• Nightly Roundup #73

    Twilight in Pajamas!

    So cute...

    Have some news. 

    /r/mylittlepony Hits 5000 People!

    Over on Reddit, the pony group is now 5000 strong. That's pretty amazing! Grats guys!

    Singapore Bronies Society

    Another Pony Facebook is up for people in Singapore! You can find it here!

    Third Part of Connecticon Panel Is Up!

    For those of you following the Connecticon brony panel uploads, the 3rd one was added today. You can find it here!

    More Playstation Blog Shoutouts

    I'm pretty sure the writer over there has free reign or something, once again another pony reference has popped up centered around Rainbow Dash.

    Did you hear that you can play through Resistance 3’s campaign cooperatively? No? Well, congratulations because now you have! Why don’t you celebrate by working with your co-op partner to take down 100 Chimera together? That’s at least 20 percent cooler than taking them down alone.
    Keep up the good work over there!

    3ds Forum Adds a Pony Mode

    If you scroll down to the bottom of the 3DS forum, a new dropdown menu is available that unlocks pony mode.

    I think every forum needs this.

    Octavia Invades Drawball

    Confound this Octavia, ponies should not be allowed to stand like that. 

    Nerf Now Pony Reference

    This is the second pony comic that has popped over at Nerf Now.  You can find it here!

    More New Shirts at Welovefine

    A couple of new pony designs are now available at Welovefine, including a new Derpy Hooves shirt.  I'm kind of curious about why they seem to be stuck with specific vectors for these though.  It would be neat to see some variety.

    You can find the shirts here.

    Everfree Forest RP Community

    Another RP forum is looking for more! You can find it here!

    PMV Tutorial Videos

    Someone over on Youtube is attempting to teach everyone the art of the PMV.  He has 2 tutorial videos up, you can find them both below!

    Part 1
    Part 2


    MN Brony Meetup: At a Bar

    Real bronies meetup at bars I guess?

    It's almost surreal seeing ponies and beer in the same setting. 

    Darker RP Forum

    Another dark focused pony roleplaying forum is up for those of you into that sort of thing.  You can find it here!

    Ebay/Merch Queue

    New Blindbag Ponies on Ebay
    Doctor Whoof Blindbag

    Equestria Daily News

    Someone did this mockup of Equestria Daily in the future.  They even managed to capture my unique, exclamation point filled, writing style.  I'm going to have to find a real job eventually though!