• Nightly Roundup #4

    Time for Nightly Roundup #4!  Hopefully these are informative for everyone!

    All news after the break! 

    Yu-Gi-Oh Cards Deck 2

    Another Yu-Gi-Oh deck has popped up! Another huge of completely different cards.  I'm pretty sure the Trixie one is at least 20% more epic than the other deck, though I'm pretty sure the Great and Powerful Trixie would turn the creator into a pile of pudding at being considered a "beast". You can find the cards HERE

    Apparently these guys know eachother in real life, and these are decks they use to compete with one another.  Still waiting on that magic card deck!  It better be balanced and awesome!

    Pony Fanimation
    The Bronytoons project is looking for more people to help out with their fan animation project, namely Flash animators/editors, Storyboarders, and Concept Artists.  They ask that the following information be sent to this email if you plan on applying:
    The Position you would like to apply for in the subject.
    Past projects you have worked on
    Reasons why you would like to help out

    Brony Mumble Singalong
    40 bronies got togeather in mumble and sang Winter Wrap Up and At the Gala.  It's absolutely awful, but its good for a laugh or two!  You can find both embeds...here!

    Pony Ages Deciphered
    Through a huge amount of numbers and calculations that went way over my head, some bronies over on ponychan have determined the ages of the Mane 6.
    You can find the Thread Here
    And an interesting screencap of one of their breakthroughs Here.

    Lyra Time
    Phoe has requested that Lyra take over Equestria Daily for a while, so Lyra it is!

    Meetup Post Updates
    The Meetup post has had a bunch of additions since it was last hovering at the top of the page! If you guys are interested, go check those out here!

    11 million hits!

    Yah, slow news day.  I  didn't get the massive flood of emails I usually do.  I actually had time to cook food for once.  I haven't cooked food in forever.  Not that I want emails to stop or anything.  I love that grind mode thing that happens when I throw on an awesome pony remix and lay waste to my inbox.

    Pinkie's Lie for example.  For some reason the way her voice is twisted impresses the hell out of me.

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