• Nightly Roundup #231

    The best medic ever right there.  She keeps her team engaged with constant compliments and obnoxiousness.  Otherwise they get bored.

    Have some news while I go play more TrixieF2

    WEBReeF Convention Panel Seeking Pony People

    The virtual WEBReef convention is seeking bronies for a FiM panel. If you are open on Saturday night, and want to join in, check out the details about it here!

    They also need people that know about FiM in webcomics especially for a full on panel dedicated to it. Check that slot here!


    It's beautiful...

    Rarity's Cider

    Do pony legs bend that way!? And what is she doing in Stormwind?

    Rainbow Dash Invades Homestuck

    >Put a picture of Rainbow Dash in Mspaintadventures
    >My inbox gets 400 emails

    It's just Rainbow Dash guys! :p

    Pony Valentine

    Hmm, gives me an idea for a valentines day event. Sounds like it might be fun...

    Derpy Invades New Zealand's Street

    How sneaky...

    Ponies Invade Halo

    Or at least flags with their marks on them. Some day we will get real 3d pony models in everything!

    Check out the blog here for more information.

    Blindbags Invade Toys R' Us

    It looks like they are spreading past Walt-Mart's shelves. Good news too! It sounds like all the Walt-marts are out of stock!

    Thanks to Katai for the heads up.

    Successful Meetups

    Central WI Meetup

    I guess they watched a G1 episode! The horror!

    Ann Arbor Meetup


    The bronies of Ann Arbor and Southeast Michigan (http://www.michiganbronies.org/) gathered at the University of Michigan for a good, old-fashioned, pony party. We filled the chalkboard with ponies, we rewatched The Last Roundup (because Derpy), we played lots and lots of card games, and for the high point of the night, we played a rousing round of Pony Jeopardy!


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Maplestory Guild

    Guild name: Equestria

    Guild is in Broa. Currently only has two members, seeking new ones. All classes and levels are allowed. Ask PhoenixApple or Painwheel to join the guild.

    Xbox Clan

    Clan Name: Celestia’s Spartans

    To Join: Message Pinkie Guy

    Info: We are a small Halo: Reach clan and are looking to get more members. We’re a laid back clan that loves Custom Games and Matchmaking. We have daily Team Slayer or Squad Slayer games together and if we recruit more members we can play other game types including Big Team Battle. Please message Pinkie Guy on Xbox Live if you want to join or have questions.

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Derpy Plushie
    Twilight Scarf
    Dash Sticker
    Discord Shadow Box
    Fluttershy Beanie
    Fluttershy Plushie

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