• Smile! Charity Album Officially Released

    The massive musician collaboration album has officially released!  The full track list is really impressive, coming in at a total of 23 songs from all sorts of popular names in the fandom.

    For those that haven't been following the project, all proceeds will go directly to the Children's Cancer Association.  If you want to toss some money their way, and aquire a huge amount of music at the same time, hit up this post for more information.

    So far, they have already hit well OVER 9000 bucks (Or $9,881 at the creation of this post).  I've always wanted to use that...

    Check out everything that is included after the break!

    And buy it here!

    1. One Cold Morning – Makkon
    2. Say it isn’t Snow – thattechnique
    3. A Heart Warming Night – AJTheEngineer
    4. The Winter Wonder Carol – Bagpipe Brony
    5. I’ll Be Coming Home – All Levels at Once
    6. Pinkie Pie’s Fashion Show – DonnDeVore
    7. Let’s Go – BlackElectric
    8. Finding The Light – Exploding Heart Technique
    9. Family Ways – And The Rainfall (Youtube)
    10. In the name of Kindness – Nosnibormada
    11. Octavia’s Smile – Dark Symphony
    12. Forgotten Symphony – Aspect of The Storm
    13. A Memoir of Silence – Navy Brony
    14. First Bird of Spring – DrDissonance
    15. Busy Day – Jeffthestrider
    16. Megumi no Uta (Song of Blessings) – MIU
    17. ForChorda – randomblockfilms
    18. No Words – Replacer
    19. Rebuilding Our City – sdogginsworth
    20. Snortle at the Jazzy – Psychedelic Brony
    21. Sorceress Girl – SoGreatAndPowerful
    22. Memory Lane – Osoth
    SWAG. Bonus track – Circuitfry and Pinkie Cake