• Season 2 100% Confirmed for September 17!

    Looks like it has finally been completely confirmed.  Nickandmore recently dropped this premiere post.

  • Story: The Midnight Chapter (Update Part 5!)

    [Crossover][Adventure] Persona 4 time?! Madness!

    Author: RdMarquis
    Description: A retelling of Persona 4. Studious, introverted Twilight Sparkle has been transferred from Canterlot to continue her studies at Ponyville High. But in the following year, she will experience so much more than classes. A sinister presence threatens to change Equestria as we know it, and Twilight and her friends may be the only ones who stand in its way.
    The Midnight Chapter Links Below (New Part 5!)

    | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |

    Additional Tags: Long, Persona 4, Mythology, Books, Tarot
  • *RUMORS* More Possible Season Two Information (DECONFIRMED)

    This has been DECONFIRMED

    It was fun at least!

    Someone actually sent this last night, but it didn't exactly look like the most legitimate thing I've ever seen. 

    But people keep sending it, so I'm going to report it! This is completely unconfirmed season two information as of right now.  This guy is supposedly a background voice actor for FiM, and set up a tumblr last night (Which has been deleted) leaking information about season two.

    Obviously if it is legit, there are some pretty massive spoilers.  You can find it all after the break!

  • Ponified NHL Logos

    For all you hockey fans out there, Xfizzle on Deviant Art has revamped all the logos with pony versions. 

    I know it's out dated, but I can't think of a better time than now to use it...these logos are at least 20% cooler. 

    You can find the rest of them at the Deviant Art gallery here!

  • Story: Divergent Days (Update Part 11+12!)

    [Comedy] Fully revised and updated, with more chapters.

    Author: ROBCakeran53
    Description: A old Stallion relives his past, telling the tall tail of how he saved Ponyville with a strange metal carriage. What is it? And more importantly, how did it come to exist in Equestria? Time for another Human in Equestira story! I'm sure you all just love OC's.
    Divergent Days (All Chapters)(New 11+12)

    Additional Tags: Human in Equestria
  • NATG Alumni Week 8

    The moment I saw this picture, I knew I needed an excuse to post it to the blog. Fortunately, Seth decided to let me be the one to spread the word about my former students and their tireless efforts to continue getting better at drawing ponies. This was the 8th week of the Alumni groups' efforts, with the theme of "Draw a Seasonal Pony" (See? See? Get it? =D). Here are the links to the gallery:

    Alumni Weekly Wrap Up 8
    DeviantART Gallery
  • Youtube Fully Confirmed for Trolls?

    I'm assuming the blatant mis-spelling of Hasbro sort of makes it a bit obvious.  For those still unsure of the recent youtube pony bannings, it looks like this was the case all along. 

    That or Hasbro typo'd, but I doubt that's the case. 
  • Garrys Mod Video Event Submission Post!

    Source: Oolong-TeA
    The submissions have been gathered, and the judges are currently digging through them. Altogether we hit 40 completely ridiculous Garrys Mod videos. 

    While voting is taking place, feel free to shout out to your favorites in the comments below.  I'm sure we will be at a complete loss in the decision making process (as always).

    The actual judges are a mixture of the 23 pre-readers and a few random Gmod people who didn't enter. 

    You can find all of the videos at the Youtube playlist here!

    If yours is missing, resubmit it
  • Story: Mort Takes a Holiday (Update Part 13-14!)

    [Comedy] Comedy time! Well, dark comedy at least! (Zomg finally an update!)

    Author: AnonymousMaterials
    Description: Mort, the Pale Pony of Death, suddenly faces his greatest challenge: free time. With no idea of what to do, Celestia sends him to her student to be taught the wonders of friendship and have a holiday. He just has to keep his true nature a secret, and that shouldn't be too difficult...right?
    Mort Takes a Holiday (New Part 13-14!)

    Additional Tags: Long, Humor, Drama, Supernatural
  • Flash Event: OC Pony Submission Post

    This post filled with random OC ponies is brought to you by Brony Cola! Brony Cola- refreshing in a way that it probably shouldn't be. Enjoy one today!

    So, yeah. Apparently I learned nothing from the speedfic competition, and I forgot that you're all insane ponies with no regard to the sanctity of my inbox. Counting all the late submissions, there's something like 150+ OC ponies in there. Seth's fired off an email to our previous code provider to see if we can't get our hooves on Calamari's code from the Training Grounds to modify for events like this.

    In the meantime, I'm going to pick ten ones that stuck out to me. And you're going to like it.

    Ponies are after the break.

    The post that spawned this is here.

    Go ahead and post your ponies/bios in the comments!

  • The Equestrian Inquirer Issue #1

    Joe Stevens used to write a column called "The Gravy Inquirer".  Much like everyone else in the fandom though, he has been struck by the pony bug and wants to contribute by creating these tabloid style pony news articles every Monday. 

    After the break, you can find the first issue! If all goes well, hopefully we will see more in the future.

    (Also A Google Docs Version with Better Formatting Here)

  • Official Fall Line-Up Commercial Download/Youtube

    Our bros over at The Hub sent me the actual .mov file for the Hub Fall Lineup commercial.  It's a bit better quality than all of the DVR rips floating around on Youtube. 

    We can now see Twilight Sparkle grinning like a mad pony in glorious 480p.  Look at that face!  She's about to whoop Discord's ass purple unicorn style.

    Anyway, you can find the download link below, along with the youtube video after the break. (I highly suggest the download link, as always Youtube compressed it some.)

    The Hub Fall Lineup Commercial


    Author: Colt Classics
    Description: Hello, colts. Remember the 1950's when the movie plots mattered less than trying to go steady with a pony? I do. That's why I've resurrected this old black-and-white sci-fi classic and turned it into a written story! So take that special pony and you in your T-bird to the drive-in and read this movie-turned-writing! Hot dog! (This story includes a short six-paragraph intermission.)

    Additional Tags: Aliens, Lasers, UFOs, Ed Wood
  • Flash Event: Random Pony Extravaganza

    >mfw Seth poked his head into my office last night and told me to do an event. So, here, have an event!

    This event will last for ONE HOUR ONLY. Hence, a 'flash event'. That means if you see a post above this, time's up.

    Here are your instructions:

    1. Go here, to General Zoi's pony generator.
    2. Hit 'Random' only once.
    3. Write a short bio for your generated pony. By short, I mean under 200 words.
    4. Send both things to CerealVelocity@equestriadaily.com with your name and the header 'OC PONY'! I don't need a Google Doc with your bio- just a paste into the email is fine.

    I'll compile the results sometime tonight if I'm not too busy playing Human Revolution. That comes out today, by the way. Somepony lied to me.


  • Story: Eso Sí Que Es

    [Normal] [Comedy] Happy Luna Contest winner #3!  Have some happy. 

    Author: WTFHIW

    Description: Luna and Celestia share some rare private time, discuss the highlights of Luna's tour of Paddocksburgh, and somehow get their hooves on some socks. Silliness and photography ensue.
    Eso Sí Que Es

    Additional Tags: Living up to my pseudonym
  • Brony Remix War: Round IV

    The final round of the Brony Remix War has begun! Have some copypaste from the Google Document.

    Welcome to the fourth and final round of the successful Brony vs Brony Remix War! By “final”, we mean final until next spring. Our last round had a colossal 56 fantastic entries altogether!

    The purpose of this event is just the same as the last three - It comes in two parts: 1) find a song made by another brony that you like and remix/rewrite it in your own style. 2) swap styles with another brony musician in writing an original song.

    You can find the Google Doc for the event here, and a thread for the contest here.
  • The Brony Show Live Stream #10

    Yes, I randomly tossed a number on there! Have some copypaste

    It's Monday! Oh my goodness I think a bunch of bronies started school again. Why not make your Monday 20% cooler with some oatmealyness at The Brony Show? This week we're interviewing the bronies behind Flankbook! We have a website with forums (yes, we have forums), which you can find here: http://thebronyshow.net/
     . Find the livestream here http://www.livestream.com/thebronyshow .

  • Story: A Familiar Shape, A Different Taste

    [Shipping m/m]

    Author: Doctor Dapples
    Description: After weeks of anticipation, Soarin' finally gets a night to himself. Naturally, he decides to go out for pie.

    But when he gets to Sweet Apple Acres, things turn out a little different.
    A Familiar Shape, A Different Taste

    Additional Tags: pie, dancing, cooking, romantic, coltcuddling
  • Untitled

  • Nightly Roundup #75

    Daww, she looks so warm. 

    It has been at least 10 days since Trixie had a day, so have some Trixie.

    Shes not obnoxious when she's asleep right?

    News time!

  • Gravity Defying Ponies?!

    BronyMike over on Youtube recently created this video as an experiment to see what it would look like if he removed all but one frame type for pony movement.  The results are...interesting to say the least.  You can find it after the break!

  • Rubiks Cube Ponies Round 2

    Because Rubik's Cube ponies were so popular yesterday, have another post about them!  All sources are can be found here