• Extended Friendship is Magic Intro Theme!

    Looks like the extended theme has popped up on Youtube. Apparently Kmart gave out the Friendship Express DVD early, at least that's what people have been telling us all day.  You might want to check your nearby stores if they are still open.  

    Enjoy the puns!
  • Music: So Many Wonders Trance / Art of the Dress (Flaedr Remix) / She am Sky (Neu KatalYst Dark Sky Remix)

    Remix time! We have a So many Wonders trance mix, some electronic Art of the Dress, and a revamp of UnderpΩny's  She am Sky.  Check them out below.

    1.) &I ~ So Many Wonders Trance
    2.) Art of the Dress (Flaedr Remix)
    3.) UnderpΩny - She am Sky (Neu KatalYst Dark Sky Remix)

  • Music: Hey Ocean - Big Blue Wave (Alex S. Remix)

    He only releases a song every other month, but damnit if they aren't epic when he does! You may be wondering why EQD is a Hey Ocean track, that's not pony right?  Wrong! It's totally pony.  Don't question it.  Just imagine it's about Rainbow Dash riding sonic rainboom waves in the big blue while Ashleigh Ball voice acts for her. 

    Check it out after the break!

  • YTPMV: Twinponi / Spike Roost Island / The Raising Fighting Pony - Naruto Theme

    All these Zelda YTPMV's are really making me want to go buy Skyward Sword.  I still don't like the idea of using all those motion controls to play it though!

    1.) Twinponi
    2.) Spike Roost Island
    3.) The Raising Fighting Pony - Naruto Theme

  • Derpy Videos: We will Miss You Derpy... / Derpy Voice Comparison / Derpy Fan Voice Smile Smile Smile

    Old image from Timothy Fay!
    We have three Derpy videos in this little compilation here.

    The first is a full comparison of the two voice versions, from pre-takedown "The Last Roundup" and the new version.

    The second is a PMV, sadstyle.

    And finally, BaldDumboRat sings Smile Smile Smile in that Derpy voice she is known for!

    And of course, we still have #Savederpy doing it's thing.  If you want to join the group, head on over to this site.  Remember to take this in stride though! We still don't have a complete picture on what actually happened.  A million rumors are rolling around right now, pointing at pretty much everything.  Attacking Hasbro, or anyone else, won't solve anything. 

    Now go check some videos out!

    1.) Derpy Voice Comparison (From The Last Roundup)
    2.) [PMV] We Will Miss You Derpy...
    3.) Derpy Fan Voice Sings Smile Smile Smile

  • Instrumental Music: Pinkie Pie's Theme Song / Luna's Sorrow - Woody / Skyfall Woods

    Instrumental time! Genres can be found in the list below.

    1.) Pinkie Pie's Theme Song - the Phony Brony (Kind of happy hardcore)
    2.) Luna's Sorrow - Woody (Piano)
    3.) Project Stable - Skyfall Woods (RPG/Orchestral Style)

  • Story: Our True Colors

    [Sad] [Normal]

    Author: Donny's Boy
    Description: Scootaloo has never really cared much for Pinkie Pie,
    and she definitely doesn’t like the way Pinkie calls her hero
    “Dashie.” But for some strange reason, Pinkie seems fixated on her and
    insistent on meddling in Scootaloo’s life. Whether Scootaloo likes it
    or not ...
    Our True Colors

    Additional Tags: Bittersweet, Backstory, Sleepovers, Tentative Friendships
  • Twilight Sparkle Sunglasses

    Just in case your purse, hair clip, watch, and backpack hasn't completely wiped your masculinity out, a new set of sunglasses has popped up at Walmart.  With 100% UV protection, you can finally complete your full pony ensemble and protect your eyes at the same time! 

    Crazed Geek also wanted me to point out that these were manufactured in Taiwan, meaning the quality is guaranteed! These will last you a long time, so when you have kids in the future (If you don't have them already), be sure to bust these out when dropping them off at school for MAXIMUM AWESOME.  Normal families are boring anyway.

  • Music: Manticore / What Went Wrong

    Music time! We have some new H8 seed to start us off, and some Derpy from So Great and Powerful.  I guess this could totally be considered an epic double feature, so go listen to this stuff!

    1.) Manticore
    2.) SoGreatandPowerful - What Went Wrong

  • Drawfriend Stuff #344

    Poor Derpy... Have some art to cheer you all up!

    Source 1
  • SERIOUS Luna

    I'll let you guess the crossover on this one.  Spoiler: Luna has a mini-gun.

    Check it out after the break!

  • Thinking with Portals: Rainbow Highway

    So how do you make Rainbow Dash even more awesome than she already is? With portals of course!

    Yudhaikeledai needs to be hired for action sequences or something, or an entire ponies with portal side series.

    Click the image for the flash!
  • Story Updates February 25th (Evening)

    Story update time! Just three in this little compilation here. Looks like fics updates have slowed down a bit here on EQD!

  • Strive Like Applejack

    Applejack is suddenly awesome!   This is the final video in the mane six series from Shiropoint on Youtube.  For those that haven't been following this awesome series over the past half a year, each pony got their own amazingly well edited introduction style video.

    Check the others out here:

    Pinkie Pie
    Rainbow Dash
    Twilight Sparkle

  • Happy Nuke: Rainbow Road x Smile Smile Smile

    With all of this Derpy stuff flooding every single corner of the fandom (Including my mail box, sorry about the lack of responses there on those!), I think it's time to nuke everyone with some happy.

    This is a mashup of Rainbow Road and Smile Smile Smile.  You are dead inside if this doesn't make you at least five levels higher than you currently are on your mood scale.

    Now go listen to it, after the page break!

  • Story: [Pony-Net]

    [Grimdark] [Random] [Friend-Shipping] [Sad] [Comedy] [Sci-fi]

    Author: RavensDagger

    Description: //Up-Loading Transcript:            
    ... <>                                                                                  
    Military research facility five, built in the year 31NLR, has been unmaintained and abandoned for over seventeen years. Now the central AI [Pony-Net] has found itself a new friend. How will a super intelligent computer cope with the stupidity of an organic being? Read or be cured.                                          


    Additional Tags: Crazy Ai goes makes a friend.
  • Flash: Smile / Blues Drive Monster / Lyra the Seapony

    The first one is actually pretty old! We weren't taking Smile stuff until it officially released though. It's still really impressive for a fan animation!

    And below is a simple bonus, I'm sure the octoscratch people out there will enjoy it, as well as some Seapony Lyra! Click them both for the flash versions.

  • PMV: Comic: A Dream To Reality // [PMV] Burn It Down - AWOLNATION // PMV: Everypony Jam! //

    Regular PMVs! One of these is a comic in video form, one features Scatman John, and the other one has some Awolnation, which I'm going to continue reading as 'owl nation' because it's way funnier.

    1) Comic: A Dream To Reality
    2) [PMV] Burn It Down - AWOLNATION
    3) PMV: Everypony Jam!

  • Simple PMV: Home! // "Your Best Friend"// Tick Tick Boom // Celestia's Dream

    There's been a lot more RvB crossovers with this show than I ever expected to see.

    It's kind of weird. But awesome.

    Also, have a Rarity.

    1) [PMV] Home! (of Equestria) [MLP FiM]
    2) "Your Best Friend" - Jeff Williams w/ Caboose (PMV)
    3) [PMV] Tick Tick Boom
    4) Celestia's Dream (Pontius Pilate x Pony)

  • Twilight Sparkle Makes Amnesia Adorable

    This is the most insane mod ever, but at 2:50 he totally puts Twilight Sparkle in his inventory, and at 4:20 shes totally dancin.  I would be perfectly cool with carrying around Twilight Sparkle.  Apparently she wants to live in a cave or something, but no one listens to the storylines in these random custom maps.

    Check the video out above!
  • Pinkie Pie's Belated Message of the Week: Goodnight Daring Do!

    Woops! With the lack of a new episode this morning, I completely forgot to schedule the weekly Pinkie Pie comic.  You can of course, click it for full!

    Also check out the poll to see the results from last week. Apparently you guys really like this pony!
  • Upcoming Episode: Hurricane Fluttershy

    We have some more Fluttershy on the way! Check out the information on it after the break as always.

  • Nightly Roundup #250

    Aerobics Pinkie is best Pinkie. Probably a little too late for exercise now, but Pinkie will cover for all of us.

    Time for your nightly dose of news everyone!

  • A Look into Derpy From Kreoss

    Source: Pixelkitties
    Kreoss over on Deviant art (an FiM Animator from Topdraw) dropped a bit of information on the Derpy change tonight.  Apparently we wont be seeing a complete axing of the derp eyes in future episodes.

    On the issue on Derpy whether she'll have the same Derp face expression and stuff. As an animator of the show, rest assured, she'll be fine.
    He also goes into detail about not pointing fingers and blaming people about this (Something you should all probably listen to!). 

    Check out his entire message on the Deviant Art page here, or after the break!

    There is also an initiative going on for here, find that here
  • Papercraft: Flim Flam Brothers / Philomena

    Papercraft time my friends! Hopefully your paper-cuts have healed up since our last batch. Tonight we have the Flim Flam brothers from the ever talented Kna. Now you too can own your set of pony charlatans!

    Flim Pattern
    Flam Pattern

    We also have a pretty nifty Philomena to share with you all so make sure to check her out below!

    Click for Pattern