• PMV: Fresh Pony of Bel Air / Pinkie Pie Sings the Misa Song / Maremellponysen (Pinkie Remix)

    Did I use smug ass colgate yet?  I don't remember.

    I'm surprised it took so long for a fresh pony of Bel Air to pop up.

    Also some sad pinkie followed immediately after by a happy pinkie!

    1.)Fresh Pony of Bel Air
    2.)Pinkie Pie Sings the Misa Song
    3.)Maremellponysen (Pinkie Remix)

  • Story: Can't Start a Fyre Without a Spark (Update Part 3!)

    [Sad] Sad Spitfire origin story time!

    Author: MadFlavor
    Description: The story of how everyone's favorite yellow Wonderbolt came to be.
    Can't Start a Fyre Without a Spark Part 1
    Can't Start a Fyre Without a Spark Part 2 
    Can't Start a Fyre Without a Spark Part 3 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Sadness, growing-up, life-changing
  • Story: Pony of the Stars (Update Part 2+3!)

    [Normal][Sad][Random] More OC! So have the 2 other characters in the story instead!

    Author: Phoxxy Pwny
    Description: Comet Star kept to her self mostly, she tended to avoid most ponies and did her best to only go out when everypony else was asleep, but this night something has gone terribly wrong leaving Coment questioning many aspects of herself. Will she make new friends? Will she find out who she is? There is only one way to find out....
    Pony of the Stars Part 1
    Pony of the Stars Part 2 (New!)

    Pony of the Stars Part 3 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Fun, Cute, Sad, First Fic, Ponies
  • Story: The Princess and the Rose


    Author: Chris
    Description: A look at Rose's social life and obligations, framed against a classic Equestrian fairy-tale from her childhood.
    The Princess and the Rose

    Additional Tags: Fate, Responsibility, No Happy Ending
  • Q&Neigh: Phoe

    Rounding up our selection of blogponies (unless Tek resurfaces and shows interest), it's none other than me! Whether you've been anticipating this, dreading it, or were just plain ambivalent, here I am to shed as much light on as many topics as I can in the time allotted.

    Same format as Seth and Cereal's, but later editions of this we're going to change things up to make it easier to get your question out there. Ok, let's have some fun, everypony!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #125

    I can't put this into words edition. Seriously..  What is going on here?  I love Twilight Sparkle, but seeing this come at me would be absolutely terrifying. 

    Anyway I missed yesterday, things are getting pretty crazy right now!

    Have a really large drawfriend post!

    Source 1 Moe
  • Music: Stuck Here on the Moon

    Hey guys

    Frank Sinatra is a brony.

    I'm sort of flooded with stuff right now, so welcome back :30 minute main content posts! Plus this is awesome so it deserves it.

    You can find this song after the break!

  • Intro Glitch Remix / WWU Mario Paint / Derpy Grooves

    3 Totally Different Genres of music! It's random Music time!

    The first one was actually sent to me from about 15 different people, so apparently its awesome!

    1.) My Little Pony Intro (Alex S. Glitch Remix)
    2.) Winter Wrap Up Mario Paint
    3.) Sgt-Whip - Derpy Grooves Feat. BaldDumboRat & Invader Zim (DL content)

  • My Little Derpy Episode 1 / Ponybusters / Head Like a Foal

    That first one is acutally really amazing. If it does continue, I'll probably break it off into it's own series post.

    Also some PMV's

    1.) My Little Derpy Episode 1
    2.) Ponybusters intro (Mythbusters, NOT Ghostbusters)
    3.) Nine Filly Tails - Head Like a Foal

  • Story: It's a Dangerous Business, Going Out Your Door (Update Story 2 Part 1!)

    [Normal][Adventure] Another Epic length adventure story for the masses! I wish I had time to read all of these, they really are my favorite. (New Story zomg !)

    Author: Jetfire
    Description: When an accident leaves Twilight Sparkle seriously ill, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity must undertake a perilous journey to find her a cure.  What adventures await them beyond Equestria's borders?
    All Chapters after the Break!

  • Fimfiction Beta Launches

    A new pony fiction site has popped up!  I have been following this one for a while now.  It really is an impressive piece of coding. 

    The creator (You may know him from various projects like the custom graphics engine) has set it up as an alternative to Deviant Art/Google Docs/Fanfiction.net, with a bunch of bells and whistles missing from those sites.

    It's currently in beta, and could use some testers.  

    Also Trixie.  Not that this was the selling point or anything... Even if that is a really epic Trixie...


    I will still be covering fanfiction as usual here, but feel free to send links from this site instead of the typical docs/da/fanfic.net trifecta. 

    You can find it here: Fimfiction
  • Derpy Button / Ratemyplot!

    Derpy button time!  Because everyone loves Derpy Hooves.

    From Ganton as always!

    Also uhh

    Ratemyplot.net is up! Yes, this exists, yes it is a parody site, no you shouldn't explode about it, yes it's funny.

    (In other words, don't take it so seriously anon!) 
  • Evolution of a Scene, Volume 2

    Once upon a time in a magical land called Equestria Daily, there was a video by an animator who worked on My Little Pony detailing the process that went into putting together a complete and tv-ready scene.

    Now, that brave soul returns to give you another look, this time pulling something from Winter Wrap Up (no, not the song). If you've ever wanted to see what sort of mad science goes into the creation of a Mutant Dragon-Pony Totem Pole, today is your lucky day. Check it out after the page break!

  • PMV: My Little Pony is Just... Awesome (Part 2!) / Read a Book / Ponyclysm

    The first discovery commercial was so popular, someone busted out a version 2!

    Also some raps and a WoW patch trailer ponified, because you guys will literally ponify anything.

    1.) My Little Pony is Just... Awesome (Version 2)
    2.) My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Read a Book
    3.) Ponyclysm - Patch 4.2 Trailer

  • Story: The Legend of the Lights

    [Sad][Shipping] Short story morning I guess! Also I'm cheating and using an image from the drawfriend later today, cause I'm out of Luna/Cele images.  You guys write way too many stories about these two!

    Author: AmberWings / AmberAustin90
    Description: On the longest night, a thousand years ago, Nightmare Moon was banished. However, she wasn't always known by that name. One colt, who lit one light, and his love that shown for a thousand years for the one he knew as Princess Luna.
    The Legend of the Lights

    Additional Tags: Love, loss, endurance, remembrance
  • Phone Wallpaper Set

    These are all specifically designed with Iphone in mind, but I'm sure you can sneak them on to other OS's (At least the lock screen on android works!)

    You can find them all at the deviant art gallery below, Two designs for each of the mane 6. 

    Phone Wallpaper Gallery
  • Story: A Pony's Guide to Dragon Companions

    [Normal] Short and cute!

    Author: Wingbeat Pony
    Description: Spike is curious about other dragons, and so he turns to Twilight for a lesson. She's got just the thing he needs - a book on dragons, of course!
    A Pony's Guide to Dragon Companions

    Additional Tags: Lesson, Dragons, History, One-off, Dialogue
  • Story: Doctor Whoof (Update: Story 3, Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 )

    [Sci-Fi][Crossover][Shipping][Sad] I hope you were in the mood for some Doctor Whoof, cause this one is a doozy. And due to it's length, It's that "hang out at the top over night" story that Fallout Equestria usually steals!

    Author: TheGoldenCrowbar
    Description: The tenth Doctor has fallen through a gap in the universe into Equestria, along with some of his fiercest nemeses. He acquires the aide of some new and interesting friends in a small town known as Ponyville. Can he stop these horrifying creatures and find his way back to his own place and time?
    All Chapters + Story 3 Below! 
  • Nightly Roundup #32

    Definitely a lack of drawfriend today!  So have one from yesterday.

    Tomorrow will be huge though right?

  • PMV: Pony Bebop / Evil Ponies / Attero Dominatus

    I don't know if there is a Cowboy Bebop competition going on or something, but these PMV's are crazy good, and this one takes the top spot for sure. 

    Also some Space Ghost crossover stuff, and a Symphonic rock style PMV that somehow makes ponies 100% cooler.

    1.) Pony Bebop
    2.) Evil Ponies
    3.) Attero Dominatus