• Pony Text Notification/Ringtones+ 40 new tones!

    Someone just sent me 40 more ringtones.  You can get them all in this media fire link!

    40 New Tones! (NEW!)

    Or you can stick with the old ones, including a few new ones below.

    Text Messages (Use the All Files Link Below!)
    Rarity: Sonic Rainboom Laugh
    Rarity: It Is ON
    Rainbow Dash: 20% Cooler
    Pinkie Pie: Oatmeal, are you CRAZY?  
    Fluttershy: Yay-(Full Version, Long)
    Fluttershy: Yay-(Short Version)
    Trixie: Neighsayers
    Twilight: Prove it
    TwitchaTwitch (New!)
    TwitchaTwitch Version 2 (New!)
    Omigosh Rainbow Dash  (New!)
    Rarity Complaining (New!)
    ----All Files----

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