• News Post Time!

    Season one is over!  D:

    If you are like me, you probably spent all day at work sad that the next pony episode is way off in the horizon.  Just because we have a huge gap doesn't mean the fun is over, though!

    This show has evolved past being just another internet meme/phenomenon. The amount of content created in just a few short months is astounding... just look at any of the archives!  Lauren Faust has given us an amazing world to work with, and it's something we can't take for granted. I doubt any of you want to see MLP fizzle out.

    I'll be hosting events as long as people are still willing to contribute and join in. This site won't go anywhere. It might slow down a bit with the lack of news and episodes to rip apart for pony music videos, but I will still do my best to keep it going, even if that means creating ridiculous onion news and selling myself for content!

    Now on to the plans... after the break!

    The Achievement .doc is still in-progress. We will probably start that after the 300-Word Story event. Hopefully it will be fun! So far, most people seem to like the idea. It's not a flawless system, obviously, but it does give everypony something to do!

    These will continue to be regular events, though monthly events might be a bit much if the population dwindles too low. If content is really difficult to come by, I might start pulling the stories from these and giving them their own separate posts again. The last one was just too large to do that without spamming the blog for a week.

    Epic Story Subsections
    A huge amount of you are here for the fanfiction. We recently discovered the fifty person limit in Google Docs, which is pretty astounding if you think about it.  I always figured fanfiction was a small part of the population here... guess not! There are some massive story series going on right now (Fallout Equestria and Antipodes for example, two of many), and hopefully more will be added as time goes on. I'm thinking of adding a section to the archive, or even the side bar, showcasing current five-star epic-length stories in progress. They are the closest thing we have to actual episodes.

    Fanfiction in General
    If you haven't tried reading fanfiction yet, I would highly recommend it. I know there is a stigma... hell I wouldn't have touched it with a 10 foot pole before this show, but some of these stories are just straight up publisher quality. I could recommend my favorites, but I don't want (to) (look) (biased). If you hit up the archive, most of the (5 Star) stuff is well worth reading. I'm planning on going through all of them and adding some additional tags to split stuff up, and maybe even a (6 Star) tag for stuff that has exceeded fifty (50) five star votes.

    More Events
    I want to have at least two events a month. It's difficult to get these set up right now due to the load of content (not that I want that to slow down! Even if I do complain about how full my email is to everyone. :3) I might add another author or two to help me out if things don't slow down too much.

    So with that, hopefully we have some stuff to look forward too while we wait it out. I'm sure I will think of more to talk about, but I'll save that for the five million news post!

    You guys are the driving force of this community. Without the insane amounts of fan-made content, I bet MLP would just be another niche cartoon in the bowels of /co/.  Our remixes and PMV's have flourished around the internet! Our writing has bombarded every single fanfiction website out there! And our screencaps/art have spawned more memes than all of 4chan combined.

    We only ever received twenty two minutes of official pony a week. That is a meager .21% of the week. The rest was all original content.  We have an entire chan dedicated to pony that has survived more 4chan raids than Habbo Hotel! And threads still run on both /b/ and /co/ 24/7 even with our numbers so spread out across various websites now.  I doubt we are going anywhere.

    The Great and Powerful Trixie!
    The Great and Powerful Trixie! /on

    Art by MADMAX because she is CELESTIA TIER 

    The Great and Powerful Trixie! /off

    Fan Stuff

    Season 1 Meme Gallery

    Another Brony Speech!
    Soundcloud Brony Speech

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