• How Did YOU Discover These Ponies?

    I'm going to give a post like this a shot now that people are using the comments section.  We will see how it goes!  This is based off an archive thread I thought was pretty cool while digging for content. 

    So how did YOU end up discovering these ridiculously addicting ponies?

    I was playing League of Legends at the time when someone was spamming pony quotes in chat and wouldn't stop linking everyone to the pilot episode. 

    I honestly fast forwarded through it, and closed it with the biggest "NOPE" reaction I've ever pulled.  Then saw a thread on /v/ later on about it and gave it a second chance after everyone was saying how amazing it was.  Peer pressure in other words.

    So what is your story?

    >MFW when 100 comments.  I guess this worked!

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