• Highest Quality Possible Unofficial Soundtrack

    A brony who goes by the name of "CaptainComedy" is compiling/editing all of the songs in the series into a massive 3-4 disc compilation.  Everything is as high on the quality scale as possible with our current resources. 

    Disc one is now complete, which includes all of the typical songs (Winter Wrap Up, At the Gala, ect).  He is currently working on the BGM stuff now for the rest of the discs.  

    And for you audio people, every track will have a secondary .flac version. You can find both links below!

    MP3 Soundtrack

    Flac Soundtrack

    Side Song Examples

    He is also looking for artists to help with album artwork! If you are interested, toss an email to: captaincomedy@gmail.com

    This actually has a newer version! Go here!


    1. This is rather amazing and I thank the brony who did this.

    2. Ah yes, the Free Lossless. You cannot really beat it.

    3. Awesome.
      Simply awesome.

    4. Oh My Gosh Oh My Gosh Oh My Gosh Oh My Gosh Oh My Gosh Oh My Gosh Oh My Gosh Oh My Gosh Oh My Gosh Oh My Gosh
      So awesome :)

    5. I can't believe it's here! With all that we have imagined, the reality of this soundtrack will make this the best album ever!

    6. Pinkie Pie's Singing Telegram makes me all sorts of happy.

    7. OH, thank you!

      If the final soundtrack will contain the theme(s) that plays when Twilight is writing letters, that would be the awesomest.

    8. As an audiophile brony, this pleases me greatly.

    9. Not only will I include them, but I'll try to put all the different letter-writing-songs next to each other. Thanks for the suggestion. (Wouldn't have thought to do that!) All ideas are welcome!

    10. If the source is MP3 quality or lower, it doesn't get better by saving it as a .flac. I hope he had sources which is worth the size of a flac-file.

    11. Also, the new banner thew me into a laughing fit xD

    12. @Anonymous

      The source is the 720p 5.1 iTunes rip.

      While not truthfully bitstream audio quality lossless, the FLAC release differs enough from the MP3 ones to warrant its existence.

      When (if?) a Blu-Ray release of the show happens, I'll try to rip everything a third time to get true lossless quality.

    13. (I'm the Anonymous you replied to)

      Alright, thanks a lot. I look forward to listening to these :)

    14. Yay, I can finally delete the horrid-quality one I threw together!

    15. Wow, this is probably the fifth time I've replaced my downloaded MLP soundtrack! Every one is higher quality than the last!

    16. I still intend to push for an official soundtrack release on CD, but this is some dedicated work for one brony. Kudos.

    17. As a personal friend of CaptainComedy, I can tell you he's planning to make this as high quality and complete as an official soundtrack release, if not more all-encompassing.

      Plus, I helped him with some of the track names, so obviously I should get credit in the readme.

    18. A)YesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes!!! *twilightbouncing.jpeg*

      B) Thank you CaptainComedy! *salutes*

      C) ROFL @ new banner

      D) Ohmygosh we are almost at 6 million O.o Looks like the lack of new episodes didn't slow down the counter :) GOGO BRONIES !!!

    19. angelis drilltoothMay 16, 2011 at 4:11 PM

      this will do nicely, at least until/if we get a proper official release.

    20. FLAC!?
      I'm so happy right now I could just scream!!

    21. This fanbase rocks

    22. Oh my goodness, these FLACs sound... simply... beautiful. Now if only I had a $1500 pair of Sennheiser's to appreciate this even more...

    23. Ok checked out the package, two things:
      1) I would be really happy if Art of the Dress and Art of the Dress (reprise) would be available as one song, lots of people have uploaded it like that (though much lower qulaity), and haven't seen it split up so far :S
      2) Same for Hush Now
      3) End theme is missing. I know it's not a biggy, but if you are aiming for a COMPLETE work, it should be there.

      Apart from these, awesome quality, nice work :)

    24. I've no clue what the difference is between an Mp3 and a flac, but the soundtrack is very much appreciated.

    25. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF, I was so hoping for .flac, and here it is! Now I can enjoy my Sennheiser HD 595's and my Fiio E9+E5 amp to the fullest!

    26. @Ewyndall

      If a few other people ask, I'll combine them in the next release version. It's hard to nicely blend together both versions of Hush Now, though. Art of the Dress I will almost certainly put into one file later.

      I did neglect to put the ending theme in this pack on purpose, as I consider it more of an alternate version of the opening song than a new song altogether. It will definitely appear on Disc 4, along with instrumentals and vocals-only tracks of every song on Disc 1.

      Thanks for downloading and thanks for the suggestions! :)

    27. Hey,I just noticed.

      The FLAC version of So Many Wonders, it cuts off a bit early.

      Like a second and a half by my count.

    28. @ZAquanimus

      My copy doesn't end early...

      Could you check if the MP3 version has the same problem for you? The MP3s are transcodes of the FLAC files, so anything wrong with one set would be wrong with the other.

      After you check, let me know. I'll re-render and upload a new one for you if you still think there's a problem!

    29. Yay, flac!

      Is it really correct to list the artist/band as Daniel Ingram, though? He's the composer, right? The artist should either be the ponies themselves (i.e., "Hush Now Quiet Now", by "Fluttershy") or the voice actor.

      Also, the album title probably shouldn't have abbreviations in. And Season 1 should be in brackets.

      Sorry to be picky, but tagging be important, yo :D

    30. My flac copy of So Many Wonders doesn't end early either.

    31. @Anonymous

      To be honest, I tagged everything up with one composer so it looks nice and single-blocky in Winamp.

      I would have tagged everything with the individual singers names if I was certain of who they were, but I don't have any concrete information beyond the credits of each episode, which don't specify things like Fluttershy's singing voice actress. Maybe in the final 4-disc release?

      RE: The abbreviated album title, writing it all out in full just looks incredibly long and in almost every music program and MP3 player I put the pack on, ended up saying "My Little Pony: Fr..." or something similar.

      I honestly love debating the semantics of tagging things, like whether or not Season 1 should be in brackets (or parentheses,) or if I actually write out "Season One," but at the end of the day, I find the way I picked to be the most visually pleasant.

      When I have disc 2-4 ready to upload, which should be sometime in the next week (finals are a pain,) I'll deliberate with a few friends and discuss your ideas, and maybe change the format of the tags.

      [There's nothing stopping you from altering the tags for your own pleasure for now though! :)]

      Off to bed for now, will respond to any other comments in the morning. Leave a suggestion if you've got one!

      Good night, and thanks again bronies!

    32. Would it be possible for somepony to upload it to another file hoster? Mediafire isn't playing nice with my ISP today. :c

    33. >FLAC rips
      >Converting lossy to lossless
      No thank you

    34. omigoshomigoshomigosh!!!

      i cant DL from mediafire today tho...

      if somepony can put it on a file hosting service i will dl then upload it to Megaupload, Hotfile, and Oron tonight/tomorrow morning :D

    35. @Tripfag McGee

      Why is converting lossy to lossless a big deal? It's not actual lossless, sure, but it's a damn sight better than converting lossy to lossy.

    36. FLAC:

    37. Noticeable improvement over my prior versions. Thanks for posting this.

    38. @Tripfag McGee

      Oh no! You don't seem to be paying attention to anything I've written! The source is higher quality than a 320kbps MP3. The FLAC versions are not truly lossless, but they're good enough to warrant being in FLAC. I didn't transcode any MP3 to FLAC, like you seem to believe has happened.
      Thanks for your insight!

      Lossy files (like MP3) have less sound data than lossless (like FLAC or WAV) files. It's hard to describe, but a good analog is like turning a really shitty looking .jpg into a .png. It will not suddenly look any better, even though it's in a format that doesn't compress the image data.

      Often, people will take a .MP3 and turn it into a .FLAC file. This just results in a bigger file, with no quality improvement at all.

      This is in contrast to converting .WAV files (which are huge, raw audio files) into .FLAC files (which are compressed much in the way a .zip file is. All the original data can be recreated perfectly from the smaller file with the right software.)

      The file sizes for Winter Wrap Up are as follows. (.WAV and .FLAC have the same audio quality. .WAV is what I rip everything in before making .FLAC and .MP3 copies of each track)

      .WAV - 33.3MB
      .FLAC - 18.8MB

      .MP3 - 7.56Mb

      Hope this was informative and helps you understand a bit!


      Thank you very much re-uploading this! It's a serious pain doing it myself since I'm currently stuck using DSL in my apartment.


      Glad to provide something for the community. I'm very excited to finish working on the BGM Discs. Thanks for downloading!


      finally the songs in a excelent quality YEAY!!!!!


      what tarnation i can't log whit my account of wordpress :|

    40. @Captain Comedy

      Re: lack of credits - in that case, I'd prefer setting artist to the in-show singer. Can't Winamp do sort-by-album, or handle a Various Artists album properly? :P

      Re: the abbreviated album title... hm. That's a good point, but it's still semantically wrong.

      The reason I'd like your downloads to be tagged canonically is because of things like last.fm and such. It does the internet no good to have half the people scrobbling "MLP: Friendship is Magic Season 1" and the rest scrobbling "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Season One)".

      But yea - continue being awesome :p

    41. Awesome collection. Looking forward to the BGM and other stuff.
      Any chance of the bgm from the tv commercial promo?

    42. ultra8: what tv promo? post a link and i'll yell at him to do it

    43. @PoultronI don't need you to yell at me, I've been looking on and off since he posted it, but thanks.

      It's hard to find a quality rip of a commercial, let along a 5.1 surround one!

      I'll keep trying though. I might not get a chance to include it on these discs, but next time I'm home I'll try to catch the commercial on The Hub and record it on my DVR, and go from there.

      If you DO know where I can find a good copy, let me know!

    44. Here's a cover I threw together, if anyone wants it: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/10755984/MLP%20Disk%201.jpg
      Finally, a legitimate use for Purple Tinker's Celestia Medium! ^^

    45. Do do we know when we're getting the rest of this? So far it's AMAZING.

    46. @Anonymous

      I apologize profusely!

      My college semester ends in exactly one week, after which I will probably be able to get the rest of the series done in a week or less. So two weeks or so.

      I am waiting on a few of everyone's favorite artists on DeviantArt for album art, but the ones I've received so far are AWESOME! I know they and myself can't wait for everyone to see all the sweet new art. I've received a lot of art via email and unsolicited notes on DeviantArt, (CaptainComedy! Add me!) all of which I'll be including in a folder in the final release.

      I apologize for taking a while to get this done, but I hope everyone can understand that it's all in the interest of getting this perfect the first time!

      (Plus some album artists are taking a bit of time. It's going to be worth the wait I think :P)

    47. Out of curiosity, what IS the source format/bitrate of the audio?

    48. @Sonic RainBro


      Can't wait for the other discs of music hopefully they'll come soon

    49. The source is the 5.1 iTunes rip. They aren't quite lossless, but they're better than 320kbps MP3, so a FLAC release is warranted.

      Working on the discs hard this week, will be done very soon. I'm waiting on album art before releasing, but if they take too much longer, I think I might just release it without them. I'd hate to not use the amazing stuff I've received so far though!

      Sorry about being anonymous, posting from my phone!

      - Captaincomedy

    50. @Anonymous

      Four more episodes to go with the ripping, still waiting on 2 artists. I promise this project hasn't dried up! I'd upload a few more example tracks, but I have Verizon DSL which means it will take me about three years to upload 10mb of audio.

      I can't place a definite release date because of the artists that haven't finished their work just yet, but I CAN show you one of the covers!


      Topshot was the first artist to graciously provide his talents to help me out with this project! The others are going to be waiting until the soundtrack release before uploading their respective art to DeviantART. But please let him know how awesome this cover is in the DA comments!

      Still working,

    51. Sorry to keep asking, but anything else to update on? I'm eagerly anticipating the other discs!

    52. Good to see you're still continuing this project CC, I'm also looking forward to the other discs :)

    53. Good to see you're still continuing this project CC, I'm also looking forward to the other discs :)

    54. Close to finishing?

    55. This comment has been removed by the author.

    56. good news you remarkably patient people!
      i believe i've gotten an artist to finish up the remaining covers, and college is over for a week, so my sole focus is on getting this done before monday!

      i can't apologize enough for all the delaying! i would upload some preview tracks as an apology, but I think it's better I spend my time finishing up the final product instead.

      look for a new comment with updates soon!

    57. @Captain Comedy

      HEY so here's a reason I'm stupid: i wasn't clear on WHICH monday. next monday. eight days. it's mostly to give the artist time to finish his work. sorry if i mislead anyone!

    58. Would anybody be interested in a Power Rangers Time Force soundtrack rip as well?

    59. @e5e4814a-e7e0-11e0-81ed-000bcdca4d7a

      without a doubt! text it to me and I'll include it as disc 5!

    60. Dropping in again really quick in case anyone is still reading these!

      I've finished ripping and organizing the music. The final 4 discs are a whopping 180 songs!

      The file sizes will raise a little when I add album art, but for now, for the MP3 version you're looking at 330MB, and the FLAC version, 533MB.

      I have two of four album arts, and I have gotten one artist to contribute the other two, and once I've recieved it, I will upload everything and e-mail Sethisto with the details, so if the artist finishes before the deadline I gave, (monday,) I may be ready to release by Friday!

    61. I'm really excited to see this done! Thanks for all the hard work Captain Comedy!

    62. Any chance on seeing the theme song remix in here?

    63. @Chris L

      I DO have Equestria Girls on Disc 4... I could include the remix, but wouldn't it fit better on Season 2's soundtrack? (which i fully intend to have out in a timely manner, maybe this time without community art, since that has not worked out very well and is now holding me from releasing.)

      How about I just rip it for you now! Give me a minute.

    64. Uploaded the remix, vocals and instrumental, in FLAC and in MP3. Let me know if they're of good quality. Enjoy!


    65. This comment has been removed by the author.

    66. Good job on those remixes, thank you.
      Seems like 4 disc edition of soundtrack hasn't been released yet, right?

    67. @on_screen

      No, but I'm sick of waiting, so I'm sending one last message to the remaining artists and if I don't have a response by the end of tomorrow, I'm cutting my losses and releasing it.

      I'm really sorry about this delay, obviously I shouldn't have tried to involve others in this. One of the artists is outright ignoring deviantART messages and e-mails, and at this point it's just becoming offensive.

      As much as it kills me, I'm releasing soon, with or without his art.

    68. I don't think some missing album art will make your work any worse, I personally don't pay much attention to album covers at all.

    69. Um, I guess you decided to wait until the art is ready after all.

    70. Any word on releasing the rest of the music?

    71. got disc one. well done...

      waiting on the rest. you have my thanks...

    72. Christmas is my hard deadline. If none of the other artists come through, I'll just use what I have. I figure it'll be a nice gift to the community, however late it is. I can't apologize enough.

      There won't be ridiculous delays like this for Season 2.

    73. Will you be giving the links here, or will you ask EqD to give it a new post? Or is it out already and I've missed it somehow? :S

    74. So is the Christmas deadline going to hold?

    75. This comment has been removed by the author.

    76. http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/12/full-high-quality-pony-music-album.html

      It's out! Please direct all future comments to the new post! Enjoy the music!