• Season 1 Stats and Stuff

    I have received a few emails asking for stats and stuff for the site.  So here is a stat post!

    Above is the all time blogger stats.  It resets the slope every month, so May looks like a massive drop, but it's just building it.  You can at least see the increase from when the blog started (January) to now.

    On the side you will see pageviews.  When I took this, it was ~2:00 PM.  The Blogger daily stats roll over at 5:00pm.  I am not sure if it will break yesterday in 3 hours, but it might!

    Now blogger isn't 100% accurate, and I figured this out pretty late.  I added Google Analytics some time around the middle of February for a more in depth analysis, meaning it's missing about half a month of data.  You can find all of that After the Page Break
    So technically we already broke 5,000,000 on just straight up pageviews, but the ticker on the side uses blogger so we will stick with that for benchmarks. 

    The most important stat is Absolute Unique.  That's a lot of bronies! Though it doesn't factor in the rotating IP's, and the 37% of them that ran for the hills when they saw Ponies in Lingerie and Cupcakes! 

    And finally, absolute unique IP's daily.
    There was a huge spike when VGcats posted the blog, but it seems to have evened out now.  Actual pageviews have increased pretty substantially, but I guess the new crowd is just digging through the archive or something.

    Anyway hopefully that answers all your questions! I'm pretty sure this will be the peak of it until season 2. It was a good run though! I'm not going to make this a regular thing, just a one time deal.