• Drawfriend Stuff #546 - Epic Edition!

    Is it possible? Have we perhaps topped all the past drawfriends with this one? I'm thinking we have, because its pretty freakin epic.And what better way to start it than with the CMC working on their very own spacecraft?  How epic would that cutie mark be?

    Head on down past the break for a ton of awesome images.

    Source 1
    Building a Vessel to the Stars

    Source 2

    Source 3
    Happy Day Opal

    Source 4
    The Ballet Starts

    Source 5
    Luna: Water and Ink

    Source 6

    Source 7
    Big f*cking fail

    Source 8

    Source 9
    The Melancholy of Vampire Sweetie Belle

    Source 10
    At night Ninja shy

    Source 11
    GlaDOS meets Owlicious

    Source 12
    Is this how I music?

    Source 13
    Chrysalis' Lair

    Source 14
    Spike the Dragon

    Source 15
    MLP - Just Like Old Times

    Source 16
    Spitfire.... Wants you to fly with her in the REA!

    Saucy Spitfire

    Source 17
    Thunder Derpy

    Source 18
    Everfree Forest

    Source 19
    Princess Of Kindness

    Source 20
    An Ancient First Love Returns

    Source 21

    Source 22
    EqD ATG II - Day 25 - A Pony Singing

    Source 23
    Pony Up! Fortune favors the foaled

    Source 24
    Dashie Saves Fluttershy (Final)

    Source 25
    Secret of My Excessively Excellent Expertise

    Source 26
    Nightmare Moooon

    Source 27

    Source 28
    Electric Pinkie

    Source 29
    ATG Day 25: Vinyl Rockin'

    Source 30
    Ride Of The Windigos

    Source 31
    Busting makes us feel good

    Source 32
    Flutterdash - Fancy Dresses

    Source 33
    Twilight vs Gina_COLOR

    Trixie Trixied #34

    Source 35
    Music is magic

    Source 36

    Source 37

    Source 38

    Source 39
    waiting for a vengeance

    Source 40
    Stretching Fluttershy

    Source 41
    Andromeda Fluttershy

    Source 42
    Arising Sun

    Source 43
    The Great and Powerful... Twilight?

    Source 44
    Welcome Home

    Source 45
    Tryp and Starsweeper OTP

    Source 46
    EQD-ATG Day 25: Pony Singing

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