• Nightly Roundup #88

    I really hope we get to see a more interesting side to Applejack in season two.  The poor girl seems to have almost an unhealthy obsession with apples.  Loosen up AJ!  Hit up a cruise or something!

    Have some news.

    Snafu Posts Pony!

    The tiniest reference I have ever seen in a comic I think. You can find it in the 3rd panel.


    Pony Toys in Spain

    Bout time? I'm not sure what to say about these anymore!

    Pony Meetups

    Birmingham UK
    Gothenburg/Malmo, Sweden Facebook Page / Meetup Page

    Minecraft Pony Mod

    The people over at Ponycraft recently released a mod that turns the avatars into ponies. Obviously they are still completely ridiculous looking, but at least it's pony! You can find them here!

    More Pony Podcasts/Youtube Analysis on the Way

    I'm pretty sure it's a requirement to have a podcast at this point! Have a list.

    Wyrd101 Live (September 4th at 12-2PM Eastern)
    Herd Mind Radio (Pony Analysis)
    Gameinformer Online Brony Radio

    Wallpaper Compilation Doc Updated

    The Wallpaper Compilation document has been doubled in size with wallpapers. You can find the entire thing here!

    Rainbow Dash Invades Drum Line

    Dash makes everything better.

    Official Swedish Dubs

    More dubs for you all to dig through! These aren't entire episodes, just examples of various things.

    Mane 6 Voices

    Pony Cosplay Suit Thingies Invade Dragoncon

    You can find them at 3:15!

    Ohio/San Antonio Brony Meetup Summaries/Pictures

    More meetup stuff for those that love to read about other people having fun! Someone needs to talk Cereal into going to the next one near his house, he keeps chickening out!

    Ohio Meetup Summary/Images
    San Antonio Summary/Images

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Pinkie Pie Plushie
    Colgate Plushie
    Baby Luna
    Luna w/ Socks
    Lemon Hearts

    Equestria Daily News

    You mod people need to get workin! I demand a N64 Twilight Sparkle mario revamp!

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