• Music: The great Magician / Pwny Anthem / Scarlett Peace Tracks

    People keep emailing me asking why I like Trixie. Even if the the topic at hand is completely outside the realm of having anything to do with her, the question still pops up. And my response: I have no clue. Shes obnoxious, full of herself, and a dick to the mane cast, but something about her is just entertaining. Also the fan content is great.  Robe and wizard hat ponies ftw.

    We actually have three from Scarlett Peace this time around. Shes Really talented, and totally getting a better mic soon! I've embedded one song, the rest can be reached via the url's.

    1.) The great Magician (Lyricist needed!)
    2.) Pwny Anthem (by Archie.V)
    3.) Love Song to Bloomberg - Scarlett Peace / Discord's World - Scarlett Peace / Far From Home - Scarlett Peace

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