• Story: StarPony: Wings of Liberty (Update Part 2!)

    [Grimdark][Crossover] Starcraft time!

    Author: Ben Chambers
    Description: Twilight Sparkle attempts to create a new spell which can take her or anypony anywhere they want... Even into deep space. But, she soon learns it was the biggest mistake she could ever have made...
    StarPony: Wings of Liberty Part 1
    StarPony: Wings of Liberty Part 2 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Twilight, StarCraft, War, Zerg, Protoss
  • MLP Online Art #5

    Carrotop's House
    This game sure does have some serious talent behind it. That house is genius! Carrot Top is now best pony~

    And you can find the MLP DA Group here!

    More art after the break!

  • PS3 Pony Themes

    Remember that Twilight Sparkle boot animation from yesterday?!

    That was hell to install! This on the other hand took 2 seconds.

    These themes are as simple as plugging a flash drive in and installing the files in the "theme" section of the ps3. 

    They are also awesome.

    Included you will find specific icon groups, and wallpapers, for the following ponies:
    • Twilight Sparkle
    • Applejack
    • Fluttershy
    • Pinkie Pie
    • Rarity
    • Rainbow Dash
    • Derpy Hooves
    • Luna
    • Cutie Mark Crusaders
    Thanks to Zombiepony over on Ponychan for the entire set!  You can find a link here!

    (Now we just need about 20% more Great and Powerful Trixie, though my Trixie background does blend well with my Twilight icons~)
  • Pony RPG Update #3!

    So many awesome projects going on right now! This community is insane. 

    This is the third update for the Pony JRPG that Darth Equus is working on.  It sounds like the team is all built up, and progress on the game is currently under way.

    They wanted to toss a teaser out before they enter the inevitable gaming grind mode.  You can find it after the break!

  • Story: Mine, Little Pony!: Crafting is Magic (Update Part 4!)

    [Crossover][Random] Minecraft fanfic time!

    Author: I'm Only Kidding
    Description: The mane cast find themselves in a strange new world after Ditzy throws off one of Twilight's spells.. Can they survive until they find a way back home?
    Google Documents
    Mine, Little Pony!: Crafting is Magic
    Mine, Little Pony!: Crafting is Magic Part 2
    Mine, Little Pony!: Crafting is Magic Part 3Mine, Little Pony!: Crafting is Magic Part 4 (New!)

    Fimfiction (All Links)

    Additional Tags: Ponies, mining, teleportation, missing candy
  • Story: They're Called Hippocampi

    [Normal] Twilight Sparkle and Sea Ponies!  We haven't had a sea pony story yet have we?

    Author: SSky
    Description: Twilight is given a cruise by Celestia to relax. What could possibly go wrong? When Twilight is saved (and promptly captured) by a sea pony of legend, she will have to make a tough choice with her new acquaintance.
    They're Called Hippocampi

    Additional Tags: Hippocampi, Captive, Legends, Two, Words
  • Pony Lunch Set

    More random pony merch has popped up! This time a full set of lunch tools for whatever social gathering or trip you have planned in the future, because bringing pony related merchandise to a non-brony social gathering is sure to turn heads.   

    It sounds like they are only popping up in Canada right now, specifically at the "Great Canadian Superstores" in Oakville/Alberta. 

    You can find the mlparena thread about it here!

    More images after the break!

    Thanks to Scraleos and Chad for the heads up!

  • Facebook Brony Accounts Being Wiped... Again!

    Over on Facebook, a bunch of bronies are seeing their accounts disappear randomly.  Apparently most of them are roleplay accounts, but a few normal pony accounts have also been wiped out.

    Unfortunately, I think this is actually against the Facebook ToS, even if they hardly regulate it.   If you guys have a pony account over there,  you might want to back up anything important.

    They have also started up a petition.  You can find it here .
  • Story: The Cutie Mark Conspiracy

    [Normal][Comedy] Scootaloo in Waterwings, a possible rival to Luna in socks?

    Author: Cold in Gardez
    Description: The Cutie Mark Crusaders have finally gone too far, and Twilight Sparkle & Friends decide it's time to teach them a lesson. But when their prank starts to take a life of its own, they may end up being too clever for their own good.
    The Cutie Mark Conspiracy

    Additional Tags: Talent, Conspiracy, revenge, the Lotus Luxury Spa, unintended consequences

  • Scary Evil Ponies / Ace Combat Zero / Convoy PMV

    >implying ponies can be evil

    Pretty awesome effects on that first one. 

    1.) Scary Evil Ponies
    2.) Ace Combat Zero: The Equestrian War
    3.) Convoy PMV

  • Yes, that is Mars you are looking at.

    Poor Twilight Sparkle...  She has, once again, botched a spell.

    I still don't understand how something as simple as un-derping Derpy can not only clone her, but teleport all of us to Mars.  She sure does know how to screw things up royally. 

    I guess it was inevitable though.  Pretty much every [Crossover] story in the archive has some form of miss-cast magic.  Why it always involves other dimensions and time travel, I will never know. 

    I'll go find Luna.  We should be back in equestria by tomorrow if she isn't off checking the local martian settlements for new deals on brand name hoof warming devices.


  • 20 Million Comic and Fan Art!

    Comics and stuff time!  Up above, we have an image from SpeccySY! Awesome as always. 

    And an anime crossover comic below from Jake Heritagu,  Thanks guys!

    Off to try to make a banner! 

  • Story: Magnum Opus


    Author: The Mechanic
    Description: You really shouldn't frustrate 1200 years worth of Grand Magi, even if one is the Princess.They have unique ways of evening things up and a VERY long time to prepare.
    Magnum Opus

    Additional Tags: [Weird] [Gender-bent-to-pretzels] [Trollestia-gets-Trolled]
  • Gummy Classy Cola

    How long until Twixie becomes canon? 

    Another awesome comic from Pixelkitties!
  • Free Shirt Winner!

    The Fibers free shirt event is over! 

    #146 out of 471 entries has won! Congrats.  I already sent the voucher to his email. 

    Hopefully we can get more free stuff like this in the future!
  • Papercraft Octavia

    Woah... that is some serious detail right there.  These papercraft ponies are nuts!

    Have some links!

    Octavia Pattern
    Chello Pattern

    Now go make some paper ponies!
  • 20 Million People Clicked On This Site By Accident

    So, yeah.

    How bout those ponies?
  • Story: The Elements of Awesomery (Update Side Story 7!)

    [Random][Shipping] "This is the most random, uncultivated, mind-bogglingly stupid fan fiction I have ever read. And it is genius". -Prereader #likes random fics, what a weirdo

    Actually everyone that read it seemed to enjoy it!

    Author: Present Perfect
    Description: When aliens and monsters attack their town, it's up to Wondercloud Lightningbolt and her friends to find the Elements of Awesomery and stop the invasion! Can they brave the dangers of the Everlame Forest and make in back before everypony's house explodes?
    The Elements of Awesomery

    Additional Tags: Metafiction, parody, satire, in-jokes, explosions

    Description: Rainbow Dash is really bad at baking, but when it's the only thing she can think of to impress the pony she loves, she turns to a friend for help, and gets more than she bargained for.

    Additional Tags: Insecure Dash is best Dash, Rainbow Dash, Applejack

    Description: Description: Pinkie is having a heck of a day. First her friends find out about the stories she's been writing about them. Then three strangely familiar ponies show up at her doorstep, threatening to sue her over those very same stories. Now, Rainbow Dash is nowhere to be found! It's enough to drive a mare crazy!
    Trouble Comes in Threes, or Why Fanfiction Is Bad for You

    Additional Tags: Fanfiction, lawsuits, longing, intimacy, pirates

    Description: After the events of The Elements of Awesomery, Wondercloud and her friends work to rebuild their homes. But when the Awesomebolts make a guest appearance in town, will Wondercloud slack off to show off for them? You're darn right the answer is yes.
    The Adventures of Wondercloud and Sugar Rush

    Additional Tags: Hard work > awesome breakdancing

    Description: When a spaceship crash lands in the Everlame Forest, the Elements of Awesomery must go on a world-spanning quest to help a wayward people rebuild theirhomes. Will Wondercloud be eaten by a dragon? Will Fashionface and Johnniepear start and/or stop making out? What's bothering Sugar Rush? Will there be chocolate? Will the rating be kicked up to Teen? The answer to that last question, at least, is yes.
    The Further Adventures of Wondercloud and Sugar Rush

    Additional Tags: Caves, macguffins and dragons, omai!

    Description: Why is Midnight Twinkle such a butt? She's the smartest pony in Ponylandia, but she just doesn't get it. So can she and her bodyguard save Pony City from a rampaging Ursa when it shows up and she makes things worse? The answer is yes, but they won't be able to do it alone...
    Midnight Twinkle Gets a Clue

    Additional Tags: Muscles, fists and chiseled jaws!

    [Random][Slice of Life][Dark]
    Description: All Whisperlite wants to do is have a lovely picnic with a dear friend. Will her less-than-dear (and deer) friends let her get away with that? The answer is probably 'no'.
    Five words: It's always the quiet ones...
    Whisperlite's Wonderful Day (New!)

  • Nightly Roundup #43

    NIGHTMARE edition

    Or that would be the case if Nightmare Moon wasn't cute instead.

    To the news!
  • Luna Plays Fallout 3 / Friendship is Universal

    Gaming comic time!  Fallout 3 above, everything else below!

    (click for full) 

    Part 2!

    Also, would someone please...please make this.

    It needs to be done.