• Music: WolfOfSadness - Pinkie Party / Thorinair - Spark of Magic (Original Mix) / Sunset In Equestria

    Mix time! Techno, Electronic, and Classical, or something. Honestly I can't even tell with these tracks sometimes. I've asked some of those pre-listeners about it, and not even they can pinpoint it exactly.

    We coined PMV As a community a while back, so maybe we need a general "elecronictechnostepcoretrance" term?

    1.) WolfOfSadness - Pinkie Party
    2.) Thorinair - Spark of Magic (Original Mix)
    3.) Sunset In Equestria

  • YTPMV: For The New NACP Republic / Fluttershy visits Balamb Town / Maretroid: Ponystar Theme

    Another tribute to Not a Clever Pony, and some Video game stuff, it's YTPMV Time.

    1.) For The New NACP Republic (tribute ytpmv)
    2.) Fluttershy visits Balamb Town
    3.) Maretroid: Ponystar Theme (NES)

  • Welovefine Carrying Official Pony Posters + More Shirts!

    Welovefine has updated their stock with even more shirts and sweaters, along with the addition of full on posters.  I'm actually impressed at their speed now days.  It has only been a few days since the last episode, and already the Big Lebowski has raided their selection.

    As for the sweater line, a few of the more popular ones have popped up, including Sweetie Belle's "Dumb Fabric".
    Note: I don't know if that code thingy on the side bar works on the posters, but you can give it a shot if you want one! 
  • Comic: Sisterhood Socialite / Nightmare Nightrololololol

    I honestly don't know the first thing about spa treatment.  Is that really mud they bathe in?  That must suck with white fur.  Rarity is crazy.

    And some Cele Luna below, just cause. 

    Click for Full!
  • PMV: What If - Eric Whitacre - Paradise Lost / Pinkie Sparrow / Code Luna - Friendship Is Geass

    Lip Sync time, at least for the first two. The third is actually the video behind that art in the drawfriend the other day. Apparently it was all drawn specifically for it. I actually watched Code Geass a while back, I'm surprised I didn't notice the similarity in the images.

    Regardless of your opinion on anime, that artist is awesome.

    1.) MLP:FiM [PMV] What If - Eric Whitacre - Paradise Lost
    2.) Pinkie Sparrow
    3.) Code Luna - Friendship Is Geass (Also have a comparison)

  • Story: The Passing of Childhood


    Author: HikariAkai
    Description: Twilight Sparkle has grown up, a fact Smarty Pants has long accepted. But inside Twilight's chest, Smarty Pants still finds herself longing for those sweet days of childhood past, and dreaming of the day somepony will hold her close again.

    The Passing of Childhood

    Additional Tags: Smarty Pants, short, nostalgia, growing up, childhood
  • Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)

    I'm sure a ton of you have heard about SOPA.  It is pretty much taking over every single major website on the internet (and my email box, holy Celestia!).

    I usually avoid political issues, but as a website owner, I think it's an obligation to help fight this.  Have some information: 

    What is it? 

    1.)------- SOPA Will be used to block websites that have any link at all to any type of copyright content.   The ip address will straight up be unavailable and blacklisted. This isn't limited to the actual site creator though.  If someone throws a link to a piece of pirated material in the comments section of a post on EQD for example, it gives the government the ability to add it to the list of "rogue websites".  A pony PMV would be grounds for shutdown.

    2.)------- Streaming copywritten work will now be a felony.  Things like "let's play Minecraft" or anything at all involving music in the background that isn't free use will suddenly come with the chance at jailtime.  Though these are already technically illegal, the punishment will be vastly increased.

    Who will it affect?

    Pretty much every website on the internet will be effected by this in some way.  Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, EQD, they will all be 100% liable for what their users post.  The current system works off of take down notices and reports.  SOPA will just straight up block the IP address

    What can you do about it? 

    The massive outcry against this bill on internet has hopefully influenced it's demise somewhat, but
    you can help by tossing your two cents.  Hit up this website and fill out the submission form.  Read up on it, and spread the word.  The internet IS freedom . Anyone can speak their mind to the masses.  Get out there and make it known!

    New banner by: Cakepatell
  • Story Updates November 17th (Afternoon)

    Story update time!  Lots of good stuff this time around.  Now go read.

  • May the Best Pet Win Clip

    Looks like more than just a screenshot was dropped from The Hub.  Check out the an episode clip from "May the Best Pet Win!" after the break!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #248

    Rainbow Dash episode in a few days! Are you READY?

    Have some art while we wait.

    Source 1
  • New Screencaps on the MLP Facebook Page

    The MLP Facebook page is releasing screencaps once again for the upcoming episode.   I'll toss today's leak after the break to avoid spoilers for the faint of heart out there.

    So...click read more!

  • Presented By Ponies: Star Wars + Black and Red Dwarf / I'm a Cloud

    Click for Full
    Click for Full
    More ponies taking over the movies above, and Dash being ridiculous below.  Honestly if I was a pegasus, I'd spend all day inside clouds.  They obviously repel the water, and that looks really comfortable!

    Click for Full

  • Music: d.notive - Let Your Mane Down

    I love watching the content in this community evolve. We went from simple remixes back in January to full on vocal electronic tracks about specific episodes. Maybe it's a good thing we haven't gotten any official, non-leak music yet?

    1.) d.notive - Let Your Mane Down
  • Lauren Faust's Nightmare Moon Banishment Clear Up

    A recent series of questions popped up on Lauren Faust's Deviant Art page asking about Luna's banishment and subsequent 1000 years of imprisonment.  Apparently there was a whole back-story behind it that was only slightly hinted at in the season one storybook intro.  Check out the image above for the full response on it, or check out the actual comment page here!
  • Game: My Little Laser

    Trixie apparently learned how to fly, shoot lasers, and clone herself, and the only pony awesome enough to stop her is Rainbow Dash.  This is yet another sidescrolling shooter for all the fans out there of that particular genre.  Check it out below!

    My Little Laser
  • Story Updates November 17th (Morning)

    Hey, that story you have all been BOMBARDING COMMENTS WITH for the last month finally has a new chapter. I hope you're happy.

    Anyway, have some story updates!

  • Nightly Roundup #159

    What's that Angel? It's Nightly Roundup time? Well lets do it then!

    Have some pony news.

  • My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: The Friendship Express

    Another DVD has popped up on Amazon, this time rollin with the title of "Friendship Express".  There hasn't been an announcement about what exactly is on the disc, but it is released by "Shout! Factory", similar to the other FiM three pack.  I guess this is the official way we will be getting episodes.  Hopefully the 110 minutes on each one includes some special features.

    Check out the pre-order page here, with a release date of February 28.

    UPDATE: Looks like it's the same DVD As before with a new name due to title conflicts! Oh well.