• Nightly Roundup #219

    Can't stop the Pinkie Pie! She made SOPA HER BIT... balloon.

    Surprisingly short roundup tonight considering it encompasses 2 days.  I only had 30 emails sorted for it though, which is pretty much average.

    We will probably have some updates over night, so keep an eye out! 

    Teamwork is Magic Audio recordings

    The first part of Teamwork is Magic has been completed! Find that above!

    They are looking for more male voice actors for once, so if you are up for some acting, hit up this email!'

    Snow Ponies

    I still want to run an event with these. Snow ponies are amazing


    Delicious Cake!

    An Hour of Talking About Ponies at Connecticon

    So much pony

    Brohoof Podcast FluttershyElsa Interview

    Interviews everywhere! Fans of FluttershyElsa will probably want to check the interview out here.

    Public Radio Poland Pony Stuff! 

    It's all in polish, but there are subtitles now! Check it out here.

    Gentlecolt Collaborations (Pony Dating Sim) Seeking Facebook Likes for Preview

    For those looking forward to the pony dating sim coming up, the guys that run it are looking for facebook likes.  Apparently once they hit 256, they will drop a preview.

    Hit the page up here!

    Doctor Whoof Radio Play Seeks More

    The Doctor Whoof radio play project (Found above) is seeking some assistance with voice acting. Have some copy paste:

    Rainboom Radio

    Apparently its a combo ask blog+Radio thing! Check it out here for more info.

    The makers of the upcoming Doctor Whoof Radio Plays (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afEQzEizgSY&feature=related) are looking for an artist. This person will be asked to create some 'Posters' to represent six episodes of the play. you love Doctor Whooves and can pick up a pencil please contact them at [email protected], with an example of your work or check out the blog at: https://ponyinaboxproductions.wordpress.com/ .

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    SA Meetup

    Date: Saturday 28 January
    Time: 1:00pm to whenever you leave
    Location: Front Gate of Botanical Gardens
    Organiser: Alex Ashenden/ExplodingPonyToast


    Sussex County Facebook Group


    North England Pony Group


    WoW Guild

    Name: Cutie Mark Crusaders
    Server: Cenarius US (Alliance)
    Contact: Blargling, Blamethetånk (alt + 0229), Banans. If none are online, send an in-game mail to Banans and he will respond promptly.
    Rules: Talk about anything you want from Shipping to Cupcakes, I don't care, just do not, under any circumstances disrespect a guild member.
    Notes: This is a small guild (lvl 3) looking to grow not as a hardcore RP guild (though what you do in your own channels is your business) but as a community of bronies who want to discuss any aspect of the show or community with like-minded individuals.

    Calgary Convention Looking to Gauge Interest

    Check out this site if you think you could make something like this, or email [email protected].

    GaTechBronies Meetup

    The Georgia Tech Bronies group is having their first meeting of the semester this Saturday, Jan. 21st. 

    Anypony in the Atlanta area is welcome to join! We will be going over all the episodes and news people may have missed in the pony community, plus we take requests for funny PMV's and such to show off at our meetings. The details and contact info are below.

    Where: Georgia Tech Campus- Klaus Advanced Computing Building, Rm 1443
    When: Saturday, Jan 21st 2012 starting at 6:30pm

    Contact info for questions:


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Pinkie Pie Phone case
    Pony Hats
    Wonderbolts Scarf

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here