime Salt Lake Convention, there will be a Utah Brony panel from 1-3 p.m. There will be a trivia contest, a short history of bronies, an interview with Makkon, an episode viewing, a sing-along, and a final raffle of various prizes. The room is Student Center 002 at the SLCC Taylorsville Redwood Campus. The convention itself is $20 pregister for the day, and $25 at the door.


    Ponies Keep Me Up All Night

    A new podcast has popped up and is looking for more listeners! Check it out below.


    Brony Comms Episode 8


    Ponycast Episode 8 


    Successful Meetups

    CFB Meetup

    Copy Paste:
    During the February 17-19 weekend, the Orlando County Convention Center hosted the annual MegaCon convention and the local brony group, The Central Florida Bronies ([email protected]facebook.com) took this as an opportunity to meet up, and enjoy the convention together, and many brohooves and hoofbumps were had. On Sunday, we were joined by the voice of Octavia in “The Vinyl Scratch Tapes: The Master Recording”, and effective leader of the central Florida bronies group, Vicki Spence, who was celebrating her birthday. After the convention, a group went to a restaurant to celebrate her birthday, and then invaded a local Wal-Mart, (some of us still in full pony cosplay) in the search of blindbags, (none were found) and our mascot, Orangette in soda form (plenty to be found).
    After the Wal-Mart raid, the group went to Old Town, which can most accurately de described as a permanent carnival midway complete with kitschy shops selling everything from knives to fortune telling to hot sauce, and several rides and games aimed at separating you from your bits as efficiently as possible. There, the group decided to try out some hot sauces, which some people could handle more than others.

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Battlefield 3 Platoon

    Name: The Equestrian Knights

    Call of Duty Elite Clan

    Message: If you're a member of Call of Duty Elite please message x1 Eat Cupcakes to join the clan.
    Only join if your a free, premium, or Founder member.
    I will not be able to respond in the comments area. Message me over live to join. Let's try and get a lot of Bronies in this clan.
    Venezuelan Bronies

    Venezuelan Bronies unite!
    Linguz has no idea if you're out there at all, so if you are, he asks to send an email to [email protected].
    He further asks you to send him your general area; the city you live in, for example.


    The forum Cloudsville is looking for more people to join their community. You can check out the fun at the link below.


    North American Bronies Facebook Page

    A new Facebook page has popped up and is looking for more members! You can find them here:



    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Vinyl Scratch Plush