• Nightly Roundup #105

    The recent episode definitely showed off Pinkie Pie's (post-rock farm) "raised by pigs" roots. 

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    Have some news!

    DHX Financial Reports

    Apparently MLP is kicking ass in the financial area. Have some copy paste from Newswire!

    "For Fiscal 2011, Management was very pleased with the growth in producer and service fee revenues, as the Company earned $15.48 million, an increase of 107% over the $7.48 million for Fiscal 2010. DHX Vancouver earned $7.14 million and DHX Wildbrain earned $8.34 million for Fiscal 2011 (Fiscal 2010 was entirely DHX Vancouver). For Fiscal 2011, the breakdown for major projects over $0.10 millionfor DHX Vancouver was $5.83 million for My Little Pony Seasons 1-2 and $1.31 million for Pound Puppies Seasons 1-2. For DHX Wildbrain the breakdown was $2.23 million for Monster High Seasons 1-5,$0.24 million for Oki's Oasis Pilot, $3.09 million for The Ricky Gervais Show Seasons 1-3, $0.15 million for Japan Day commercial, $0.12 million for Sideway (Game) Project$0.28 million for Hard Times of R.J. Berger Season 2, $1.08 million for How to Train Your Dragon Season 1, and $0.44 million for Go Time Pilot."

    I don't think pony is going anywhere anytime soon, in fact, Sibsy confirmed Season three again....

    Plymouth State University Adds Pony Theme

    Borderline Stonybrook on the awesome scale!

    Italian Subbed Episode one Season Two

    For the Italian bronies out there who totally can't read this anyway, someone has released another subtitled episode for you guys, check it out here!

    "Paint the Town" Project Goes Pony

    Over in Morrison, 1600 people have been registered to paint all over the city.  Apparently ponies have been popping up. 

    I wish the 20% cooler thing wasn't old.  It would work so nicely on this one.

    Cincinnati Brony Meetup

    Another meetup is happening on the 24th in Cincinnati.  Check out the page for it here!

    Playstation Magazine "Approves" of the Pony

    Another one joins the herd, the same way most of us did.  It's only a matter of time before "everybody" is find and replaced with "everypony" and the blues turn to pinks. 

    So You Think You're a Brony Episode 4

    Another episode has popped up! Check it out here!

    Convention Wisdom Posts Pony

    Yep, more web comics!

    Gmod Ponification Seeks Map Maker

    The guy running the "Recreate all of season one in gmod" project is looking for someone to help him make out some maps.  Check out the channel for more information if you are interested, and toss him a PM.

    Another Pony Roleplaying Site

    For those looking for a fresh  RP board to invade, a new one has popped up.  Hopefully you guys decide on a home soon!

    Pony Party Bags

    Source: Oswald
    These are actually popping up in Mexico.  I'm not sure if they have any plans on bringing them over to the states.

    Rainbow Dash Left 4 Dead Sound Mod

    Another sound file swap has been released for Left 4 Dead.  Check it out here!

    PDF Gallery Updates


    Michael Bay Presents: MLP: FiM: Revenge of the Unicorn God Slayer
    My Little Hangover
    Once Bitten, Twice Shy
    Soaring Hearts
    Caramel's Light
    Out in the Cold sequel, 'Midnight and Shimmer's Guide to Dating'
    Solar Flare sequel, 'Deep Dark'
    Sunset sequel, 'For Want of a Dawn'
    The Ciroton Collection:
       -My Little Muffin
       -Clash of the Heavenly Titans
       -Blood is Thicker
       -The Reluctant Reunion of the Redoubtable Rabble-Rouser
       -For Want of a Dawn

    WoW Pony Guild Seeks More

    Have some copypaste

    Guild: Friendship is Magic (Level 16)

    Server: Arathor
    Faction: Alliance
    Ponies to Contact in game: Vinylscratch, Bastiat, Parasprite, Rainbowcräsh, Friedman

    All ponies are accepted, officers are frequently on, and there is always a shoulder to lean on.
    Raid Times (Currently) Thurs 5-8pm server, Sat 5-8pm
    Mumble Server Provided

    Dragon Con Cosplay Video Sneaks Ponies In

    That Rainbow Dash is awesome.

    Another Chalk Pony

    Are we capped on chalk ponies yet?

    iBringDaLULZ Pony Swag Dilemma

    For those following this project, check out the video!

    "Cupcake Fury" A video by FiM Animators

    A few of the guys working on pony sent this video over to me.  Apparently one of the characters is a shout out to pony.  Check it out here!

    Ebay/Merch Stuff
    Scratch Shirt
    Gummy Clock
    Applejack Plushie
    Painting Commissions