• Drawfriend Stuff #643

    70 images in this one, 40 in Trixie's.  I think we broke 100 today! Good work everyone!

    Lets start with some Cerberus.  It's still pretty surprising that Equestria has this beast guarding what is the equivalent of the underworld in Greek mythology.   They didn't even pinken him up! Hes genuinely a badass, if a little susceptible to what every other dog is weak against. 

    Onward to art.

    Source 1
    Guardian of Tartarus

    Source 2
    Path to Canterlot

    Source 3
    Pinkie's Mane

    Source 4
    Bitter Cruelty

    Source 5
    Spike's 111th Birthday

    Source 6
    Queen of the Changelings

    Source 7
    Luna: Number the Stars

    Source 8
    MLP: Flutterspy

    Source 9
    Ah, it's you again

    Source 10
    Babs seed loves to hide under the christmas tree

    Source 11
    Request - Fight of the Night - V01 and 02

    Source 12
    Onward to the Gala!

    Source 13
    Quick - Flutterstealth

    Source 14
    Burning Bridges

    Source 15
    Can I haz lollipop?

    Source 16
    The night ahead

    Source 17
    Pinkie in the box

    Source 18
    rarity HBCT

    Source 19
    Trixie Let's Duel

    Source 20
    Twilight Sparkle as Santa

    Source 21
    Nose In The Books

    Source 23
    Capture Point Crusaders

    Source 24
    8A55 - CANNON

    Source 25
    Fluttershy Flutters By

    Source 26
    Puppies and Smiles

    Source 27
    30min Challenge - Spa

    Source 28
    New Spell

    Source 29

    Source 30
    And I Must Scream

    Source 31
    Pinkie Pie Candy Cascade

    Source 32
    Morning Read

    Source 33

    Source 34

    Source 35
    Sonic Rainboom

    Source 36
    Velvet Remedy on Stage

    Source 37
    Pinkie's first cake

    Source 38
    Plan? What Plan?

    Source 39
    Sun's Gone Dim

    Source 40

    Source 41
    May the Magic be with YOU

    Source 42
    Dragon Ponies Set 3

    Source 43

    Source 44
    30min Challenge - Gusty the Unicorn

    Source 45
    When the Sun Goes Down

    Source 46
    Always a winner to me

    Source 47
    Game Derps: Side Quest - Player 2

    Source 48

    Source 49
    MedicShy and EngineerJack

    Source 50
    Yuru Yuri x MLP--Yuru Poni

    Source 51
    Twilight in the wood

    Source 52

    Source 53

    Source 54
    Fluttershy - Spy

    Source 55
    Roll in the hay

    Source 56

    Source 57
    Cutie Mark Crusaders - Glass Makers

    Source 58
    Tryin' Ain't Hard

    Source 59

    Source 60
    Cluckin' Bell - poster

    Source 61
    The Fall of Twilight Sparkle

    Source 62
    Rarity vs Changelings

    Source 63
    Something in the Deep

    Source 64
    Industrial Manehatten [MLP]

    Source 65
    Request - Fight of the Night - V01 and 02

    Source 66
    Quest for Cutie Arts

    Source 67
    Vector Fluttershy -Dangeroushy-

    Source 68
    Request - Sad Surprise in the Snow

    Source 69

    Source 70
    I sense a devious plot, dear Sparkle

    Source 71
    Captain Luna: Interlude