• My Little Uno

    We sure do ponify the hell out of everything.  I don't think any form of media is safe. 

    Someone named Evan Holloway has created a remake of the classic Uno game, with some ponification to make it a bit more interesting.  Check out his primary page for all cards and information, along with new additional rules to mix things up a bit. 
  • Story Updates September 27 - Night Edition

    Story update round two for the day can be found below with eight stories in all. 

    Shadows of the Sun
    In Spades
    Double Rainbow
    A New Equestria
    Ever Watching
    Seven Ponies
    Pony Symphony

  • PMV: CLOPS // Phenomenon // The Girl Who Lost The Stars

    I know what you're thinking- that first one isn't nearly as dirty as it sounds.

    But it's still awesome.

    Oh, and it seems that the preview images for the last two are nearly identical. That was so weird. I didn't even notice until I checked the preview.

    1.) CLOPS
    2.) Phenomenon
    3.) The Girl Who Lost The Stars

  • Comics: Heartwarming/Heartwrenching Edition

     The image above is connected to a comic. This is standard practice around here. The comic, however, is not standard. It is... beautiful. Beyond words. Among the best works ever seen in the pony fandom, and I say this without hyperbole. I implore you, click it. See it. Please.

    The only reason I'm even including a second comic is because Scratch's face in the last panel of this one is a pretty good mirror of what I looked like after seeing the above.
  • More Shirts at Welovefine

    Welovefine has released another wave of new pony shirts.  To say they are picking up on our memes is an understatement, it's the god damn Magneto up there!

    Check out the new listing here!

  • Ponies in MAD

    MAD magazine recently did one of their crazy parody videos, and tossed ponies into the mix.   It's surprisingly lacking in the hate considering the reputation of the site.  They even threw some Applejackrecolorxhuman shipping in there for those that are into that sort of thing.

    Check it out after the break!

  • YTPMV: Clean Ponies // Channel Awesome // Celery // Ponyworld Revolution

    These videos rock.

    No, wait, don't kill me! I have a pony to care for!

    1.) Clean Ponies
    2.) Channel Awesome
    3.) Make Me a Pony With Extra Celery
    4.) Ponyworld Revolution

  • Comics: The Kiss // Flutterwhy?

    I'm sorry, I couldn't help but include this one in a comic post. It's simple and oh-so-silly. Find The Kiss, by Chibi95, behind the preview picture.

    Below, we have a new comic by Madmax! Humor like this make me think we're going to be okay on new pony canon for a while with these two Discord episodes out in the open. The wait for the rest of season two won't be as arduous as the summer. Hopefully. Find Madmax's new comic after the picture!

  • Music: Impressions of Celestia Origins // Pony Swag Megamix // Test Pony

    I haven't had a chance to use this image in ages.

    I don't even like hip-hop (my library is filled with progressive rock and metal, for Celestia's sake) and I love the second one. That's how good it is.

    1.) Impressions of Celestia Origins
    2.) Pony Swag Megamix
    3.) Test Pony

  • Drawfriend Stuff #198

    "There will probably be some repeats" edition!  I do drawfriend posts primarily off of memory, so chances are I will probably toss a few in here from the last couple of days since Cereal took care of it.

    Anyway, have some art after the break. 

    Source 1
  • Story: A Drop of Moonshine (Update Sequel!)

    [Comedy] [Random]

    Author: Pen Stroke
    Description: After a long day of ruling Equestria, the Royal Sisters need a chance to unwind. Luna's solution is a few glasses of her once famous Moonshine, a drink distilled from moonlight. Celestia has been sober for a thousand years, but the temptation to have "just one" glass proves too great. Yet, when that one glass turns into several, it's Twilight who will have to deal with the princesses when they’re drunk off their flanks.
    A Drop of Moonshine
    A Drop of Moonshine Alternate

    A Mug of Hard Cider (Sequel, New!)

    Additional Tags: Drunk Princesses Moonshine Drinking Pony Is Best Pony
  • Episode 3 to Air on October 15th

    Happy news deserves happy ponies. The Lyra/Bon Bon household is relaxed and trouble free after hearing definitive confirmation of the continuation of Season 2. Episode 3 is entitled 'Lesson Zero', and will air at 9 AM Eastern time on Saturday, October 15. Here's a screen cap of a Comcast preview, courtesy of one 'Awesome Turtwig'. Thanks!

    According to another source who works at a tv listings company, the description for the episode is as follows:

    "Hyper-organized Twilight panics when she can’t find a lesson about friendship for her weekly letter to Princess Celestia."
  • Comics: Discordantly // Cutie Mark Conundrum

    You know, every once in a while you come across a comic that just makes you make incoherent noises at how amazing it is. The above is one of those comics. Discordantly, from Crappyunicorn, is finished, and you can find all the pages of it behind the picture. Click it. You won't be disappointed.

    In case that's too serious for you, have a more lighthearted, but also multi-part comic from PumpkinHipHop. Find the first page after the picture.

  • My Little Pony Parody Commercial

    Powerthirst meets ponies? Check it out after the break!

  • Egophiliac 2012 Calendar Download

    The Extremely talented Egophiliac over on Deviant Art has released her full 2012 FiM Calendar in PDF form for those not lucky enough to attend Bronycon and pick one up for yourselves.   This thing is absolutely amazing in quality, so I would highly suggest picking one up.  They sold out pretty much instantly,  aside from one that broke 100 dollars in auction at the end of the convention.  Find it here!
  • Story Updates: September 27 - Morning Edition

    I tried to sneak a few updates out while at BroNYCon, but wifi was a bit limited.   Since many of you asked me not to flood you with updates, I will be releasing the updates in 2 waves.

    Have some after the break!

  • Wallpaper Compilation #15

    Click for the full version on DeviantArt by Xunos!

    Wallpapers! Who doesn't like wallpapers? Everyone loves wallpapers.

    I have some wallpapers for you guys! After all, the ultimate goal of this whole pony thing should be to cover everything in pony all the time so that we may reach a utopian future where everything is brightly saturated and colorful and ponies can talk and I'm just rambling now.

    By the way, there's a speedpaint for the wallpaper above. Find it here!

    Have some wallpapers- they're after the break!

  • Nightly Roundup #110

  • Story: Within and Without (Update Complete!)

    [Adventure] [Normal] [Light Shipping]

    Author: Cloudy Skies
    Description: Twilight and her friends are approached by Princess Luna who asks a few simple questions that trigger a long and perilous journey. Did you ever stop to wonder what became of Trixie, Gilda and Blueblood after your encounters? Who will benefit from seeking the answers - you, them, or I?
    Within and Without (All Links)

    Additional Tags: Long, Peril, Perserverance, Self-Realization, Affection
  • Discord Ending Theme

    As most of you may have noticed, the ending theme for season two, episode two, was abruptly cut off by ads.  Someone has finally uploaded the full version of the song. 

    Find the theme, and all of it's Star Warsy goodness after the break!