• The Brony Show #30

    Yep! Another episode.

    Copy paste:
    Greetings and Salutations to everypony out there in Bronydom! We have another LIVE episode of The Brony Show and I promise you it will be a doozy! We have our entire cast of co-hosts back and at full strength, and we're going to hit off with an interview with Aaron Shea, the incredible creator of Flankbook. He's going to show off his incredible new project, which has our vote for the most awesome thing ever! Along with that, we managed to rip apart the contours of space and time, and have an interview with our favorite apple bucking pony. Along with all that, we're commenting on the latest episode and Rarity's adventures in Canterlot. All this along with music, pictures, news, and everything we can throw at you and each other with a party cannon! Check it out at 6PM PST at http://thebronyshow.net and clicking livestream at the bottom left of the page. Also remember we have a fun preshow that will show up around an hour before the main show, and our incredible Oatmeal Galore aftershow with Crimsonthewolf! Enough pony and fun to start your week!"

    Thank you again so much for putting this up every week. I can never, ever thank you enough. I'm always proud to thank you and everypony at Equestria Daily on the show.

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