• Story: The Third Generation (Update Complete!)

    Cover by AireDaleDogz
    [Crossover][Adventure] Rainbow Dash dresses in style~ (Complete after years!)

    Author: Candle Light
    Description: When Rainbow Dash finds herself lost in a new and unfamiliar village, she reaches out to a certain lavender-hued stranger for help. But to Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash is no stranger; at least until she notice her strange new voice, a lack of wings, and a fondness of the word ‘darling’. Intrigued by the uncanny looks to one of her best friends, she decides to lend the newcomer a helping hoof, but things go from weird to weirder when Pinkie Pie happily announces that she too has met her lookalike. Twilight Sparkle and her friends take it upon themselves to find out the truth behind this mystery: who are these doppelgangers? Could there really be another Ponyville out there? And what does it all have to do with Discord’s lost legacy?

    All chapter links below the break!

    The Third Generation Part 1
    The Third Generation Part 2
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    The Third Generation Part 24 (New!)
    The Third Generation Epilogue (New!)

    Additional Tags: G3 ponies in G4 universe


    1. i've only seen one other fic like this, and it was the first fic that I ever read- A Pony in a Portal.

      I will definitely give this one a read

    2. No comedy tag? Oh, but the possibilities~

    3. I feel I should...I feel frightened to
      Give me four to decide

    4. G3 and G4 ponies in the same universe together? lol This sounds like a rather interesting story.

    5. This is just like that drug trip in that movie I saw when I was on that drug trip.
      Reading this one right now.

    6. Those mysterious ponies are obviously evil and are trying to eliminate the Elements of Harmony.

    7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bn9IFWyZ88s


    8. Hey come on now. Princess Promenade had its charms.

      Runaway Rainbow, on the other hand. . . >.>

      OOH! G4 Rarity should so totally meet up with G3 Rarity!

    9. Oh come on. Who actually instant one-stars?

    10. eqd people really seem to hate g1!

    11. @Sethisto
      I grew up on GI Joe an Hot Wheels, give us a break

    12. Incomplete or Complete? I need to know where to store it.

    13. G3 huh?Excuse me while I go whimper in fear in a corner.....

    14. This is a really good idea, and sounds like it would be very funny!

    15. Oh, this is going to be interesting.

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    17. @Sethisto, its not G1 people hate on, its G3.... G3 is absolutly terrible, whereas G1 tends to get a general shrug and a "meh" rather then absolutly abhorance.

      This sounds really fun actually. Off to read now :3

    18. @Eruanna

      Yep, G1 is not as bad as it's later incarnations (G4 excluded of course).

    19. Complete? Incomplete? There's no label! I don't know if I'm allowed to read it!

    20. I'll be sure to give this story a read. Hearing a lot of complaining, but my open mind is having none of it. I give EVERYTHING a chance, and so will be the case with this story.

    21. Oh god, G3 Rainbow Dash in G4 universe... This promises to be intrigueing, to say the least.

      I'll definitely have to come back and read this!

    22. Seems definitely interesting, I'll be sure to check it out.

    23. I was WAY more excited than necessary when I read the premise of this story. Ponies of all gens have always sort have been a guilty pleasure, and I dedicate way too much time to threading together the generations into one solid continuity so when this popped up it was kind of like my birthday.
      I don't quite understand this reaction, since G3 is still incredibly insipid and sometimes painful.

    24. The ending is fairly abrupt, but it's decently written, and I like the reveal as to how they got there.

      But oh god, so much darling! I know G3 RD used the phrase all the time, but it's still annoying.

    25. hmmmm... I dunno, I feel like this had lots of comedic potential, but instead of developing anywhere the fic just has lots of "Omigosh YOU have a pony named ____ in YOUR Ponyville two?!? CRAZINESS!" scenes.


    26. Whew, that was pretty long. And this is just the first chapter?

      Honestly, I'm excited to see more of this story. I rather liked it and think it could get interesting.

    27. I understand why g3 is so painful to people. the fact is the characters weren't horrible, the voice acting was top notch, but the writing was horrendous! seriously the artwork wasn't even bad. now maybe I don't give credit here, maybe the writers were told to churn out trash because it was intended for little kids, but if that gen had given one single fuck about doing anything with a story the pony craze might have begun 5 years ago. My little pony: Padding is magic.

    28. I have been um...not so loved and tolerated when admitting I like G1 (excluding pony tales, not such a fan of that either) but it had an actual storyline and a decent attempt at characterization...though the voice acting wasn't the best, it was good for what it was at the time...then for some reason it just kinda fell apart (in my opinion) up until g4 saved it...still I won't look down on those who like G3 and whatnot...even if it baffles the heck out of me. =P

    29. A very interesting premise, I hope to see more from you soon! :)

    30. DERP

      Seth forgot this link
      Part 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1htMcxdIzRcWg761fzCE2lEvOiz5w4WG6tZ4Eg7mpEkU/edit?hl=en_US

    31. I think I can forgive G3, too. It was the 80's, and no one was very good at their job. I mean, Knight Rider? DARE? Come on.

    32. @Sethisto

      I actually grew up with G1. And I like it "okay". But G3... eh. Not really fond of that gen. lol

    33. Ok, I was skeptical, but the fact that this even showed up on EQd means it was worth investigating.
      I don't regret it. You've done marvelously with this and I'm curious as to where it's going to lead.

    34. good story so far, spelling needs a little work. in my opinion the descriptions need to be taken down a notch, quotes like "She flapped her majestic wings" can get a little bit irritating after awhile. good use of foreshadowing via pinkie pie's insanity by the way. the whole story seems pretty exciting and i can't wait for the next installment, congrats on the fic. it's definitely worth a read.

    35. Lets fucking hope the g3 ponies die a horrible, horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE death.

    36. I will read this out of boredom and for the lolz.

    37. LOL G3 ponies in G4 universe?! AWESOME PREMISE i am SO reading this

    38. Not sure if want. There is only one Rainbow Dash.

    39. Just got done with this, and so far this is a great story. I wasn't aware there was such much animosity towards G3 until I looked through the comments here. I'm not sure if that was a factor in me liking it. But this is really a well written story, and I'm looking forward to how it concludes.

    40. I don't feel one way or the other about G3, but I really don't like this fic. For one, many of the characters just don't sound like themselves, particularly Rainbow Dash (G4 edition) and Fluttershy. They just sound... off. It's also full of typos and phrases used incorrectly. Another minor nitpick is Zecora: if you're gonna use her, try to come up with decent rhymes, because these are REALLY awkward.

      The story and plot itself is pretty good and is interesting, so I'll probably keep reading. But the execution needs work.

    41. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Princess_Promenade#Inspiration_for_Friendship_is_Magic

      Not sure how much of this is true, but Equestria Daily is cited in the page. You'll probably recognize some of the voice actors, too, if you scroll up.

    42. Okay, i've a feeling later chapters are gonna have a heck lot of exposition. This type of premise would work best as a purely comedy fic in my opinion.
      Also, er... could you leave a space between paragraphs? It would be much easier to read

    43. I'm using this image for my imagination while reading this story. It lines up with the description of G3 Rainbow Dash's appearance changing: http://mlpazureglow.deviantart.com/art/Pony-G3-collection-part-1-206364813

    44. I'm also having fun "picturing" Venus Terzo's voice in this thing, if it were ever adapted into animation.

    45. It just goes to show that the G3 characters can be interesting and actually compelling if they're written well. Seriously, writing their dialog is very important to the enjoyability of a story.

      (I apologize for the comment spam.)

    46. I haven't gotten to this point in the story, but soon I'll need to go find out what Janyse Jaud's voice sounds like.

    47. Total mindfuck for me right now. I keep reading G3 RD's dialogue in Rarity's voice! Also I can't deal with the word darling anymore! Also G4 RD sounds a bit off. Otherwise, I'll give another chapter a go and see what it's like. I might pass up on this story.

    48. At first, the fairly typical "mysterious stranger comes into town and everyone reacts" set-up had me worried. Eventually, though, the involvement of Discord, and the spot-on characterization, won me over. This fic is definitely on my watch list now.

    49. @Abalidoth: Arrgh! You spoiled it for me! I'm only at the Zecora part, and I'm thinking about how hard it is to write for her and still make her sentences seem natural while rhyming.

    50. At first I was wondering where that Chapter 2 came from.

      Then I wondered why is was the second half of Chapter 1 again.

      Then I checked Chapter 1, and realized that it was probably split in two due to length.

      Which makes me wonder why Chapter 2 is labeled as being "new" when it was there since the story was first posted.


    51. It is the first Fiction I ever actually read, and it was great.

    52. I just finished what there is so far, and I'm glad and surprised to say that I liked it. There were some distracting spelling and grammar errors, though. I hope those get fixed, or at least that the next chapter won't have any (or fewer).

    53. @FlutterWhimsy not ashamed to say I watched G1 back in the day, if it was animated I gave it a watch, cartoons were scarce for a good while, you had to watch what you could on saturdays and weekdays just after school, when you have 20 channels with cable a channel for just cartoons just couldn't be conceived of.

    54. This is epic... interesting storyline but missing thing is the ending. Kinda unexpected ending.

    55. @MaX3o1
      er... the author isn't done with the story yet, the ending hasn't been even written yet.

    56. Erm, the story looks the same as it did yesterday, the only difference being that it was split into two chapters, rather than being one really large chapter.
      I hope the author writes the next segment soon. This is an interesting premise, and I'd like to see it concluded.

    57. Just for kicks, Janyse Jaud is now the new Orange Blossom from Strawberry Shortcake.

    58. Good story but I'm not sure if I understand where the Discord world concept is going. I guess I'll have to wait for the next chapter.

      Reading this was very easy for me and I had almost no issues with it, only a few typos. I'll be anticipating the next chapter :)

    59. may god no one though of this earlier, The pinkie pie has been doubled and...*random-o-meter explodes* well that was boned to happen

    60. Was not sure what to expect when this was posted but this story is very good. I'm really impressed at how the concept is being handled.

    61. Quite an amusing little story. I'll be keeping my eye on it :D

    62. yay,G3
      Bronies,stop all this "if not G4 then sucks" attitude.All ponies are equal and must be loved.G1 was nearly perfect,G3's only flaw is awful cartoon and too much earth ponies.
      Thank you,people who like previous gens

    63. That was pretty awesome actually. I hope you'll continue and make a part 3.

    64. I love crossing the generations and you did a nice job at it save for a few gramatical errors. I'd really like to see where this goes

    65. @Mefista

      You're serious? You're being serious here?

      Look, everybody is entitled to their opinion. If you like the previous gens, that's fine, more power to you. But just because you LIKE something doesn't make it GOOD (example, I like Van Helsing but I openly admit it's a terrible movie). Objectively? The previous gens were terrible.

      G1 was at least trying to make something of itself, but it had a terribly anti-progressive view of females, believing that they could take nothing less than "everybody comes out okay, no violence, nobody gets hurt, everything is sunshine and rainbows, no tense situations whatsoever." It treated girls like babies and didn't bother to give it stellar writing to be enjoyed by anyone but girls who hadn't realized they were being talked down to yet. The voice acting sounded like men trying to pretend they were little girls, the characters were all pallet swaps of each other with little to no definition, and the scripts were crap.

      G3 Was even worse. The animation was all over the place, being too bouncy in one spot and too stiff in others, leading to a weird, jarring, uncanny valley effect. The voice acting was half assed and none of the actresses had their hearts in it, leading to them all sounding bored. The characters were all vapid and idiotic at all times, the plot was damn near the same in every episode, there was never any tension or action, it continued the backwards-look at young girls as opposed to young boys, and there wasn't even any real action to offset all of these problems. At least G1 TRIED to make their shows into adventures.

      Before G4, My little pony was an insult. An insult to animation, to young girls, and to storytelling in general.

      If you liked them, that's fine. Do what you will. I like some terrible things too (Van Helsing, Ghost Rider, Indy 4). It's called having guilty pleasures. But don't tell us to stop criticizing the previous gens for legitimate problems and that "They are all equal and must be loved" because they're NOT and you can't force us to love them.


      Now that little tirade over, I have to say that I really REALLY liked this story. I went in expecting the worst really (you can tell my ire for the previous gens above) but I was really impressed at how it was handled. A good 5 stars here. Commendable.

    66. @Rainbow Smash
      Nevermind that I can't make sense of his contradictory paragraphs.

    67. I has seen G3 ponies. They are youst adoreble. I keep smiling when RD in G3 said Darling. :)

    68. I have to admit. I saw the description and picture and though "OH GOSH G3 THIS COULD END BADLY" (yes, I have seen some G3. I will never make that bet again) but I gave it a read anyways.

      And you know what?

      I'd have to say you captured their personalities really well for both gens of pony. It makes me kinda pity the G3 ponies. You take them out of that forsaken craphole that was the G3 world, place them in a situation with some ACTUAL CONFLICT (thank you so much for that), and they come out as a slightly more memorable character, which they never could've in their version of ponyville.

      on that note, Pinkie Pie (the G3 one in your story) was kinda forgettable, but lets be honest, you were building from worse than nothing and forgettable was 99% of all the G3 characters (the other 1% was pink). I especially liked the cliffhager after chapter 1, that was a very nice hook.

      Overall, i'd say its really good, and deserving of 4 to 5-star status. Not the best i've ever read on EQD, but not bad at all. Especially considering you were tackling the most difficult of all MLP subject matters- the stuff we want to forget.

      TL;DR version: Cool story bro.

    69. WTF? Needs a [GRIMDARK AS FUCK] tag. Give Cupcakes some company...

    70. It's official. Discord is responsible for G3. o__o

    71. The main criticism I have is that having two characters with identical names is hard to follow. Most of the times Rainbow Dash said or did something, there wasn't any indication which one it was.

    72. But Pinkie Pie from G3 isn't who Pinkie pie from G4 is based off of! They should have used Surprise!

    73. Absolutely amazing! Felt like a genuine episode! Great writting skills!:D

    74. Wow! This was good!
      Tonight, I grant you all my internets.
      You have won them fair and square.

      You have achieved the utterly impossible,
      you made G3 ponies interesting! Bravo!!!


      I do feel bad for them... What with them losing all their nifty action hoof grip powers. Poor darlings! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    75. I've always been a sucker for stories were the generations meet and this one's certainly one of the better ones to involve G3.
      A few minor errors and lack of a divider for when the paragraphs switch character POVs but otherwise great.

      The characters were all pretty much in-character even the G3 versions surprisingly. And I got a kick out of all their reactions to one another.
      Can't wait for chap.3.

    76. @artsyfartsy1998

      All the mane 6 are based on G1 ponies, not G3 ponies.

    77. One criticism I would make is I would have wanted G3 Rainbow Dash to keep her original mane colors, it's written as if she and G4 RD are identical except for style.

    78. While living in a country where G3 was never shown on TV (AFAIK), I think the story reads quite well and I am eager to learn more about the other G3-ponies soon.

    79. Oh great this has turned into a previous gen vs Friendship is Magic argument. Remember, the previous generations are ABOUT THE PLASTIC TOYS. Lauren Faust liked THE TOYS NOT THE CARTOONS.

      Personally, the only good previous generation cartoon is Rescue to Midnight Castle. The other G1 cartoons haven't aged well. And yes I watched the G1 movie years ago. I guess I only lked it for nostalgia.

      G3 movies is too girly, But a very Minty Christmas is okay and surprising, hasn't got that many negative comments on Youtube.

      About the fanfic itself. I like it. The G3 ponies were portrayed in a postive light (instead of them dying or something) and their personalities were true to the G3 movies and specials. For the two people that actually watched the G3 movies, there are alot of mythology gags.

      The mane six were handled decently. The only problem is that their are to many typos. (Sweetie Bell instead of Sweetie Belle, Cheerilee is spelt wrong, to is used instead of you and park instead of party.

      Really people, stop shouting KILL IT WITH FIRE! Because it's G3 and actually read the damn story.

    80. *surprisingly on my first comment.
      Also I should say that the previous gen cartoons are chessy but I don't hate them Love and Tolerate?

    81. Honestly, I'm hoping this goes beyond the two chapters, because there's a lot of potential here. As much hate and Discord that G3 receives, the clashing of the two worlds was quite entertaining.

      No, the writing wasn't perfect, but it was a fun read!

    82. This comment has been removed by the author.

    83. Some of the speech quirks are getting somewhat annoying (I'm looking at you, fweee), and it can be hard keeping some of the copies apart in the narrative, but other than that I'm really enjoying this story. I'm interested to see where this goes. I just can't wait for the part where Scootaloo will inevitably keep persistently bugging her counterpart about her cutie mark (after all both Rainbow Dashes have similar cutie marks, and so do both Pinkie Pies, so what does this mean for Scootaloo? "A butterfly? Are you serious???").

    84. thise story keeps been better and better

    85. @Sethisto

      I am going to admit... yes, G1 is cheesy, but it's not that bad. I've given it a chance. Just cause it ain't as good as G4, doesn't mean it has no merit. There are quite a few G1 episodes I've seen, and liked.

      G3 on the other hand... is a sad excuse for a TV show. That's why this fic is amazing...

      When I got to the part in chapter 3, and learned there were still 3 ponies that had not been found...

      I rolled my scroll wheel... nothing happened. Then I clicked the scroll down button, and nothing happened still. I looked at my scroll bar....


      Where is next chapter!!!

      This story needs some hardcore editing for spelling and grammar, but I just pulled on the fly corrections in my head and read on, and now I want chapter 4, YESTERDAY!

    86. Why didn't he use the Elements of Harmony? Oh where's the fun in that? That's like hacking every game you play for invincibility, sure you win, but you get this bitter taste afterwards.

    87. I'll admit, it does need some spelling and grammar corrections. Well, a lot. But it's still a great story overall.

    88. Um... is it wrong that I am starting to like Gen 3?

    89. I'm a little bit surprised you actually made G3 Rainbow Dash somewhat likeable to me! I mean, before I started reading this fanfic the fact she existed kind of left a bad taste in my mouth. In that reguard though, I guess my opinion on the whole issue kind of mirrored Dashies opinion on her.

      I'm not going to repeat any of the flaws pointed out by everypony else, so just know I'll be keeping an eye on this story! It's really keeping me interested!

    90. @Sethisto

      I'd also just like to say I could never hate G1... I don't really remember much about it, but I'll admit that I was one of the few boys growing up who actually watched My Little Pony on a regular basis and as such it has nostalgic connotations of enjoyment with it.

    91. I just realized that there's one aspect no one yet noticed... Shouldn't these ponies somehow react to the presence of male ponies? After all, Gen 3 was completely devoid of male ponies. At least with this story it does make sense, as Discord only locked away mares into alt-Ponyvilly and its surroundings, but where are the reactions?

      Have I missed alt-Rainbow's and alt-Pinkie's reactions? On the other hand I can see Celestia's poor guards get gawked at in alt-Ponyville.

    92. The end part of Ch. 3 seemed a little rushed. I would have wanted more interaction.

    93. Very interesting, and I was surprised how entertained I remained through the entire thing. G3 being Discord's fault makes perfect sense, though.

    94. Noone seems to have commented on this, but the lack of...how to put it...Ponification of language kinda makes it feel 'wrong'. You have one asking "Who are these people?" to say nothing of all the 'everyone', etc. instead of 'everypony' that's used in the show (though that is more forgivable). I like the story, but it feels like it needs some editing.

    95. @Melodia They actually addressed that in the first/second chapter. They didn't use Ponified language in G3 so if you're seeing non-ponified language it's because either A) the ponies speaking are G3 or B) the G4 ponies are being considerate.

    96. I would love to see some ponies from G1 come into the scene talking about humans and making Lyra go bonkers XD

    97. This is really good. Can't wait for the next installment.

    98. Chapter 4 got interesting! I'm now itching for chapter 5!

    99. on third chapter, so far so good. Was a bit 'iffy' about it when I heard G3; but CandleLight so far has executed it in a enjoyable, and fairly canon-manner. Well done, one of the better MLP fics I've read since "It Takes a Village"

    100. This story, Mort takes a Holiday, and Predator's Moon are the fan fictions I look forward too most. (that last one isnt on EQD yet, its a Beast Wars crossover fan fiction)

    101. @crazyredemu

      Being best friends with the author of Predator's Moon, as well as an on-off editor for it, I am delighted to hear you say that :D He'll be happy to hear that too.

    102. It seems as though the G4 ponies have cutie marks that are upgraded versions of the G3 marks.
      Ergo, Scootaloo's cutie mark will be Mothra, when she proves to be an effective giant monster hunter! >:D

    103. Why is this good? Anything having to do with G3 shouldn't be good... I can't figure out why this is.

    104. thise story keeps been better and better. Keep up the good work.

    105. This is getting interesting, did Discord have a soft spot for ol'Ponyville or are these part of some overly complex and ellaborate scheme or some third....thing.
      Can't wait to read more.

      Also nice touch with using G3 Spike I'd almost forgotten he been placed there as part of a quest for one of the specials.

    106. @Eruanna G1 at least had that good opening special "Escape From Midnight Castle" with an actual evil villain who actually possessed seriously evil powers. I mean, come on, the guy was a mutant taur with the powers of darkness in a pulsating pouch around his neck who turned cute little ponies into huge, ferocious monsters to pull his chariot of darkness, just because he's filled with hate. Now THAT'S some good evil! :D

    107. @SkyForce Yes, Discord's plan was obviously to make a Pony show so awful no one would ever think about ponies again and the positive force from human fans in our world would die out, thus freeing him! o__o That... actually makes sense.

      Orrrrr... he took a portion of the Harmony magic slung at it and mixed it with his own, perhaps encasing a fragment of himself in the Time Capsule world. After all, his first statue's posture looked as if he were declaring something as he was petrified, perhaps another of his mocking rhymes hinting that he would eventually break himself out, or pawn another version of himself 'somewhere close by, but just out of reach' as the little rhyme went that popped into my head.

      There are other possibilities too, but I need more facts to lend credence to one or more of the hypotheses. And eventually, when all other possibilities have been excluded, whatever remains must be the truth. (loves sleuthing)

    108. @ultra8 I had a 'heart skipped a beat' moment when it was revealed that there was a 6th missing pony. Until then I didn't have the info I needed for two of the most terrible possibilities I could think of. Now, however, with Kimono's cave being the only time-unlocked location, a wise dragon having his knowledge stolen by Discord, and the images of that wicked creature springing unbidden into G3 Dash's mind... I fear one of them is true.

      It does not bode well, my bronies; indeed it elicits a deep sense of foreboding. Neither one of those theories I formulated will likely allow a happy ending for at least some involved.

    109. I think the real irony would be if Star-Catcher resembled Celestia (with or without a horn). She seemed wiser and had a similar air about her that Celestia does.

    110. When I first read this, my best theory is that the ponies, not having a clue if Discord's reign could ever end, or that it was even possible to beat him, chose to create the time capsule spell themselves so their civilization could continue in some form or another.

      And Discord agreed to keep them as a 'reserve' in case he accidentally wiped out his toys.

      But SIX ponies tainted by Discord's magic? No way that's just random chance. Even for Discord.

      I think Celestia would be rather impressed or even delighted to see the 'Breezies' since it would mean, the Flutter Ponies, one of the two lost pony tribes (the other being the hippocampi) are no longer extinct!

      One thing I love about this story is that, unlike pretty much all generation crossovers in fanfiction, the previous generation isn't declared irrelevant, ugly, stupid, or -inferior- here its accepted as simply another iteration of the idea.

      G4 decidedly has better writers, and delivers its morals to its younger viewers in a more effective way, but to declared G3 'trash' IMHO is just elitism and revulsion at that which is different.

    111. Now I'm stuck seeing Star-Catcher not being her real name, and turning out to be the Alicorn who oversaw the stars before Luna had to take over for her fellowing her seemingly 'ceasing to exist.'

    112. Aha! I was wondering if the gender imbalance would be addressed!

    113. Hum. It worked... um. Are they in Everfree?

    114. Oh shit it's Trixie.
      Hee hee hee.
      ^I can't believe I typed "Hee hee hee".

      Anyway I like this story, it's quite interesting and different. But PLEASE PLEASE EDIT MORE for grammar!

    115. I just read chapters 1 thru 5 in one sitting. That's not bad at all!

      I expected boring tacky interactions and signed up for them nonetheless; I was pleasantly surprised with it all being done intelligently and with some funny moments. The interaction between G3 and G4 characters is interesting and believable, even if I haven't watched more than than G3 episodes, it matches. G4 Twilight started a few too ready to parrot her credentials in the first couple chapters, but eventually fell in-character. G3 Spike is particularly interesting, G3 Scootaloo and G3 Cherilee lack some characterization but it's not bad per se (yet). I'm really curious of the yet-unseen ponies, particularly Minty. It also feels like you haven't decided (as the writer) for an explanation for the whole "my double" issue because you address all other explanations but dismiss that point completely without giving any hint at all.

      There's a typo in chapter 2 - choked->shocked.

      Very solid work. Keep it up! <3

    116. My first thought at completing chapter 5...

      "Jim, I'm a magician, not a babysitter!"

      So it sound like we found anotehr pony, or rather, a Great and Powerful ego has found her.


    117. Honestly I don't remember the Pinkie Squink, but then I've only seen a handful of the G3 specials, but it looks like it can only be done in her own Ponyville.
      Let's see:
      Breezies -check
      Butterfly island -check
      Mysterious castles that possibly predate the founding of Equestria -check
      Trixie -double check

      Lol at Rainbowdash's reaction to having to explain gender to a "new" colt. That's gotta suck for that Lily Lightly pony, not to mention the poor sod that get's stuck with explaining "the birds and the bees".

      Looking forward to the next installment, can't wait to see their reactions to traveling outside their village and the other little mysteries you've got planned.

    118. Awww ponyfeathers, Trixie.

      Well, looks like the G3s get a chance to see for themselves that not every pony is a nice pony in Equestria.

    119. @ultra8

      it wasn't Lily that was the colt, it was another unnamed pony.

      And yes, this story is in dire need of editing. For instance one place it says "“So what do you like this Ponyville?”".

    120. I hope thise isn't the last time we heard about those ponies

    121. Chapter 6 finally, really enjoyed how you characterized Trixie

    122. I liked it O_o I'll keep this in my bookmarks

    123. I hope you are gona keep working. Keep up the good work

    124. YES! Comments working again!

      Hopefully Princess Rarity can be a good influence on Trixie. Considering Rarity wasn't the most humble pony in the world at first either.

      I can appreciate AJ's point of view (consider Trixie humiliated her last time they met and belittled a friend of hers), but Trixie IMHO is not a weakling, the problem was that she was setting herself up against TWILIGHT SPARKLE (the third most powerful pony in Equestria after the Princesses).

      Interesting if Sky Wish's wishes can still alter fate, even if it's on a much smaller scale (as Village Pinkie's vision showed that it's not just 'point and click' anymore).

      I wonder if being in semi-dream state that their world was connected to the pony collective unconscious over the eons and picked and chose the ideals of those ages.

      On an interesting note, the G3 Ponies WOULD know what a male is from animals. Interesting to note is that Two For The Sky showed that the story teller point had a male dragon fly as her familiar.

      And Lilly Lightly got self confidence advice from a lady bug about accepting herself.

      While these were both likely just part of the dream world, the major theme we've seen here is that illusion did not create anything from 'nothing' implying someone or something was playing those roles.

      When was Kenbroth clued in on Luna going insane for a thousand years?

      forgotten the magic wand in her hair
      gotten the magic wand in her hair

      I wonder if Rarity's wand still exists outside the dream and if it still has the function to create rainbows from nothing.

      Trixie gave Rarity a personal magic show? While it's likely because Trixie just wanted to have an audience to perform to again (she is a show pony after all, the theater is her life) I can't but feel a bit of heart warming.

      At least Trixie is giving Princess Rarity the fundamentals.

      I wonder what Trixie's reaction would be if she realized she was with a honorary Princess.

      Well, she just to Rarity (for Trixie it's natural) but
      in Trixie's mind, though I doubt she is thinking of it that way, she just basically kidnapped her since she told her where she could find friends to get her home and told her that she had no idea where it is. True, it's not the SAME Ponyville, but Trixie didn't know that.

      On the other hand, she think she's keeping Rarity around out of KINDNESS and a want for company rather than simply someone to feel superior to.

      Then again they aren't likely to bother with pressing charges against Trixie and just grab Rarity, ask her if Trixie hurt her or mistreated her at all, and then leave Trixie like chaff.

      I'm coming with.
      I'm coming with you.

      I think after the trauma she suffered last time, I doubt even Trixie's oversized ego is enough for to still be telling Ursa stories.

      Heh. Luna Teleportation. Accept no substitute.

      Thanks for continuing this story. It's rather inspiring.

      I wonder if the two Sweetie Belles have met yet. (Maybe Sweetie would be more accepting of her counter part's cutie mark.)

      I think the look alikes are indeed ancestors, or indeed literal counter parts:

      The Pinkies could be so similar because Pinkie is accepting of herself (maybe). And RD has ALWAYS more or less denied her feminine side.

      Thank you for continuing this story. Thank you.

      I wonder if Princess Rarity will find some goodness inside Trixie, or discover that there is no goodness in there to find.

    125. The Mysteries deepens and new players are added to the mix. Always guessed Trixie as a kind-hearted jerk but never thought of her as a teacher, can't wait till the 2 parties encounter one another.
      Things are getting very interesting, keep it up.

    126. P.S. I just want to say that I'm very quite pleased with the scene with the breezies,it really does capture the magic that the ponies would likely feel at meeting the Equestrian equivalent of fairies!

    127. If the dream has been in a cycle all this time, I wonder if Pinkie Pie's ability to tell the future with her Squink was due to her remembering previous cycles.

      It would also explain how Cheerilee in Runaway Rainbow was Princess Rarity's tutor and caretaker and a unicorn, and was Scootaloo's big sister and one of Ponyville's resident story tellers and an earth pony in Meet the Ponies. It was a different cycle!


      and not make fun of something they don’t understand!”

      Some people are groomed to be jerks, others are made jerks. It sounds like here that Trixie got on the wrong end of the wrong kind of laughter.

      “What’s wrong with making fun of something?”

      Indeed considering that humiliating challengers appears to be part of Trixie's performance.

      That Trixie feels jealous at Princess Rarity, suggests she might like herself as much she blabs about endless.

      No booze? Okay. There's no way this 'dream world' of the G3 ponies was purely made by Discord. It's more a child's fantasy more than one of Discord's chaotic playgrounds.

      After the fiasco last time, she wasn’t stupid enough to bring up the Ursa Major again, or any other far-fetched lies,

      Sweetie Belle, another cycle

      Or rather G3 Sweetie Belle's talent is MAKING sweets.

      You make it sound like learning is boring,”
      Heh, I couldn't make what what you were saying from the blinding light of the saintly halo above your little head.

      I wonder if the G3 ponies even know what currency IS!

      Ironically. I think AJ's lessons to the G3 ponies are going to be a LOT more helpful and useful than teaching the G3 ponies modern social motifs.

      hey called it Christmas, where a fat bearded man would come and give everypony presents.

      I wonder how shocked Celestia would be that these ponies are celebrating a holiday from a completely different world.

      There's something . . . wrong when RD says Trixie's nothing special to her face. I thought the point of the cutie mark was all ponies were special.

      While Rarity IS OBVIOUSLY the victim here . . . I get the feeling that Trixie is broken inside. She doesn't know HOW to make friends.

      While running away from her problems does seem to be a habit of Trixie, I doubt even she is dumb enough to start running in a random direction.

      Why hasn't Twilight zapped her with the memory spell yet?

      The IRONIC and WORST PART is that Trixie was thinking how she didn't want to crush Princess Rarity's innocence.

      FRICKIN' TRIXIE CRYING-?! 0-0 I didn't know she HAD tear-ducts!

      Okay. Now I get that Pinkie Pie was bringing all the devils inside both ponies to the surface where they could be face. But I'm confused at Pinkie getting her plan to work so perfectly when a hundred things could have gone wrong or differently.

      Princess Rarity got Discorded eh? True, Trixie's sorrow was self centered, but the fact she offered HER OWN apology to Princess Rarity I think finally means the selfish pony had grown a little.

      And Rarity . . . purified herself . . . ON HER OWN! Pinkie set the stage, but Rarity effective gave Discord's influence the boot ON HER OWN!

      Was Discord hoping to one day pluck these innocent and pure ponies from their perfect world and dump them back into Equestria where they had to face cold harsh reality?

      This chapter was incredible. The rift between Rarity and Trixie was completely believable and in character. It was cruel, but sadly realistic.

      That leave Minty, Star-Catcher (still betting money on her being Celestia's double), and Kimono, who might have struck a deal with the devil to keep her community from being Discord's plaything like the rest of Equestria.

      BTW: Here's something that's going to scare these poines manureless! OLD AGE! And DEATH by old age! I mean, seriously, I doubt they even know what old age is!!! And it's going to scare them to pieces. Then again. . . they KNEW Kimono due to the lack of the time capsule could have killed Kimono. But still, I doubt any of them have seen an old pony before.

      Thank you for continuing to write this series. I think you also somewhat inspired me to include the G3 verse in my universe (or did I think of it before? I'm not sure.) The point is. I am loving this! You've given these ponies character development!

    129. @Alex Warlorn
      >>This chapter was incredible. The rift between Rarity and Trixie was completely believable and in character. It was cruel, but sadly realistic.

      --This, so much this. Trixie is certainly no positive role model, but then again she never asked to be, not in that way at least. Her actions while callously harsh are also completely understandable for someone who doesn't have any real experience watching after children. If, anything I'd think worse of the towns folk, they were quick enough to intervene in the argument, but none thought to go after a filly running alone into the wild, or to scold her apparent guardian for have no response to the situation other than to seek out a stiff drink.

      I find my self rather liking this presentation of the G&PT. Sure it's mostly the same arrogant self confidence as a mask to hid a sad, lonely, and broken soul; but it does so in a uniquely dynamic way. I've read Trixies that have made me pity her, to want to give her a big hug and take away all her pain. I've read Trixies that were so utterly repugnant that I just want to slap her upside her smug little face. Rarely have I read a Trixie that makes me feel like doing both at the same time.

      >>Thank you for continuing to write this series. I think you also somewhat inspired me to include the G3 verse in my universe (or did I think of it before? I'm not sure.) The point is. I am loving this! You've given these ponies character development!

      --Also I'm glad to see responses like these. Too many bronies seem to do nothing but hate and spit venom at G3. The last time I read a G3 crossover fic it was little more than a poorly disguised bit of generational bigotry, making the old-school ponies out to be something between naive idiots and hive-minded monsters. Where's the love, where's the tolerance?

      The fact that this author is writing this wonderful fic, and that there are others like me appreciating it fills me with the purest of joys.

    130. Allot of people say that they hate G3,i actually like it. It's something different and i actually like allot of things,whenever it's manly or girly i simply don't care. As long as it amuses ME i don't care what other think.
      And it's funny because G4 actually gave me a look of the other G's and i like them all!(exept for G3.5...i dislike that one)
      The story is very wel written,i may am going to make a comic of this(just like Cupcakes) but i suck at making things myself so i don't know about that...

    131. The plot deepens and even stretches to the far off corners of Equestria. With Minty found and apparently a ringer for Applejack, I'm going to guess that Starcatcher is a dead ringer for Fluttershy.
      Mysterious crystal doors and deffening roars, looks like next chapters going to be a blast.

    132. Oh man,if i only could make some comics i so would make a big adventure comic out of this!

    133. @ultra8 Oh noes! Demons have been set free! Or maybe... Tirec! D:

    134. @Alondro
      The seemingly worst turn of events is if Star Catcher accidentally triggers illusion restore because somepony was wishing that nearby.

    135. SHOCK not CHOCK. at first I thought it was a mistake, but I kept seeing "chock/chocking/chocked" where shock/shocking/shocked should have been. otherwise, I like the story a lot :D


      *Reads first part*


      Dammit. No dammit. :-(


      She certainly didn’t appreciate being a pawn in some mind game, but how could she be mad when what she did had given her back a sliver of something she thought she had lost long ago.

      You meant the heart she buried in a wasteland somewhere and left to die?

      And I imagine Trixie isn't used to being apologized to.

      “Don’t you remember when all the roads turned into soap and clumps of earth started floating upside-down in mid-air?” asked Twilight Sparkle.

      Yeah! Hard to forget that!

    137. but not before draining us of all happiness and turning our negative emotions against us.

      -- Forced AJ to see the truth that the truth can hurt.
      -- Appealed to Rarity's character flaws
      -- After saying how he liked laughter he broke Pinkie Pie in two and left her with just her anger and paranoia
      -- Cheated with Fluttershy and CREATED a new personality in her (which IMHO we saw emerge again during Putting Your Hoof Down)
      -- Destroyed RD with an impossible choice
      -- Sat back and watched the monsters Twilight's friends had become break her on their own

      I wrote an entire series of POVs on the subject!

      but not before draining us of all happiness and turning our negative emotions against us.

      Explaining the events of Wishing Star Adventure being another cycle.

      I figured that the castle in g3 ponyville would be one of the six as well.

      It's VERY POSSIBLE and I mean VERY POSSIBLE that the six Discord tainted were all six ponies who each wield one of the elements of harmony, the combination of chaos and harmony magic was what was keeping the time capsule running.

      I left my wagon there, and, well, I’m not much of a magician without it.”

      Nice justification.

      I wonder though if Trixie is throwing away a chance of a lifetime, or ducking out before the crude hits the fan.

      “You know, Trixie, I’d love to see that,” Twilight replied, giving her a smile to let her know that she accepted the challenge.

      Or perhaps just being kind to her, Twilight has no talent for entertainment magic, even if she easily overshadows Trixie EASILY in terms of raw power even without the element of magic. Being the student of a goddess helps and having a natural talent for it helps even more.

      Sorry for fixating on the blow-hard, but ever since the writers chose to add that line "Maybe some day she'll learn her lesson." at the end of the epi, I wondered: would she?

      “Just one moment.” Trixie turned to Rarity, and gave her a final, big hug.

      Hopefully this'll make Trixie see friends are WORTH having, not just admirers and fanboys.



      But . . . why is she Applejack's doupleganger? And you think they'd know from her cutie mark that she isn't AJ.

      Minty now has freckles? Whao boy.

      At least it's not as bad as when RD's hair started to turn white.

      Better question. What was the group DOING in the desert that they ran across her?

      I'm surprised Minty having lived her life in a bubble thought that there were towns with similiar names.

      Apple Bloom rolled her eyes; didn’t their parents teach them anything?

      It's a miracle they remember what parents are.

      BWAHAHAHAH! The Hotel bait and switch was FANTASTIC! :D :D :D :D

      “Ah can sense the magic from all the way here;

      And considering he's not even a unicorn.

      It’s like ah can here a sorta hymn comin’ from inside.”

      The castle of music. The fact it's in a desert, and that the most legendary singers among the ponies from G1 were the hippocampus/seaponies, makes me think we sadly know why there are only three tribes now.

      Top to bottom, very logical now that he explains it.

      The castle of music decidedly has my attention.

      And given that every gen has had musical numbers, it's not a shocker that they have a castle dedicated to it.

      The CMC split from the group? Oh come on! They're impish and reckless, but they're not STUPID! (IMHO them not noticing their marks has to do with not seeing the trees through the forest.)

      So are they touring the ENTIRE population from Unicornia, Butterfly Island, AND Ponyville?

      The CMC should have gotten ninja cutie marks by now with now good they are sometimes.

      *Read a bit further*

      LE GASP! I did NOT read that BEFORE making my ninja comment!

      “Oh!” exclaimed Princess Celestia. “Why hello there, my little ponies!”

      Bye CMC.

      BUt point, why doesn't Celestia LOCK THE DOOR?

      I wonder what Celestia is planning with those three.

      A roar from BOTH SIDES-?!! Well Discord isn't one to roar, so that's one less thing to worry about.

      Well. At least with Minty technically safe (depend on how unearthly horror is now in both places . . . ), that leaves now just Star-Catcher and Kimono.

      Dang cliff hangers. What horror from beyond is now going to threaten them!? 0-0

    139. @ultra8

      I think that Star Catcher will be a double for Celestia IMHO. There was always something about her that separated her from the rest of the Butterfly Island pegasi.

      And the next chapter is decidedly going to have some action! And I dread to think what what could get a goddess spooked!

      At least the CMC did something useful rather than screwing things up as they normally do in fanfictions.

      I hope that roar was just random luck rather than something that awakened due to the chat system being brought online.

    140. @Alondro

      The good news is that this is a G3/G4 x-over, so we have little to fear from the first and most evil villain in MLP history.

    141. Methinks bringing a pony containing Discord's escense to Discord's prison wasn't a good idea.
      Guess I should have expected a reference to the live show "The World's Largest Tea Party" eventually.

    142. but extinguishing Ursa ended up causing… problems,

      I'm guessing plagues of parasprites?

      You know ironically, after the events of the wedding, it's now in canon for ponies to be paranoid that the G3 ponies are part of a changeling swarm.


      A giant chimera? The heck?

      A Mother Ursa once again walked the land of Equestria.

      And I guess that isn't just a catchy name. :-(

      The Ursa Major and Minor for the record are named after the Big and Little Dipper constellations.

      So since there is no 'Mother Dipper' it's rather confusing to wonder where this one came from.

      And with those orders, Celestia took off into the sky, speeding toward the colossal monster.

      I thought she was under ground before.

      which could potentially result in psychological trauma.

      What kind of trauma?

      So I don't get it. Is the Mother Ursa a naturally occurring (at least on a cosmic scale) natural animal? If so then it's behavior doesn't fit one at all.

      Or is it the combined spirits of slain Ursa Majors and is programmed by blind violence at anything with remotely the same genetic code as a pony?

      WHY does it want to smash Canterlot? Is it being controlled? Or what?

      created by a spirit of chaos named Discord,


    143. hold on for just a few more days.

      I'm surprised she's thinking in days since travel for her has never taken that before. . . . Which makes the desert even more horrible an experience for her. It must have seemed like it had gone on forever!!!

      new born cutie.

      BWAHAHAHAHAH! The one incarnation of My Little Pony nobody tries to defend. Mostly due to Sesame Street quality animation and swallow story telling.

      he too lowering into a bow.
      When did the others bow?

      Okay. WHAT THE HECK BROUGHT A SUPER URSA into being? You don't hide something like that under your bed!

      So the Elements of Harmony vaporized the thing?

      I'm guessing then it was a thing of pure chaos.

      So this wasn't the same monster that Celestia saw, but another one that had been sealed away BEFORE THAT? With no means to kill it?

      Especially you, Scootaloo."

      Hmmmm? Luna knows her by name? And why did she mention her in particular? And how would she know what Scoots grades were or not?

      I forgot Cheerilee was even there with them.

      You know for having her magic reserves totally drained and looking her age for once, Celestia sure is still able to give decent and detailed explanations for the up and up for the cast.

      If Celestia is out of it for several weeks . . . does Luna have the major reserves to control the sun and moon by herself?

      A neutral question. Does this take place before or after the Canterlot wedding?

      Poor G3 Pinkie Pie. She near lost her best friend. On the positive side, she DIDN'T lose her best friend!!!

      But yeah, death ISN'T something these ponies are used to.

      I wonder if they even know what old age looks like!

      it was not this day."

      Thank all the heavens.

      "Beyond the beaten path lies the absolute end. It matters not who you are. Death awaits you."

      Did the CMC leave the room by the time Celestia was explaining Minty's near death experience?

      Was little Rarity still in the room? I wonder if given experience Princess Rarity has experienced at this point, if learning about the nastiness of death, is really something that needs to be explained to her right now.

      G3 RD deserve a medal for NOT fainting IMHO.

      world's biggest tea party.

      That. Is the most seamless, flawless, and hilarious shout-out I've ever seen.

    144. I wonder how Kenbroth will react to there having been a third Alicorn having been born in his absence.

      You what's ironic? I mean REALLY REALLY ironic? Cadence's hair style, is JUST LIKE A G3 PONY!!!!

      Nice subversion with Rarity and the curtains.

      I shall have to oversee the national budget myself.

      "Oh niece Cadence? Remember how you talked about wanting more responsibilities? . . . Kiss your husband good-bye and bring your abacus."

      I imagine to the Breezies, the Changeling would appear as grotesque parodies. Heck, the horror theory going around is that the species' share a common origin! 0-0

      Heh. Leave it to a Breezie to ask Spike why the message came from his stomach!

      “But we do not know when she will arrive,” argued the dark-blue Princess. “And I’m not sure we have the resources to accommodate all of you.”

      She has a very good point.

      “But to tell you the truth, I didn’t really have time to do my–”

      Then what is Pinkie talking about then?

      She could just imagine the fear he must have gone through, knowing that the next moment, everything would be lost… everything he worked so hard to accomplish… a cruel, undeserving fate…

      I've heard in Mass Effects that even a dead Reaper's mere presence can brainwash those near it. And since RD, and Pinkie, and Rarity are holding traces of Discord's taint . . . Oh sweet mother of everything.


      And worked so hard for? UGH! Discord was a schemer but IMHO lazy! The jackass didn't even accept his scheme had fallen apart when he saw the ponies no longer Discorded and that RD was with them again. I'd say he earned his fate very much so!

      Rarity and Pinkie Pie doesn't seem to be suffering as badly as Rainbow Dash to being in Discord's presence. Rarity makes sense since she's faced her demons. I'm guessing Pinkie Pie has resistance since she was the key that unlocked the power built into the castles?

      Dear G3 RD. They're going to have a hard enough time adjusting a life outside of their ideal bubble. Is being used by Discord really what they have to suffer too?

      Kimono and Star Catcher still unaccounted for. With Kimono having a connection to this mess. And Star-Catcher JUST MIGHT be the Alicorn who is the ancestor of Blueblood and Cadence (since it's been said that Blueblood IS related to Celestia, 52 times removed.)

    145. @Alex Warlorn I have an idea of what happened to Kimono, which G3 Dash's behavior at the stoned Discord (heh heh heh) seems to confirm. If I am right, Kimono's gone for good, and one of the G3 Mane 6 will be next.

    146. I finally got through all 9 parts to date. I have to say this story is far more interesting than I thought it would be. Other than the occasional missing word, misspelling, or odd verb tense, this is quite a tale. It does help tie the generations together. I'll definitely keep following this one.

    147. The FimFiction link still isn't up. Anyone mind fixing that?

    148. The story seems pretty interesting, but... the writing feels a little subpar.

    149. Thanks for the update. Its good to know that the story continues.

    150. personalyl I think G3 Rarity was the one NOT thinking like Discord with the things RD was suggesting. Killing a helpless enemy? That's what DISCORD would do, and you my dear pony, are NOT Discord!

      It's ironic that the breezies and changelings are both fey but have completely different cultural attitudes.

      I wonder what a Pinkie Squint dance between both pinkie pies would do.

      I'm overjoyed to see Rainbow Dash was found by fancy.

      And what she says hammers it all home: she just wants the right to live, the right to exist.

    151. Er, I mean G3 Rainbow Dash was the one not thinking like Discord. Slaying an enemy who is totally helpless is what DISCORD would do.

    152. I've been meaning to read this story for a wail now, and I must say that it is quite interesting, defiantly an even better read then I thought

    153. the sun and the move in proper orbit.”
      the sun and the moon in proper orbit.”

      Hopefully G3 Spike is as good as he appears.

      More than that, she felt ridiculous.


      feeling increasingly uncomfortable as sweat ran down her chin.

      Bad mojo or out of shape?

      “It would seem what matter
      “It would seem what matters

      “…then we can reseal the ancient magic and return peace to Equestria!”

      What's unpeaceful about it right now? Other than the Mother Ursa.

      Forget Discord's magic, Minty's near death experience is going to leave a scar on her that isn't so easily removed.

      Makes me wonder how things went with Pinkie and Rarity when they had to make it back to Ponyville by push cart. Heh. I wonder what restitution Rarity extracted from RD for that.

      If it's nighttime, I wonder if they'll run into some of Luna's bat-pony guards.

      except into the city or the castle, or the sculpture gardens.”
      OY! And where does that LEAVE?!

      a bad idea,” realized Twilight. “I’ve been meaning to visit the Royal Library anyway. Though I’m not sure we could fit everypony in here.”
      a bad idea,” realized Twilight. “I’ve been meaning to visit the Royal Library anyway. Though I’m not sure we could fit everypony in there.”

      tain pink pony with a mane that, as was the norm with these ponies, was multicolored,

      Princess Cadence would feel right at home.

      “Actually, if you don’t mind, I would rather stay here,” said the yellow pegasus. “The Breezies were telling me this fascinating story about these earth ponies who wanted to fly.”

      BWAAHAHAHA. :-)

      “Well, no, since earth ponies can’t do magic,” explained Twilight.

      I had really thought, (or hoped) that Twilight had gotten over the 'unicorn magic is the only magic' nonsense.

      Does Story Belle's familiar still exist? Or was he just part of the dream or a breezie given a role? It's REALLY hard to guess since we've seen how clever animals like Angel can get.

      “Not even close. I would certainly like to, but with so much knowledge, how does anypony absorb it all in one lifetime?”

      No wonder so many grasp for immortality. We don't fear death for death itself, we fear death for tasks left undone.

      “She might be,” said Twilight, “but I’m still puzzled by the fact that grown-up have counterparts that are just children.”

      Well, G3 Spike did imply that the 'bleed-over' wasn't perfect.

    154. “Whatever do you mean, Twilight?” said the librarian questioningly. “You’ve been staying in the library for the last three days now.”


      That leaves just the G3 version of Celestia (I know by process of elimination Star-Catcher would be Fluttershy's body double, but her personality and manner have always struck me as being Celestia's inspiration, there's also the small fact Celly was bonded to the Elements too once).

      One ironic thing here is that Sunny Daze and Story Belle don't react at all to seeing an elderly pony for the first time in their fogged up memories of countless cycles.

      I wonder if the G3 ponies are going to remember any of the apparently previous cycle of the G3.5 world where they were close friends since foalhood.

      n’t remind me. ‘Years and years to create this smell and slime,’ what was I thinking? Granted, we earth dragons do enjoy a layer of grime on our scales, but a thousand years under a pile of mud would make me nauseous.

      Rather like Rarity's outfit during the Best Young Flyer's competition was over-the-top by Rarity's standards?

      “And poor Wysteria. The things I put her through…”

      Well, he did teach her how to act like a lady and she was already a leader. True it wasn't exactly pleasant for her . . . she's still the closest thing the G3 Earth ponies have to a leader.

      “The biggest tea party ever!” corrected Pinkie Pie.

      G3 live. OY! Ick.

      Has there even been a GOOD MLP live? Then again, it keeps the five year olds entertained, which is the point.

      Ponyville style
      Except there are two ponyvilles now, and they kinda clash in styles.

      “but I don’t see Rarity anywhere. You stay here while I have a look around outside.”


      Pinkie is overjoyed at least to see her best friend again.

      And you can assume Princess Rarity didn't feel as bad near Discord since she's faced her demons already.

      now two Twilight Sparkles within the Canterlot walls.
      What about Two Raritys, two RDs, and two Pinkies?

      This again makes me wonder if Kimono made a deal with Discord.

      Shouldn't RD have flown after Kimono?

      “…saw the beautiful moon outside,” halted Twilight, putting up a hoof in front of her. “Luna sure knows her stuff.”


      “I know, it doesn’t make sense.

      And that spells Discord.

      But after FINALLY finding her they shouldn't let her get away.

      “I know,” she replied with a giggle. “But it is more fun this way. Come to think of it, this is the third party we’ve thrown since we came to Equestria.”

      They are the G3 ponies.

      So again all odds, Minty lives.

      I wonder why the G3 ponies got scattered in Ponyville and why they got scattered the way they did.

      Pink and green are back together. :-)

    155. Ultra rare G3 MLP special. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5KKfym7NuoE

    156. The above special adds another item to G3 RD's lists of things she needs to adjust to. Like since she's an earth pony, her floating cloud and rainbow bed can no longer support her! ... Assuming it exists in this cycle.

    157. And another 'clip episode' this one focusing on G3 RD. Wish I knew about these before. The funny thing is how it mentions france. Then again, that's mentioned in G4 too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_BhseqHahY&feature=relmfu

    158. And I thought I had seen ALL of the G3 cartoons! 0-0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPMtXuy8ACA&feature=relmfu Star Song and the magic dancing shoes. 0-0 It had even less conflict and plot than normal. But at least it's colorful and manages to crack a few jokes.

    159. Damn part 11 was fantastic!
      This stuff is getting better and better!

    160. @Alex Warlorn Luna staggered back, "Good golly Miss Molly! Equestria is running out of time!"

      Kenebroth was shocked by such an antiquated and un-hip exclaimation, "What did you see?"

      Luna shuddered with deepest horror at the monstrosities lurking in the void, "Fan-fic authors..."

      Kenebroth quaked in terror, "Angels and ministers of grace preserve us..."

    161. I get the feeling that Twilight's abuse of the 'Power Nap Spell' might explain some of her erratic behavior at times.

      clothing that you can’t be worn?”
      clothing that you can’t wear?”

      “Why yes, I see Luna has already begun raising the sun.” Kenbroth looked out the window, where the first rays of sunlight were starting to appear.

      “Sure no prob,” said the little dragon. “Let’s talk again sometime. I may be a pony at heart, but it’s always nice talking to a fellow dragon now and again.”

      I just want to say this continues to be an epic piece of work. It's beautiful.

      And the reason that the six elements of harmony are involved in the timeloop spell are made only MORE confusing!

      And why was G3 Ponyville related to these glorified prison cells to begin with?

      Minty is finally allowed time with her friends, it is beautiful. These innocent ponies have been forced to grow up rather fast.

      Every chapter seems to ask more questions than it gives answers. But at least we're coming close to the truth.

    162. “Sure no prob,” said the little dragon. “Let’s talk again sometime. I may be a pony at heart, but it’s always nice talking to a fellow dragon now and again.”

      I think this line would greatly confuse G3 Spike. Yes he lives among ponies, yes he's happy to serve and help others, but he still thinks of himself as a dragon. G4 Spike's statement I think would confuse him. And might even create the idea that G4 Spike thinks that only dragons who are 'ponies on the inside' can be civilized. There are a thousand years separating these two culturally.

      Earth Dragons die of old age around a million? How old IS this planet? (I assumed the million thing was part of the dream world, guess not.)

      I'd hate to see these ponies hearts crushed when they're told Santa isn't 'real'. The amount of despair from that would blanket the sun. They are like kids.

    163. @Alondro
      I don't get the joke here. You mean fanfiction writers in general? Isn't that kinda weird considering this is a fanfiction written by a fanfiction writer?

    164. @Alex Warlorn A little farcical commentary on how fictional characters in an otherwise happy pony world would view the majority of fanfic authors who tend to put them in terrible situations and dark, dystopian universes where they suffer in every way imaginable, and frequently face the end of the world. ;3

    165. Thanks for another update. I like how Trixie worked with the thiefes :-)

    166. >>“Thank you all for coming,” she told the group. She sounded a bit hoarse..>>

      ... which was not surprising given that Celestia was a little horse. *rimshot!* XD

    167. @Alex Warlorn Well, considering the Earth is about a billion or so years old, and planets around a longer-lived red dwarf star could conceivably remain habitable for hundreds of billions of years, a million years isn't at all far-fetched. ;3

    168. I looked into the Time Echo, and the Time Echo looked into me... *overflows with awesome power!*

    169. Latest chaper: (12)

      404 NOT FOUND.

    170. Just started reading this now. It's pretty good, and I'll follow this for the gripping story. Just a small criticism: grammatically, it's littered with inappropriate prepositions. For example, in chapter 4:

      "just looking at the wore-down door filled her heart in unease"

      Should be "heart with unease". Errors like this are not so common that it's too disruptive, but they are things that ought to have been spotted by your editor. I'd say maybe 5-ish per chapter, so far. I don't know if it improves later, hoping it does.

    171. before someone kills me, are the castles possible elemental towers, as in blue for loyalty, orange for honesty, so on and so fourth (im only on chap 8 so yell at me if im wrong) and that both the spirits of harmony and disharmony have to be in their corresponding at the same time to cause something to happen, like, I don't know, the de-materialization of the universe or something big?

    172. Ooh, chapter 8, a very awkward sentence.

      "There was no doubt in her mind: this was a whole other world from where she was from."

      The first "from" ought to be "to", and you should never end a sentence with a preposition like "from", e.g. "this is the place I came from" should be "this is the place from which I came". So how do we fix the above sentence? It's kinda difficult, but I think one correct form is:

      "There was no doubt in her mind: this was a whole other world to that from where she had come."

      But that's still awkward, so I'd prefer a simpler choice of words, such as:

      "There was no doubt in her mind: this was not her world."

      Maybe swapping the order of the sentence would help: mentioning her world before the current world. English grammar is such a strange thing, there are rules and exceptions and things that sound awkward no matter how you word them.

      (Also, yes, in my last comment that wasn't a great example because there was another error that I didn't address - "wore-down" should be "worn-down".)

    173. ...damn.....just damn.....cant wait for chapter 14

    174. Suddenly, the Plot of "The Crystal Empire" (Season 3) sounds a lot like this story. A mysterious land from the past suddenly reappearing after being under the rule of an antagonist.

    175. The link to chapter 14 is an edit-only link; I can't reach the chapter.