• Story: Swordpony (Update Part 8!)


    Author: Wisdom Thumbs
    Description: It's been five long years since Red Pommel rose from mud and clawed his way to the top. Too bad being Master Swordpony of Everfree isn't all it was cracked up to be. Instead of quests or saving damsels, all Red got was five years of guard duty alongside a heaping helping of court politics. And what does he have to show for it? More money than he knows what to do with, and at least as many enemies.

    Now dragons stir in the far north, mysteriously freed from an ancient prison. Celestia calls for an envoy, and it's no surprise that Red jumps at the opportunity. But when his swashbuckling leads him astray, he instead finds himself caught up in a tale of dark forests, dead gods, and gleaming steel...

    A story of medieval Equestria, set over a thousand years before the events of the show.
    Swordpony (New Part 8!)
    Additional Tags: medieval equestria, not skyrim, long, evil deer


    1. Looks interesting. I might give it a read.

    2. >evil deer

      Hmm, wonder how many times that tag has been used xD

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. I feel like I've read this before... Oh wait.

      Good to see this got up, Thumbs!

    5. Seventh.


      ...Has the "evil deer" tag been used before? I've honestly never seen it, at least not on EQD. :/

      Thanks Rinella and Croswynd.

    6. It's a good story that deserves a read. I recommend it to anyone looking for in depth fight sequences; it's quite enlightening.

    7. I think Croswynd is painting an impossibly positive picture of the story. It can't actually match that kind of praise.


    8. skyrim much? hey now theres an idea... a FO:E style crossover of TES...

    9. Nope, no Skyrim to be found here.

      Well, besides the obvious fantasy elements and the dragons and the swords...

      ...Hmm. Unintentional crossover? o_O

    10. That image reminds me of the (sadly unfinished) comic 'Red Shetland' from back in the day. Will be interesting to see how the fight dynamics are handled - I've often thought that most of the weapon designs (ie human ones) are just wrong for ponies...

    11. very good read, really gives a combatants perspective of equestria. now it only needs to be finished

    12. @Wisdom Thumbs
      As much as people would seem to forget, fantasy, dragons and swords did exist before Skyrim.
      Really like the look of this though. After getting into 'The Age of Wings and Steel' I've been longing for some more Medie-questria stuff

    13. Scop should be read with the voice of Chief Hanlon from Fallout New Vegas.

      Anyone who gets it will do that from now on....

    14. IrongWing their version of Connan. Wonder if he spoke like Ahrnold :)

    15. Since today's update got a little messed up somewhere between my email and the blogpost, I feel I should put up some sort of notice down here.

      Chapters 5 and 6 are NOT new. They are merely rewritten and bumped forward by the addition of an all-new Chapter 2. Sorry. :/