• The Last Roundup Featured on My Little Pony Official Site - Derpy Intact

    Earlier today, Whatshisgame pointed out that the official Hasbro MLP website has The Last Roundup as it's currently featured episode, but wasn't sure when they swapped it in.  All sources point to it being Baby Cakes over there just a day ago.  I have to admit, I'm pretty stumped at this point!  Maybe it's set to automatically switch it bi-weekly? Who knows! Regardless, Derpy is totally on their front episode page in all her wall-eyed glory, even after Welovefine was asked to change her name (And later swapped back). 

    That is as far as we can go at this point though.  It is possible that they have listened to our Derpy love and 180'd on it, but without any 100% proof, it's hard to really say we are out of the woods. 

    Just keep sending well thought out and intelligent letters off to Hasbro's customer feedback department.

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