• Nightly Roundup #203

    Source: New York Times

    New York Times does this "words that define a year" thing, and check out what popped up at the top next to Occupy Wall Street! Good job guys! Onward to another year.

    And some news after the break.  It's a short one.

    Nightmare Moon and Rainbow Dash Super Smash Brothers Skins


    [email protected] Update

    Copy Paste:
    The competition has begin, and with 40 competitors, this is going to be an interesting battle of sheer computing power, and determination. If you have only just found out about this competition and had an interest in it, don't fret, as latecomers are accepted. Let me (hiigaran) know if you wish to enter in the link below:


    In addition, you can check your progress, and of others in the next link, which will show your progress throughout the competition. 1st and 2nd places are awarded in two categories: Most points, and most 'log points', which is a way to give people with slower computers a better chance of winning as well, if they are consistent enough with their points. 4 prizes for winners + 7 random draws...get crackin'!


    The document will be updated every week at the same time (01:00 GMT+1) until the end of the competition.

    Not interested in the competition? Help out anyway. For science!

    Wallpaper Compilation Document Updates

    So many wallpapers!

    Check it out here!

    Successful Meetups

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Bronycraft Minecraft Server


    Glasglow Meetup

    When: Jan 7
    Where: St. Enoch Square

    Forum Post

    Pony Gaming Channel

    Copy Paste:

    Hey everypony, with the new year starting we are spreading the herd everywhere! A new spot coming up is on the popular gaming website http://www.twitch.tv where pony gaming will be taken to the max! Tons of games will be live streamed with pony chat, links, and gaming pony mods. The new channel will be http://www.twitch.tv/ponyslivenow and it needs you! We are looking for streamers run the live stream daily! If you got a heart for ponies and a heart for gaming and want to share it with the world send an email to [email protected] and if you meet the requirements you can start steaming today! 

    Few requirements are:
    A decent computer that can run a stream without lag and good quality 
    PONY MUSIC, keep that music playing!
    Mic and Skype (hoping to do questions where we take calls on Skype and maybe down the road do giveaways)
    Be able to run with a set schedule for when you are on live

    Mario Kart Group

    Name: EqD Racers

    Code: 08-1776-1925-1092


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Cloudkicker Plushie

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