• Nightly Roundup #19

    Derpy Edition!

    I'm scheduled for a ton of hours this week at work.  Be prepared for typos abound as I post everything in a daze!  As always, feel free to email me when you see me completely butcher the spelling on something or forget to add a page break. 

    Onward to the news! I don't really have time for anything crazy on this one, so apologies if it's a bit boring.  It still gets the information across though.

    Finnish Pony Forum

    For all of you Finnish bronies out there, a forum has been set up to discuss all things FiM! You can find it here!

    German Pony Opening Redone

    CrimsonxStudio over on Youtube has redone the FiM German opening with some fan dubs of their own! You can find it here!  Which one do you guys think is better?

    Ponies Invade:

    This very brief section (again, sorry! I'm really backed up from work) will be dedicated to ponies invading various websites!

    Zelda Universe
    Via a Ponified version of the new Skyward Sword's main villian.

    Huffington Post
    Plugging the Wu-Tang video from a while back.

    Podcasts Mentioning Ponies

    Two podcasts have recently added ponies to their discussion lineups.  You can find both below!

    The Geek Report (Using the the second best pony as a picture!) 

    The Fwooshcast

    Custom Pony Necklaces

    Rainbow Dash definitely has the best cutie mark, no doubt about that!  I'm pretty sure using the entire Mcdonalds Rarity is cheating in some way though.

    Rainbow Dash can be found here!

    Rarity can be found here! (For sale apparently)  

    Papa Gino's Joins the Celestial Dictatorship

    A Brony working at Papa Gino's has modified the sign to be at least 20% cooler and sell at least 300% more pizza.  Keep up the good work!

    Minecraft Humanized Pony Skins

    Never was a fan of humanized pony, but I guess it fits considering minecraft characters are shaped like that by default! You can find them all at the links below!

    Dave and Chuck Convert More to the Herd

    Someone posted this up on Lauren Faust's DA.  Apparently hearing Dave and Chuck's bombardment of bronies on air actually had the opposite intended effect.  Hopefully this wasn't the only convert.  FiM receives nothing but praise. 

    Equestria Daily News


    Fluttershy is the best pony.  This has been confirmed with actual science.  Unfortunately I need to wait a week before I can publish the results, but you trust me right?

    Equestria Daily Winter Wrap Up Parody

    Someone wrote a parody of Equestria Daily as a whole, following the tune of winter wrap up! You can find that here!

    And that is it!  Now off to organize that monster of a side bar... I really need an automated way to do this.

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