• Nightly Roundup #147

    Rarity in a few hours.  Are you ready for it? So far season two has been completely over the top.  Twilight Sparkle almost quadrupled her season one insanity moment, and Luna with her ROYAL CANTERLOT VOICE was a total surprise. 

    Rarity has gone crazy a few times now.  I wonder if we will see the "season two" version in the coming episode?

    Anyway, have some news.

    They Might Be Giants Plugs PMV's on their Facebook Page

    It's always fun to see the actual creators of stuff we use in PMV's actually acknowledge it. I remember how excited everyone was when Spike Pilgrim was featured on the Scott Pilgrim facebook page.

    Talk About the Weather Podcast With Ponies

    This isn't specifically a pony podcast, but more a brony who got interviewed on a non pony cast. Check it out here!

    And he wants to apologize for butchering Rarity's element. Poor Rarity...

    Groups/Guilds/Meetups Looking for More

    VA Beach Meetup
    Copy Paste:  For any pony in Hampton Roads area of VA. Atlantis Games & Comics is willing to host us on Nov 19, 2011 from 7pm to 10pm. It listed as My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, VABeach Bronies Meep up. Address is: 145 E Little Creek Rd Norfolk, Va 23505 (757) 502 8954. Please I need 6 episodes everyone wants to watch. We will be ordering pizza. If we get a good turn out. They will be willing to host again in the future. So get our friends to come. E-mail episodes to [email protected]

    Johnson City, TN Facebook Group


    Helinski Meetup
    Copy Paste: We are having a new Helsinki pony meeting in 17th of December 2011!
    Since the last meeting gathered over 50 bronies, we decided to rent a proper space for the meeting this time. There's going to be all sorts of activity, for example a pony quiz with awesome prizes and a band playing pony music.

    Info links about the meeting:

    Promo flash animation in the e-mail attachments, it's made by MrPoniator. Song credits to OdinForever http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBvSlVNnIz0.
    Bronies Phoenix Expansion
    Copy Paste: The bronies of Phoenix Arizona are expanding down to Tucson and are
    looking for new members there. The first Tucson event is going to be
    Saturday (or today) on the 5th at 7:00pm sign up at
    http://www.meetup.com/Bronies-Phoenix/ if your interested in meeting
    other Bronies in your area

    John Hopkins University Article on Pony

    Yep! Another one. This is a pretty good read too! check it out here!

    New York Magazine Brony Article

    In response to the Wall Street Journal article, another New York based media outlet jumped on our little fandom here. Usually when you open something and it has a big smiling g1 pony on it, you know its going to be ridiculous, and this one doesn't dash those expectations. Check it out here.

    Full Pony Bed Setup

    For those still on the fence about throwing their bed sheet masculinity out the window, someone has set up a full display of it. I have to admit.. I kind of want. That Twilight is really cute.

    No! Must resist!

    I would jump all over the custom pillows though.

    Bronystudy Research Project

    SCIENCE! It will set us free! Teach us new things! Twilight Sparkle!

    A study is in progress to determine what exactly a "Brony" is. Check out the survey for it here!

    Small Town Pony Movement

    For those living in small towns and low traffic hubs around the world, a new movement is in progress that attempts to help people meet other hidden bronies. Check out the video below for more information!

    Costco Art Set Unboxing

    For those curious about the Costco art set that was floating around a few days, someone did a full unboxing of it on youtube. Check it out below!

    Free Pony Stuff Competition!

    The Canterlot.com Roleplay website is holding a contest that will be ending on November 4th for over 200 bucks in pony merch/custom stuff.

    Have some copypaste for more information:
    The Canterlot.com Nightmare Night and Harvest Festival Art and Writing Contests will be ending November 14th, just over a week from now! We are giving away five different grab bags that contain custom etched glassware; buttons, vinyl stickers, stickers, original art, cell phone charms, necklaces, coloring/activity books, and many more items! These contests have relatively few entrants currently, so your chances of winning one of these grab bags is high- dont miss out on a great opportunity to own some custom pony merch!

    And a Link!

    Team Liquid Synchtube Mare-a-Thon on November 6th!

    The Starcraft pony community is running a season one marathon on the 6th. For more information, hit up the forum thread!

    Brony Heart Month

    Have some Copy paste:
    Brony Heart Month!

    Hello, ladies and gentlecolts of the bronydom! There’s a facebook
    movement we’d love for you to take part in.
    November needs to become the month in which bronies have a sleeping
    heart pony, (originally created by BambooDog-
    http://bamboodog.deviantart.com/gallery/ ) as their profile picture,
    whether it be a character of the show or your own OC.
    For more information see this page:

    PDF Fanfic Gallery Updates

    White Demure
    It Takes a Village
    Ultra Eternal Prodigal Furious Very Big Sonic Fearless Perpetual Heroic Epic Legendary
    6 Angry Mares
    Skies of Equestria
    The Color You Bleed
    The Patchwork
    Blade Trotter
    The Creature that Came to Ponyville
    Shipping and Handling
    The Best Night Ever


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Wall Street Warrior Rainbow Dash
    Mystery Custom Blindbag Box
    Smarty Pants Plushie

    Have Something Creepy

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here